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Internet is an echo chamber for smart people

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  • Internet is an echo chamber for smart people

    I was asking myself this question lately, why so many of us internet denizens, of all colors, seem to hold ideas of personal freedoms so central, now this is hardly new, personal freedom has beed pushed forward for a long time, so why are we so for "everyone doing whatever he wants" if we are in or nature hierarchical. Well, i believe that we are getting skewed picture of things, going around and interacting with people IRL we see not many are what we would come to believe, i would venture to say even the SJW and there ilk are in fact above average inteligent people, you will notice that the main insult they throw around is along the lines of "you are as dumb as a rock", when i was in high school that was my favorite insult for pople who attacked me for any sort of reason, because to inteligent person, being called dumb is ultimate insult. So before i get sidetracked, what i believe that participants in this debates are often high IQ people, now high IQ does not mean you are unbiased, it just means you can make a coherent image out of unconnected data, if you lack part of the data your image will inevitably be skewed, and you can never be sure you have all the data so you must always be ready to reframe the image as new data comes into play, but few people are willing to do that. Where am i going with this? Well i believe that the world is intrinsically divided into leaders and followers, it's not a matter of upbringing, but of intelligence and decisivenes, innate qualities imbedded in DNA, though they still need to be trained up. What i believe we have here is a society f leaders, a congregation of chiefs, and since internet is such a great platform we have a lot of them on one place, not many followers come here though, they are too busy following latest fador whatever they do this days. So we have a lot of leaders, all independant thinkers, all despising authority, all strong headed and often compassionate, in one place,and there are so many of us we start to believe we represent the majority of the population. This is not the first time this happened, laws are often drafted by intelectuals who spend there time with other intelectuals in there own little echo chamber. But internet excabated this thrend, most of us are used to those opposing us being idiots (because they mostly are) hence insults such as "pie brain" SJWs throw around. Inessence we are a bunch of gigant sarguing over how ordinary people should cross mountains, by jumping or climbing, all the while not realizing that for most people, only way to cross that mountain is on the back of one of us.

    Well this came out rather incoherent i must say, the thing is this idea formed from many tibits of data i gathered everywhere and not any rock solid proof so it's hard to explain how i got to this conclusion without listing thousands of anecdotes and countless hours of thinking.
    I sexually identify as a sword pommel, check your privilege or i will have to end you RIGHTLY.

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    Looking at your signature, maybe you should supplement your diet of puppies with a few kittens. They are sooooo high fiber!
    As for your post, yes, the internet probably does a fair job of separating out the lower phylums. It takes a basic ability to communicate at a certain level. To be able to articulate your ideas. To even be curious enough to participate, rather than watching TV and eating.
    Also, never forget. Half the population is below average. They are the ones viewing porn, falling for clickbait, catching viruses online and unfortunately, voting for hillaarree.


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      this is a fresh observation. Kudos. Quite logical, once told.

      Originally posted by Anonymous View Post
      Well this came out rather incoherent i must say ...
      Too coherent.












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