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The best way to achieve your dream body is by CHEATING on your partner

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  • The best way to achieve your dream body is by CHEATING on your partner

    Exploring the exiting world of the brand new word "microcheating" I found the interesting story of a woman that claims her boyfriend was microcheating on her, and that is why she decide to cheat on him...

    So I decide to explore even more on the topic... and then I found this really interesting scientific study... apparently the trick to lose weight is... to cheat on the boyfriend...

    Do they need any more reasons now?

    Fed up of dieting? Outspoken weightloss expert sensationally claims that the best way to achieve your dream body is by CHEATING on your partner

    If you've tried every diet in the book and are still struggling to shift the pounds, an outspoken weightloss expert believes he's found the answer.
    Is it me, or women are really trying to find a moral justification to cheat?

    TV health pundit Steve Miller, who has been dubbed 'the Simon Cowell of slimming' because of his unconventional weightloss methods, claims the secret to losing weight is having an affair with a slim person.
    If this is how it works... maybe they should try to have an affair with a smart person, so see if their IQ pick up a bit?

    Also... way to go on the full sexually objectification of other people...

    He claims that most obese people are comfort eating because they are in a 'dead relationship.'
    I can already imagine the scene: "I did it because I'm fat, don't you want me to be skinny???"

    Hypnotherapist Mr Miller, host of Fat Families on Sky1, says an affair with a new healthy partner could be exactly what they need to slim down.
    I predict the new healthy man will look like the old messed up man in 3 months...

    But yeah... women now pick their lovers like they pick a diet or a dildo...

    He says an affair will not only help them to lose weight but also to regain their self esteem and health – and he warns against the many diseases that are associated with being obese.
    Yes, yes... she have to cheat on her boyfriend... she can die of she doesn't...

    He believes many overweight people would find health benefits through cheating on their partners.
    Where is Maxx??? that guy keep telling me that I don't understand the secrets of a woman's mind... maybe he can explain this one?

    He also claims many obese people don't even realise they are in dangerous relationships with 'feeders', who encourage them to eat fatty junk food in a bid to make them gain even more weight.

    He says many of these so-called feeders are actually chronically insecure themselves and secretly want their partners to become obese so they become more dependent upon them.
    Ahhh so she is a fat cow... because his fault...

    Now he is sensationally calling on fat people to dump their partners and start a new relationship instead – but warns that their new partner mustn't be overweight.
    And what if the new partner is not interested in having sex with this fat woman? we going to claim that he is fat shaming?

    He said: 'I see a lot of clients who are fat because they are in a relationship that is dull, habitual and sex free.

    'A lot of the reason we get fat is because we are in relationships with those we shouldn't be. We turn to food to fill the void.
    I have here an advise for men, they can lose 300 pounds of fat in 1 minute... dump the cow.

    'Partners can also become feeders because they are controlling bullies living in fear we may leave them for someone else.
    Evil man, he even beats up the woman to force her to eat more...

    'Yes the dreary partner you are with is a killer in disguise because feeding yourself to create comfort will probably trigger cancer, stroke and heart disease.
    So no healthy diet... not healthy lifestyle... no going to a gym... no doing exercises... cheat on your boyfriend... and no even break up with him, that will not work, you keep the relationship and cheat on him... that is the secret...

    'I am calling on the people of Britain to get ballsy, have an affair and take steps to end a dead relationship for the sake of becoming fat free.
    Skinny men run and hide, it is hunting season...

    'Don't feel guilty for having an affair, go create excitement with a new lover and see yourself depending less on food for comfort.
    Yeah go for it... also read the article about microcheating.. he is already cheating on you... so...

    'Tell the feeder you live with that it's over immediately and make arrangements to leave them.
    So first find the new lover then dump the old one... just make sure the new one looks better than the old one... got it...

    'But be choosy as you move on and find new love. If they are fat then beware as they will probably be a feeder. Instead seek out the slim alternative.'
    Easy peasy... all the fat cow needs to do is find herself a handsome skinny and young man that she can shame into having sex with her... by accusing him of "fat shaming" if he does not want to have sex with her...