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Putting the blame on men is not the way to go

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  • Putting the blame on men is not the way to go

    Woman write a letter to call for reason on the era of feminism...

    I am a firm supporter of the Constitution of the United States. I love this country. As a master of arts student in social work at the University of Southern California, the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have made me think of the long-term impact they will have, not only to society, but particularly to men.
    I seriously think if that guy can afford it he should quit and go spat... like... at some point you have to think it is not worth it...

    I have been deeply troubled at things I have witnessed during the hearings, but of most concern, is a person in the United States is seen as “guilty” until proven innocent, without any proof or corroborating evidence. I have heard from men who have stated things like, “I don’t even want to be alone with a woman because I do not want to be accused of something,” or “I do not feel comfortable giving a woman a compliment anymore at work for the fear of being accused of sexual harassment.”
    Happens all the time... perhaps the public spectacle helped to show how stuff works?

    I just saw it yesterday, at a public even, 3 women corner the leader and pointed a guy to him and order him to tell this guy to leave and never come back... I don't know if the leader did (when I saw them doing that, I say my goodbyes and leave)... but if he did, I'm sure the guy will no even know what he did... probably nothing... women do it because they want to see if they have the power to do it... and if the leader does not do it, then the 3 women will build up a bigger gang and go after this leader... that is how it works...

    That guy will probably just wonder around for a while until he find a group where he is welcome.. and that most likely means no that many women around... the leader, I don't know, he is stuck in there... so he can ignore the women and lead the group on that direction (eating endless drama and probably made up accusations), or follow the orders of those women and open season for witch hunt at that group... witch will mean that me and other guys will fly before we become targets... and even after that they might target the leader anyway... so that is that...

    I support all victims of sexual assault and will fight for any victim, but I also feel that men can be falsely accused. I personally know a man who was falsely accused and whose life was almost completely ruined. I feel like the #MeToo movement sends a message that we have to believe a woman just because she is a woman, and it will lead to a place where men will grow to resent women.
    Yes, it is about believing all women because vagina. Lol... I thought that was pretty clear.

    A few months ago, I received a private message on Facebook in response to a post that I put on my site. I was referencing the loss of chivalry from men in relationships today.
    Women trying to have it all...

    This young gentleman told me that he was attending a very well know liberal university. He asked me specifically if I knew anything about a group called MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way. I told this man that I did not, but I wanted to learn what I could about it. He let me know that he, as well as many other men on campus were a part of this group, because they were tired of women and how they were treated by women. He said that he would love to have a relationship with chivalry, but when he is nice to women, they are horrible to him.
    I pretty much agree with the guy, though I would never attach my name to it... it is way too risky.

    Upon researching this group, it is primarily a group of men who are against any romantic relationship with women, especially marriage. I was at first astounded that this type of group existed, but then when I started thinking about the Kavanaugh hearings and how badly a man can be treated, before proven guilty, this group started to make more sense to me.
    It makes sense to me too, lol

    This also made me tremendously sad for this country. Are we going to come to a place where women are angry at men all the time, and men hate and resent women, so much so they form groups to cut us out of their lives? This is not the way America is supposed to be.

    If we do not work on a resolution to this issue now, and work across the political and social isles, I cannot imagine where this country is headed.
    This is the problem on this... most of the women are not near satisfy on their power grabbing and male destruction raid... and men.... we are just tired of the BS and want to be let alone.

    I do not want it to get to a place where male business owners do not want to hire women out of fear, or where women are scared to share their stories out of fear of that it will be leaked by a member of a political party. As tough as these few weeks have been, we can use these experiences to press forward to better our country as a team.
    Well... too bad.... because that is exactly the place we are now.

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    Originally posted by simpleman View Post

    I have heard from men who have stated things like, “I don’t even want to be alone with a woman because I do not want to be accused of something,” or “I do not feel comfortable giving a woman a compliment anymore at work for the fear of being accused of sexual harassment.
    When I read this passage a thought went through my head... Islam and Judaism prohibit men and women who are not direct family from mixing in isolation and under any and all circumstances from even shaking hands... Islam as far as I know also requires two female witnesses to corroborate an act versus one male..its almost as if these two religions, where designed by an entity that knows women and men all too well.
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      I, for one, don't want chivalry. Chivalry is dead to me, and the fact she brought it up as a fundamental loss tells me that she has a long way to go before she can claim to understand men's issues. I make it a point to be civil, which doesn't involve gender.