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Pepsi: "Nobody makes better social Ads that us!" Heineken: "Hold my Beer!"

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  • Pepsi: "Nobody makes better social Ads that us!" Heineken: "Hold my Beer!"

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    I rejoice for living in Mexico. GTHO.


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      And that kids, is how you make your Ad go viral.
      I sexually identify as a sword pommel, check your privilege or i will have to end you RIGHTLY.


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        Awwww .. what a lovely thought, Heineken, one we never woulda thought of ourselves.

        I do believe, however, that we have many similarities and very few causes for dispute as people.

        The ones who generally mess us up are states and governments that employ the same old tactics, which to my horror many still choose to believe, in order to start up shit, generate profit for a very few, and kill thousands of people in the process.

        And it's still a shock to find huge numbers of people buying into these government-propelled lies that are just so irrational to believe .. but they do so because they play into their fear and ignorance. Watch where the money and power go, and you'll see what's really going on and how the game is played as opposed to bullshit people choose to believe at their own damned detriment.

        Now that woulda been a commercial worth getting a truckload of Heineken.