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  • menrppl2
    want a longterm relationship...….get it done in two hours with a thai gogo girl!

    first the tease and please

    she dances hot, gives a big kiss
    you buy her a drink, tip her
    she does a wild monkey dance in your lap
    compliments your body and dick

    the pullback

    she just sits next to ya, gives granma kisses
    you have to commit to get more...…you .negotiate price and barfine her

    the boss, the squeeze

    she changes into comfortable clothes, you leave together for the night
    all of a sudden she is hungry and thirsty and demanding and wants to lead you around and leave big tips for everyone

    the bitch

    back at your room, all of a sudden she comments your fat and bald and ugly, and your place is a mess
    you stop liking/wanting her so much

    the victim con/the settlement

    im sick, or better yet, you hurt me when you touched me gently with your index finger!
    she has to go and you have to sympathize $$$$$
    you pay her some to get rid of her

    of course she is ok and bee lines back to the bar for the next sucker.
    you follow 15 minutes behind, and spend a half hour arguing with the bar that you barfined her for the night and she is back in the bar! you get partial refund.
    a complete waste of your time, instead of getting fucked, you just end up fighting to not be completely screwed over.

    why its just like a longterm relationship.....1/8th good and 7/8ths being squeezed, taking abuse, getting conned, and fighting not to be completely screwed over.lmao

    btw not all gogo girls are like that.

    and dubs try and appreciate a guy being real and telling a story, no need for a bunch of degrading, be a man, ass fucking goof shit...…...well other than to make yourself feel good that is.

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  • menrppl2
    sadly yes
    and the service/take care from the ladies has nosedived as well.

    expats say Koreans tipping a girl a hundred dollars for having a drink with them is the problem, others say its demographic....1 child families instead of 10

    I think its b/c every thai says wealth disparity, 1% own 67% of wealth and its constantly in the news...….victimhood, entitlement......foriegners are no longer respected as successful provider/visitors but seen as rich who owe them

    big changes over here since last time I was here 5 years ago. prices doubling is only the beginning.

    still better than home alone shovelling snow, just not the paradise it once was.

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  • dubs

    Pretty expensive except the room.

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  • menrppl2
    started a topic thailand


    name brand smokes...….$20 cad
    room with air con...…….180/mnth cad
    thai food...…..$6 cad /meal
    western food...…..same
    sex short time...…..30-90
    longtime……...80-220(starfish gogo)