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How This Lipstick Brand Is Helping Fight The Patriarchy

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  • How This Lipstick Brand Is Helping Fight The Patriarchy

    Women are now smashing patriarchy by buying a very overpriced lipstick...

    As the Republican effort to curb women's abortion rights picks up, it's easy to feel like there's not much else we can do but watch the news with clenched fists. But when a consumer brand makes a commitment to donate a portion of its sales to companies championing the rights of women, immigrants, and LGBTQ community members across the country — we're buying in.
    I would have tough that feminism learned their lesson after the whole "torches of freedom" fiasco... but nope... they keep falling for the same cheap "empowering" marketing strategies... looks like they will never learn...

    The Lipstick Lobby is a social justice-driven beauty brand that donates a portion of all proceeds to important charitable organizations. Its first launch was the Kiss My Pink lipstick (a bright fuchsia) that benefited Planned Parenthood, and now Lipstick Lobby is back at it again with a new product — a matte red lipstick aptly named Outrage, with proceeds going toward the American Civil Liberties Union (a.k.a. ACLU).
    So basically simple colors with silly names... how much a tube of lipstick???

    In case you're unfamiliar with the organization, the ACLU works in courts and communities to defend the rights of U.S. citizens against discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and more. So, with every sale of an Outrage lip color, Lipstick Lobby will donate a big chunk of sales — $5 of the $19 per tube — to the charity.
    20 bucks a tube of lipstick????

    take out the $5 for the charity whatever... $15 for a tube of lipstick???

    I can see them in 2 months writing an article on the infamous "pink tax".... crying that make up is so expensive for them....

    A quick search in Amazon and I found Revlon lipstick goign for $7... and that is Revlon Brand... other unknown brands going for less than a dollar even... free shipping...

    So here an idea out of the bat.... buy a 1 dollar lipstick and donate $19 to whatever charity you like... how does that sounds???

    Don't want to be a cheap girl... get a Revlon lipstick for $7 and donate $13 to the charity of your likes... LOL.

    Are feminists really this dumb?

    As with any good millennial marketing strategy, the launch also comes with a social media call-out. Anyone who posts a picture on Instagram wearing the crimson shade can share the hashtag #LipstickItToTheMan to spread awareness to the cause. If you're actually outraged, buying one of these cruelty-free, full-coverage, matte lipsticks seems like a worthy investment.
    Oh yeah... it definitely will stick it to me that you buy a crappy overpriced product...

    At least they advertise themself... helping men to know what their spending habits are, so he knows what he will buying in if he ever considers dating her...

    Also, I don't understand what is the obsexion in showing little girls with geisha makeup: