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    They keep repeating that MGOTW is just hatred of women, here the newest bashing article hammering down the same old misinformation:

    MEN GOING 'MONK' These men hate women so much they’ve sworn off sex and refuse to speak to them: Meet the ‘Men Going Their Own Way’

    All around the world, at least 60,000 men are opting out of relationships with women - even giving up "dangerous and addictive" sex and "going monk" to avoid contact with them
    60k MGTOWs in the whole world? lol...

    Well then that is a truly loud minority :P

    YOU wouldn't guess it from everyone's desire to couple up on Love Island, but thousands of men are so fed up with women that they're cutting them out of their lives completely.
    What is "love island"???

    These disgruntled dudes, united in their hatred of the opposite sex, are known as MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) - and there are tens of thousands of them from all over the world lurking in the loneliest corners of the internet.
    Yeah, and it is all about hate... hate hate hate... LOL

    Prominent MGTOW YouTubers like True Grit Productions say dating is a minefield which is best avoided
    FIrst time I hear about this guys... 20k subscriptions for your channel... not bad dude, you got 1/3 of all the MGTOWs in the world to follow you... on your lonely corner of youtube... LOL

    Sorry, I can't take this feminists seriously anymore..

    Members of MGTOW (pronounced mig-tau) communicate almost entirely online.

    Sex is off the cards, relationships are banned, marriage is the ultimate no-no - and if you reach the top level of the MGTOW hierarchy you're expected to quit your job and move off-grid so you don't even have to look at women.
    We also communicate in person, by a secret code of flashing colored feathers to each other... and not showering to make sure we send a strong masculine smell wherever we go.

    Ask these men why and they'll tell you it's because women can't be trusted, they're "manipulative" they'll "suck the joy out of your life" and "rinse you for every penny you have" in the process.
    Jokes apart... this is mostly true...

    Browse their men-only forums and you'll also read the argument that society has become stacked in women's favour - with unequal divorce settlements, higher male suicide rates and false rape accusations cited as proof that fellas are being screwed over.
    All of this is true.. what is the point???

    Men going their own way, like MGTOW YouTuber Big John, say women are impossible to be with
    His wife divorced him, taking everything from him, leaving him sleeping on the back of his truck, while he was supposed to keep giving her the money he work for... it is a true horror story... I do not want that for me.

    It all sounds like a bit of a joke, but 60,000 very serious men are subscribed to the anonymous MGTOW message board on Reddit, while thousands more belong to similar forums elsewhere on the web, including
    Well it sounds like a joke when you tell it like that, but... so far you have not refute any of the giving points...

    Virginity is a common topic on the Reddit, and many say they have proudly chosen to never have sex - describing their devotion to celibacy as "going monk."

    A deep fear of false rape accusations is one of the driving forces behind this, while other men are wary of women using sex as a way to get to their wallets.

    "I want to die a virgin," writes one unnamed poster, saying that the #MeToo movement has made sex too risky to be worthwhile.
    Doesn't' sounds like hate to me.. should try to mine quote a bit harder... i am sure there must be some quote out there that sounds more like hate than this guys...

    "Nothing wrong with not having sex," one man replies. "It's addicting and potentially dangerous."

    "I would much rather be a virgin my whole life than be a slave," another agrees, but bizarrely others see no problem with paying for sex.

    "Most prostitutes are honest women and most women are dishonest prostitutes," as one man puts it, and many more say a combination of prostitution and sex dolls has allowed them to end all other relationships with women.
    I'd say prostitutes are not really worth it... You work hard for your money and those women get it for doing almost nothing... it dilutes the value of your own work.

    It has been reported that members can achieve different levels within the MGTOW community based on how committed they are to abandoning women.
    At this point it is not that I am committed to abandon women.. it is more like I am less tolerant to manipulation and nagging... anyway... what level is that?

    It's not a movement in a conventional sense, bound by an official members list, but many that subscribe to its school of thought use the MGTOW logo.

    "There is no MGTOW movement," one unnamed forum user tells Sun Online.

    "There are individuals realising that the deck is stacked against those that choose to try to engage in traditional relationships, and are opting out."

    Another explains: "We're just a bunch of men who've decided to live our lives alone peacefully without outside interference or validation."
    Sounds like a hate group to me... LOL

    The FBI should round up this terrorists and bury them in a lost dark jail where they can't hurt women anymore... :P

    Meanwhile, in a YouTube clip with 150,000 views, a man calling himself Big John explains over a glass of scotch why the MGTOW philosophy is proving so popular.
    Each MGTOW in the world have watched this video at least 2 times...

    "There is a concept that men need a woman," he says, swilling his whiskey. "But I find women to be a nuisance.

    "I've tried to have them as girlfriends and they've been terrible. When you talk about getting a woman, are you willing to pay the price?"

    A YouTuber called LFA says in a video with 35,000 views: "You are running backwards if you chase after a woman. Hopefully you're so focused on your money that you aren't even paying attention to women."

    "Marriage is a waste of time, money, energy and resources," agrees a man called The Enlightened Kiwi, in another video with over 160,000 views.

    And another MGTOW YouTuber, True Grit Productions, has racked up 50,000 views on a video about how terrible LA women are.
    They all just haters... misogynists pigs... LOL

    Elsewhere on the anonymous message boards, threads are dedicated to discussing how much they all hate "White Knights" - men who unquestioningly jump to women's defence in hope of hooking up with them.

    The only kinds of people they hate more (other than women, of course) are "manginas" - male feminists - and "Chads" - attractive jocks.

    In other posts, MGTOW members share anecdotes about their messy divorces, post memes they've made or talk about cuting off female family members who disagreed with them.

    "Most mothers are terrible people," one post rages. "How can a sane person hang out with a woman? What a waste of life."

    For men who claim to be removing women from their lives, they sure love talking about them.
    And you kinda claim you don't care about MGTOW... rigth?

    The MGTOW school of thought is fairly new, having sprung up online in the 2000s when two men calling themselves Solaris and Ragnar published a MGTOW manifestoclaiming that feminism is anti-men and that men should escape from it.

    However, the idea of men packing it all in to abandon womankind is as old as the hills, with the MGTOW website claiming that Jesus Christ himself was one of the first men to go his own way.
    I just read the MGTOW manifesto... and what a mess of a document... there must be a reason why none MGTOW actually care about that document.

    On the MGTOW website, men share testimonies about how much their lives have improved since cutting out women.

    One reads: "Thank you MGTOW for teaching me young and preventing me from the lies women and marriage bring. I can now live in peace."

    "Was engaged for a year and just blew it off," another man writes. "Screw that death sentence!"
    And they hate women, because... they don't want to be taken advantage off?

    You can't help but imagine the women who used to be in their lives might be that much better off as well.
    Yeah, I think the same.. it is all a win win situation.. so what is the problem then?

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    Even if all the "rumors" were true, why would the media give a shit?

    Gender seperatism is practically a feminist tradition, they seperate themelves away from society and try to live alone.

    If a bunch of men are doing that then who cares.

    Why would you care, you should be happy that you're not going to bump into them at work or something.

    The cold hard truth of the matter is that SOME western women are mean and nasty and it's a total drag interacting with them.

    Just like lots of people like to get away from the city and move up north or whatever.

    Some people just have a low tolerance for interpersonal bullshit.


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      The beauty of MGTOW is that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of it. What they don't realize is that there are probably more MGTOW that have never even heard the acronym than there are online advocates of the philosophy. I love that the author talks about a MGTOW hierarchy with expected behavior. Talk about completely missing the point of it all.

      For any ladies out there that want it simplified for them, here is my attempt to explain it:

      Womyn's behavior in aggregate has become so toxic that men are willfully overcoming their most powerful innate urges in response.

      The urge to pair bond is the strongest force in a straight males life. Do not underestimate this statement. Studies have shown the even males in a state of deep hunger will forgo food in exchange for sexual opportunity. This is how strong the urge is. Even most MGTOW admit this. Men want you. We desire you more than anything. It is a biological hard-wiring that we simply can not seem to get rid of.

      Do you have any idea how bad a mans total experience with women has to be for them to say "I'm done!"? The level of will power required to override our strongest of biological urges is not trivial to say the least. It is in fact, herculean.

      Here is a summary of what men are currently dealing with:

      Men have no reproductive choice. The freedom to choose is hers alone but the male is financially on the hook if SHE chooses to have the kid. Bringing this discrepancy up gets you labeled a misogynist.
      Men almost always loose in family court. Bringing this discrepancy up gets you labeled a misogynist.
      False rape allegations happen all the time. The perpetrator of such lies is almost never punished. Bringing this discrepancy up gets you labeled a misogynist.

      Open hypergamy is now a real thing. Women openly ride the Cock Carousel in there 20's, often become Chad Thundercock's baby-mama, and then try to find some beta provider to pay the bills after that. What self respecting man would want to sign up for that?

      Male-gaze, toxic-masculinity, Mans-plaining, man-spreading, man-everydamn thing we do... Sorry ladies, it's all just too much. You have truly turned yourselves into a heinous bunch of she devils. Yes, there are still some good women out there, but separating you from the bulk of the remaining women is almost impossible. You see, women are masters of deception. Most men are all too vulnerable to it and we now realize it. If you are honest, you will admit this. If you don't, then you are part of the problem.

      MGTOW aren't politically advocating for anything. The realize the folly of such effort, and there is no club to join. They are simply taking their balls and going home and telling you to have fun with your cats.

      If you are a sincere, good woman, here are some words of wisdom from a woman who understands toxic femininity. Consider internalizing as much of her advice as you can bear. Start advocating for men's rights. Ironically, I have come to understand that the MRA movement has be dominated by women. When men self advocate, we are labeled as misogynist whiners. As an individual male, MGTOW is our only realistic choice.
      I used to think collapse was inevitable. Now I realize it is necessary.

      It was only a matter of time before the bicycles realized that they in fact did not need the fish.