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    I am by no means an expert, and I hope our reach at AVFM has some media relations experts to help us along here because we need it.

    I'll start off with what I think should be a fundamental premise that those of us involved with AVFM and other MRA establishments need to understand about the mainstream media.

    Don't ever... ever answer the premise of their question.

    Mainstream journalists are not impartial and they are not unbiased and they are not allies of truth or anything of the sort. Mainstream journalists are very much like police officers who suspect you are a criminal. They will use anything you say in whatever context they can use to build their case, whatever that case may be. Whatever they suspect you are, is what they will edit your responses to say.

    A question like "Do you think feminism has done good in the past" cannot be answered directly as your entire interview might be edited down to just your response to that one question.

    You don't have to answer a question simply because a journalist asked it. You don't have to explain your position simply because a journalist asked it.

    You could answer the above question like:

    "Well Jane... a lot of evidence shows that feminism is not about equality like it claims to be, which is why there are so many people turning to A Voice for Men for Answers"
    "Well Bob... there seems to be more and more people realizing that feminist claims are just that, claims and not facts, which is why there are so many people turning to A Voice for Men for some facts."
    "Well Samantha... there is so much propaganda surrounding feminism that average folks just don't want to be associated with a group that has a history of blaming men for everything, , which is why there are so many people turning to A Voice for Men for some answers."

    (Yes, they love hearing their names mentioned on the air so go ahead and use it to make your quote more juicy)

    Every answer you give has to be a promotion of the point of view you want promoted and treated like it is the ONLY thing that will be published or aired in the interview.

    The journalist and his editor will be in control of deciding what parts of what you say will be on air and will not be above superimposing conflicting images in the background to over-ride your message and push their bias.

    I am guilty of this myself and I've seen it too often and too often we are eager to help 'educate' mainstream media that we forget they don't care. Its a story, to push an agenda, to get more viewers and sponsorship money via ratings.

    And... ABR... always be recording whenever you can and put those recordings up as evidence of the entirety of the interview.

    Again, for mainstream media, your objectives don't matter and fairness does not matter. "Balance" to them is finding enough people to counteract everything you say and give them more airtime to say it.

    Every answer has to be tied to your main message and nothing else. The objective is to bring onlookers to your turf, where they can get the real message and not the edited crap that mainstream media is feeding them.

    Mothers and fathers of son's, those are our mainstream targets, those are who we want to appeal too so they look up AVFM and start to question the feminist propaganda narrative about 'equality'.
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    I authored this a number of months ago. I've been curious if this was viewed as good advice or not.

    I know AVFM staff have gotten a bit of media exposure in 2014 and I imagine we will see more in 2015 as more rape culture hysteria gets exposed. Media will be reaching out to folks like Paul, Dean, Karen, Janet, and others for interviews or sound-bite comments. I always cringe a little because I just know their editors will retool darn near everything they can to push the PC agenda, which is why I wrote this to try to help our representatives get the most mileage they can out of what will usually be a biased or hit-piece exposure.

    Again, I am no expert, but I am willing to bet that large feminist organizations do have PR/Media experts who council their public figures on how to spread their propaganda the most effectively as possible.

    Hopefully the AVFM community will grow large enough that we get some high-level PR folks to give us a hand in those circumstances in the future.


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      A reference on anther forum thread to how AVFM is portrayed in the media reminded me of this post I created a year or so ago. Its still accurate, as AVFM uses conflict to force the media to give it some attention... and the media approach is always the same:

      1. Interview someone who 'knows' about AVFM and write a story.
      2. Sometimes they try to reach AVFM staff, but will paraphrase what they say to give it less credibility.
      3. When the media uses video, when a MRM staff talking the background visuals will be something along the lines of a puppy getting drop-kicked.
      4. They will invite two or more people to give counter points, give them significantly more time to make their points, and be nodding along in agreement.

      But that does not matter. The portrayal of AVFM or any other MRM or anti-feminist person on the media in a positive light is not expected, nor is it the goal.

      The goal remains: get them talking about men and boys... shake some apathy... and give the curious and skeptical a place to go find others like them.

      I didn't find AVFM because it was positively promoted... but I stayed once I discovered what the media said about it was false and manipulative. I hate being lied to... and I suspect I am not the only one.

      So don't lie... not even to get more traffic... not even to make a point or for 'the greater good'. Stick to the truth, say it loud, and let the world quote you as often as it wants.


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        In my country, the mantra of mainstream media goes like this.. the Muslims is always victims and always right, the West is always wrong and the Jews is behind everything bad. Then I work for the Government and meet many Western people. Then I realizes that I was fed crappy lies by our mainstream media...

        Then I follow AVFM and I realizes that, if you think foreign relations are difficult, then gender-relations is like 10x more difficult...