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Female athletes crushed by 'women who were once men'

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  • Female athletes crushed by 'women who were once men'

    Basically mo so great male athletes decide to play in female teams and outperform the best female athletes...

    This article give us a compilation of cases for us to laugh at the craziness of it all....

    You’ve heard the expression, “Boys will be boys.” But what happens when a brawny boy wants to be one of the girls – fiercely competing with females in weightlifting, brutally tackling girls on the football field or even dealing powerful knockout punches to ladies in a mixed martial-arts cage?
    what happens when "boys will be girls"??? this is going to be good...

    It’s now happening across America and around the world.
    Feminism is so mess up.. first all they complain about all the professional sports are for boys and girls don't have an opportunity, so they create all this female leagues just for the ladies so they can compete in professional level... but now that feminism is blurring the genders, this female leagues are goign to crap.

    Biological males are joining women’s teams, smashing records and dominating in sports such as weightlifting, softball, cycling, track, wrestling, football, volleyball, dodgeball, handball, cricket, golf, basketball and mixed martial arts.
    Just to name a few, LOL.

    The movement for “equality” has apparently inspired transgender athletes to join teams of their preferred gender. And that often means biological males are competing against biological females on women’s teams. But in the world of sports, critics argue, equality between the sexes simply doesn’t exist. Physiologically speaking, there’s a gender gap between men and women that cannot be erased.
    Great.. now convince all this feminist nuts of it... LOL.

    For example, when it comes to running, men are generally faster than women. As the 2015 edition of Runner’s World explained, “At every distance up to the marathon, the gap between men’s and women’s world record times is nine to 10 percent – and it’s a similar or even higher percentage among recreational runners.”
    We need to bring back the good old "run like a girl"... now we have science to back it up.

    So why do men have some athletic advantages over women?
    Why? oh why?

    Ohio University biological sciences lecturer Chris Schwirian told Runner’s World: “Faster men’s times for 100 to 800 meters are mostly due to men, on average, having greater muscle mass – and a larger portion of it is fast-twitch, which allows them to generate greater force, speed and anaerobically produced energy. At all distances beyond 800 meters, the main reason for the gap is men’s higher aerobic capacity [VO2max], on average, which is due to their typically having less body fat, more hemoglobin and muscle mass, and larger hearts and lungs than women.”

    On average, men have longer and larger bones, which gives them mechanical advantages over women, since they have greater leverage, increased height and larger frames to support muscle. Their bones are also more dense, and they have tougher ligaments, making them less prone to sports injury.
    Well, it is time for feminists to retreat to the safe zone, and stay there...

    Since these physical and physiological factors give most men a clear competitive edge in sports, is it fair or even safe for biological males – with larger muscle mass, hearts and lungs and greater strength, acceleration and speed – to compete against girls and women?
    Yes, they feel like a woman, inside, and that is what really matters... LOL.

    “If men can claim to be women and invade a sport that only women are allowed to compete in, then it’s a safe bet men will win,” writes the Federalist’s Brandon Morse. “All the accolades, rewards, and recognition will be taken from the women who rightfully deserve them and given to a man who essentially cheated by putting on makeup, injecting himself with hormones, and saying he’s a woman.”
    Awwwww... don't be like that...

    Have a woman wear a fake mustache and join the boy's team, it is the empowering thing to do... that will smash patriarchy... do it...

    We live in equality, it is OK for men to compete against women, as long as it is OK for women to compete against men, fair is fair...

    Why is all this happening? In his widely acclaimed new book, “The Snapping of the American Mind,” award-winning journalist David Kupelian stunningly documents – in a chapter titled “Gender Madness” – precisely what the transgender phenomenon is really all about. Prepare to be shocked.
    I am already shocked... Trigger warning!!!

    Allowing biological males to compete against women is not only unfair and dangerous to women, it’s worse than that, according to David Kupelian, WND managing editor and author of “The Snapping of the American Mind.”
    Sounds like a man that hate women.. why he wrote a book explaining that women are inferior???

    “The insanity of this affects not just the transgendered individual and the women athletes thus victimized,” he said. “It also contributes to a sort of mass delusion infecting our whole society in which, thanks to the influence of the powerful LGBT movement, everybody now has to either affirm the absurd and crazy – that a man who is essentially a female impersonator can fairly compete against women – or they have to suffer abuse and persecution as bigots just for speaking the truth.”
    No so much of an empowering message for girls out there... don't like it... LOL

    Kupelian said these “grotesquely unfair matchups” between female athletes and powerful men who identify as women is just one more unfortunate aspect of a revolutionary movement sweeping the nation.
    I am glad to announce the forum that yesterday I used a ladies bathroom for the first time on my life... there was a woman there who told me that bathroom was for woman and in the most deepest voice I can make I say: "I am a woman"... You guys should try it, it is a lot of fun, she reported me to the manager but the guy didn't told me nothing, just kinda laugh a bit and that was it... the woman say she will not use the bathroom if I was there... lol.

    Definitely will do it again... I am helping to smash the patriarchy... feminism complains that the manosphere never helps, we should champion this one.

    “This sexual anarchy movement – which, for example, recently announced dozens of brand-new genders that never existed in the history of humanity until a few years ago – is really part of a revolutionary political movement rooted in a mixture of personal trauma, utopian ideology and demonic forces that is unfortunately ever-expanding in today’s America,” he said.
    LOL, why does this guy cares?

    Despite all of these arguments, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Olympics have instituted policies allowing transgender athletes to compete on teams that correspond with genders with which they identify, provided the athletes undergo a year of hormone replacement therapy.
    Well... in the upside of this... now that men are participating, women's sports will no longer suck...

    To document the growing trend, WND has compiled the following list of headline-making transgender athletes crashing the world of women’s sports.
    What follows is a long, long list of transgender athletes...

    It is really worth reading this stories...

    My favorite of them is Mack Beggs: born a girl transitions to boy, toke the hormones so have bigger muscles than the regular girls... but decided to compete on the girls team, and beat them up... while the girls complain that he should be competing against boys... LOL.

    And then there's this picture of a born male but play basketball on the girls team:


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    One of your funniest, most raw nerve hitting one yet simpleman. Good job.
    "...especially when it comes to communication, it can be observed, if it is not a negotiation it's a war."
    Originally posted by menrppl2
    Can't live with em, life is great without them.


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      Originally posted by voidspawn View Post
      One of your funniest, most raw nerve hitting one yet simpleman. Good job.
      I just notice I forget to point out who is the born male on the basketball picture... I hope people don't have problems figure out which one of all the girls in the picture is the transgender... sometimes is so hard to spot them out...
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