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Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Soared and ‘Ghostbusters’ Sagged

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  • Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Soared and ‘Ghostbusters’ Sagged

    They claim that the all female Ghostbusters failed because we hate women... so now they have to explain why Wonder Woman is doing fine...

    “Wonder Woman” earned more than $100 million on its opening weekend, which makes it the highest box-office debut for a female-directed movie ever.

    The film will likely have box-office legs as well, since it has over 90 percent positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and is getting nearly universal praise from audiences.
    No to be a party pooper, but I think that at this point pretty much anybody who cares about this movie already washed it... so don't expect big sales to follow up...

    But anyway, yeah, in 3 days it sold more than Ghostbusters in their sad 4 months of shame...

    Part of the success of “Wonder Woman” can be attributed to the fact that it broke new ground: This was the first major comic book movie release led by a female character in a post Marvel/universe-building world.

    The movie cashed in on the untapped market of young females looking for a superhero to admire, and it paid off — 52 percent of the opening weekend audience was female.
    And so it is the 52% of the population...

    Few things here to mention, there is a long list of female superheroes... I enjoy some of them too, like I remember the TV show, and the League of Justice, where Wonder Woman was almost equal to Superman...

    Just a quick search on google and it gives me this image right away:

    So clearly Wonder Woman have always enjoy a very important place within the comic world... But as I say, not the only female superhero...

    So this tell us right off the bat that this feminist does not know the facts, and she wants to pretend that this is a new, and never done before, or whatnot... but... go on... let's see how this tie up with the failure of Ghostbusters...

    There was, however, a movie that attempted to kickstart an expensive franchise on the backs of female leads before "Wonder Woman." It was a flick that many would probably like to forget: 2016's "Ghostbusters."

    It was essentially the same proposition, as director Paul Feig attempted to tap female moviegoers' wallets by taking a franchise everybody knows and letting actresses sell the poster instead of the usual muscle-clad males.
    The reason why I am basically refusing to watch the new Wonder Woman, because I am worried that it is full feminist propaganda, and I want to remember her the way she was on the TV show...

    It didn't work. The Sony movie was reported to have lost over $70 million, and audiences hated it. There's been no talk of sequels or spinoffs, even though the studio announced a plethora of related projects before the release of the summer movie. All are considered DOA at this point.
    They say at that time that it was evidence that our society hate women... I remember as well as if it all happened few months ago...

    So why did "Wonder Woman" succeed and "Ghostbusters" fail? It comes down to a few basic points.
    Finally to the point, I so want to see the narrative they made up to explain this now...


    Few movies have had releases as politicized as that of "Ghostbusters," a fact that killed most excitement for the project and made it a divisive piece of entertainment before it even hit the screens in the plumb month of July.

    The filmmakers promoting it took a negative stance in their marketing and were aggressive with consumers. After a very disliked trailer hit the web, fans were confused: How could a movie directed by the man behind "Bridesmaids" and "The Heat" and starring four impressive women look so unfunny? And why did the makers decide on a remake of the beloved classic instead of a continuation?

    Instead of acknowledging the valid concerns of "Ghostbusters" fans, everyone thought it would be a good idea to play the gender card and claim that any and all negativity was because critics were misogynists.

    Headlines like "'Ghostbusters,' the bros who hate it and the art of modern misogyny" and "How misogyny impacted 'Ghostbusters' opening weekend — and its future" appeared in newspapers such as The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. There was no mention that the film was lackluster or that fans didn't want to see a movie accusing them of misogyny if they didn't like it.

    The filmmakers played right into it. The cast even appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show in an segment that also included then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that addressed online "misogyny." Clinton's campaign Twitter account also endorsed the movie. People typically prefer not to make a political statement when they buy a movie ticket, which is what the purchase of a "Ghostbusters" admission became.
    Well... I think I agree with most of this, actually...

    Incidentally today I have a moment to reflect on how everything is so... politicized in this society... feminism as it was on the 70s was a political movement about sexual relationships... something that used to be intimate, personal, and private then became the main point of a political statement... all of the sudden women declare that they will chose their mates base on political views...

    Today I went to a place and it offered me 3 bathroom options, the traditional men, the traditional women, and the "open minded non conforming" option... and all I wanted was to pee, but for a moment I have to consider my options and the implications behind each door... while wondering if someone really cares of the statement I made by choosing the options I chose??? For the first time in my life, I also missed poverty, everything was more simple when I lived in a 3th world country, they usually can afford to offer you 1 option, and they will not build a set of bathrooms for each sensitivity... When there is not money it does not matter what gender you identify with, be lucky if they let you use the only bathroom they have...

    So yeah, everything is ridiculously politicised on this culture, not reason why movies should not be so too... Wonder Woman is not exception...

    Story first

    "Ghostbusters" was bad — plain and simple. Taking the remake approach of a still-popular classic movie meant there was little new, original or funny material in Paul Feig's movie.

    The studio assumed that a talented director plus a strong cast meant a good movie. Wrong. You need a solid script and a story worth telling.

    "Wonder Woman," on the other hand, has earned raves from critics and audiences. Warner Bros. and DC put their trust in a critically praised director, Patty Jenkins, who had a solid vision for telling a story that hadn't yet been shown on screen.

    Feig and company never developed anything that hadn't been digested before. They created what was barely a shadow of the original "Ghostbusters." "Wonder Woman" took the time to create a film that stood out from the plethora of other superhero movie releases today, including the mostly darker-in-tone DC films to which it's connected.

    The audience score for "Ghostbusters" on Rotten Tomatoes was only 53 percent — that's 20 percent lower than that of critics who were ready to champion the movie no matter its quality.

    "I find it hard to believe that after having sat through that dreck ... three quarters of the critics out there really saw that as a fine example of a reboot of a pretty classic, legendary motion picture. It was just bad," said movie critic Richard Roeper on "The Adam Carolla Show" last year about reviewers' grades for "Ghostbusters" on a curve.

    By comparison, "Wonder Woman" has a matching 93 percent score from critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.
    Well, then again in general terms I agree with the sentiment, but the details are not quite there yet...

    For instance I would not call Feig a talented director... If anything we can track all the problems Ghostbusters have to the director... it is the director the one that select the casting, it is the director the one that approve the special effects, it is the director the one that guide the edition, it is the director the one that set the parameters for the photography... Feminist Ghostbusters does not have a single redeeming quality... And this is the unquestionable signature of a bad director....

    In the other hand... Wonder Woman seems to have a nice photography to it, the setting designs and costume designs also look decent... from the trailer... so right there I can see a big improvement on production value... I don't expect great script for a comics movie, but if it have it then the better... Though for What I have seeing of the movie, I suspect it does not really have a great script... I would call it a decent script... and yeah, Ghostbusters did not even have that...

    Love for the fans

    "Ghostbusters" and "Wonder Woman" had very different approaches to dealing with fans prior to their release. The former seemed to be ashamed of its brand name — while the latter embraced it wholeheartedly.

    The biggest mistake "Ghostbusters" made was ignoring the original films. For years, fans had clamored for a third installment in the franchise and they thought the female-led reboot would be it. No one knew it was a remake that didn't acknowledge the originals until the first lackluster trailer.

    To make matters worse, the film stuck the original surviving cast members in hapless roles that had nothing to do with their original characters — further ensuring that they were separating themselves even more from the "Ghostbusters" legacy.

    Meanwhile, "Wonder Woman" was able to be part of a bigger world and bigger franchise, and was unique enough to stand out organically rather than by waving off the things fans love.

    The character had already been introduced in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and next will appear in November's "Justice League." The makers felt no need to cast aside this connection. They embraced all DC fans. They even added in elements from the 1970s Lynda Carter television show and comic series that other filmmakers might have brushed off, such as Wonder Woman's lasso and costume.

    In the end, "Wonder Woman" was able to build on what had come before it, which fans appreciate. "Ghostbusters" wanted to stick its nose up at the very name it was trying to profit from. It thought that having female leads was enough of a selling point. The box-office losses of that movie and canceled sequels prove that studios should be a little more mindful of their fans and product quality, no matter what gender their lead characters happen to be.
    I find it extremely arrogant of Sony to claim that the Ghostbusters movie is perfect and if people did not like it that i because there is something wrong with the people, not with the movie...

    Wonder Woman in the other hand... I see it as an OK production for the summer but it will not last the test of time... By this time next year there will be more people still rewatching The Dark Knight than rewatching Wonder Woman... so it is OK entertainment, I guess, but not a masterpiece of cinematic art... However, no doubts that it is a way superior film than 2016 Ghostbusters...

    Anyway, wrapping this up...

    When Ghostbusters was on theaters, they want to hype it up, and at that time they go for insulting the critics, but to their misfortune their product was so crappy that it was hard not to criticize it...

    Now the hype is over Wonder Woman, in few months it will go out of theaters and those sell out critics will go with their fake 93% approval, then it will come down to a more realistic 60%... and disappear as a mediocre movie that is as relevant as they are willing to keep paying heavily for the advertisement...

    They will forget this movie so fast that the next time they make a movie with a female superhero leader... they will claim it have never being done before... But at least it seems like this time they will make back their investment, so that is nice.

    And also, disliking Ghostbusters because we hate women is so 2016... now we can dislike it because it is a crappy movie.. something that was totally forbidden to claim few months ago...

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    Meh. I'm not going to see any of them. Fuck it. I just don't care-- and that's saying something, because (A) I love the Ghostbusters, and (B) I'm a sucker for "Superhero" movies. And I'm planning to give both of them a very wide berth and will continue to ignore them as I seek out something more interesting and less Feminist to watch. I will not willingly give Feminists my dollars or my eyeballs.
    It's time to call it out for what it is.

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      Originally posted by mr_e View Post
      Meh. I'm not going to see any of them. Fuck it. I just don't care-- and that's saying something, because (A) I love the Ghostbusters, and (B) I'm a sucker for "Superhero" movies. And I'm planning to give both of them a very wide berth and will continue to ignore them as I seek out something more interesting and less Feminist to watch. I will not willingly give Feminists my dollars or my eyeballs.
      I am not seeing any of them too... still, entertained by the feminists and all the BS propaganda they made about this topics...


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        I saw Wonder Woman a couple days ago. Overall I quite liked it. I have two real problems with it. First, I saw the major plot twist a mile away. Second:


        I'm just not sure why he doesn't jump out of the plane before he blows it up so he can continue to live. I get that it's supposed to demonstrate his nobility through his willingness to self-sacrifice... Which is ok. A tired trope, sure, but in this case it seemed unnecessary and given how smart and capable he was all the way through the movie, it was a bit jarring. Made little to no sense.
        Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the Patriarchy. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.
        Neo: What truth?
        Spoon boy: There is no Patriarchy.

        Apparently, women get only 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. We only have 23 cents left, but feminists insist they want the rest.