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Youtube new ban policy target MGTOW

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  • Youtube new ban policy target MGTOW

    So, in my news suggestions jumped an article about YouTube going to ban bigots, Nazis and MGTOWs...


    The same (video removal) goes for those that claim women are intellectually inferior to men—a popular claim among misogyny-driven groups like the incel community or MGTOW—and videos that espouse white supremacy.
    And here another pretty quote from same link:

    YouTube says it will also begin promoting and recommending “authoritative” content from trusted sources like news outlets and other experts to users that interact with potentially problematic content. “For example, if a user is watching a video that comes close to violating our policies, our systems may include more videos from authoritative sources (like top news channels) in the ‘watch next’ panel,” YouTube said.

    Anyway I found the oficial YouTube anouncement:

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    It's no surprise that content that discredits female nature will eventually be banned.

    On places like YouTube, MGTOW content should focus on permanently single men enjoying their lives and rejecting traditionalist archetypes (especially those that prescribe couplehood and gender roles within it). Although YouTube is being criticized for its policies about content, it would still be a huge leap for them to brand as problematic content that simply advocates singlehood and self-determination from the male point of view.
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      Originally posted by WontStepUp View Post
      It's no surprise that content that discredits female nature will eventually be banned.
      But it won't be limited to "discrediting" female nature. Even explaining female nature to young vulnerable men so they don't end up with their dick in a blender will likely be banned as well.

      That will essentially mean that youtube's official position is that women's feelings are more important than men's lives.

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