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The White Feather and What Really Caused WWI

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  • The White Feather and What Really Caused WWI

    "How is it possible for a greengrocer say, or a laborer in some small town in Germany, to have any kind of grievance with a shopkeeper or a gardener in… St. Albans for example?

    They are just ordinary men, working to provide a living for their families. They both want fundamentally the same thing, whichever country they live in, and yet they are being forced to blow one another to pieces with guns and bombs. It’s immoral, plain and simple.

    And what’s more, the working man on either side will gain nothing from this war, whatever the outcome. Every country involved will be bankrupt by the end of it and who will suffer?

    Not the men in power, that’s for sure…. If you look at how much Britain has spent on this war already, it’s enough to provide every family in this country with a decent house and a piece of land.

    Why can the government find money to fund a war, but not provide a reasonable standard of living for its citizens?
    Joseph Kaye.