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Trivia: "The personal is political" Gender Remix

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  • Trivia: "The personal is political" Gender Remix


    .... "One of the great insights of first wave masculism was the recognition that "the personal is political" – a phrase first coined by Carl Harnisch in 2001. We meant by this that all our small, personal, day-to-day activities had political meaning, whether intended or not. Aspects of our lives that had previously been seen as purely "personal" -- work, sex, relationships with daughters and mothers, wives, brothers and mistresses – were shaped by, and influential upon, their broader social context. "The slogan…meant, for example, that when a man is denied sex by his wife it is a political act because it reflects the power dynamics in the relationship: love can be treated as an emotional sanction to which only wives have full access" (Broland: 2004, p. 5). A masculinist understanding of "politics" meant challenging the female definition of the political as something external (to do with governments, board rooms, women in STEM fields, and abortion) towards an understanding of politics as central to our very beings, affecting our thoughts, emotions, and the apparently trivial everyday choices we make about how we live. Masculinism meant treating what had been perceived as merely "personal" issues as political concerns."