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How to spot a faux male feminist

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  • How to spot a faux male feminist

    Feminism keep telling guys that they are welcome to help archiving equality... while this anti-male documents keep popping up all over the place...

    This is what a rapist looks like: 'normal'. He might be friendly...perhaps he is actually your friend. That is what a sexual aggressor looks like: your boss, your colleague, your friend's new partner...your new partner.
    That is right... every male is a rapist waiting for an opportunity....

    At least something positive to say about this... normal is the new creepy... LOL

    If the last week or so has reminded us all of anything, it’s this: bad men don’t look like comedy cartoon villains. In some cases, they actually present as the good guys, the nice guys – the ones you thought you were safe with.
    I am guessing here this can't be a reference to Harvey Weinstein... because that guy does look like a villain cartoon...

    In fact, one of the most disarming presentations of sexism and rape culture is when it is hiding behind a plaid shirt, encyclopedic knowledge of The National’s back catalogue, left-wing progressive politics and, even, a professed understanding of and interest in feminism.
    I would call this a kick in the nuts of all the so called feminist allies... but we all not they don't have nuts... so...


    When do men going to figure out, we are not welcome in any shape or form in the feminist movement.

    In my early 20s, my friends and I would share warning stories about the progressive chauvinist pigs we knew to keep one another safe. We’ve all met a faux male feminist, who listens to stories about your last break up for a few weeks and then promptly tries to snog you uninvited without asking whether this would be something you’d like.
    "chauvinist pig"... wow... that phrase have being around for like a century already... some things never change... some hates last for ever.

    He’s the guy who explained abortion rights in Northern Ireland to you at the pub, even though he didn't actually know abortion was illegal there until you started talking. He’s the guy you went on a date with that time who told you how ‘inspiring’ your ‘independence’ was and then gripped your arm so hard it bruised and told you that you were ‘frigid’ when you went back to his place for ‘one drink’. He’s the guy who shares ‘woke feminist’ click bait about rape culture and consent on his Facebook timeline but you know he once sat in your friend’s room at university, where he had been invited to watch a film in the very literal sense, and refused to leave when she rejected his advances. He’s your friend at work who messaged you to say ‘this programme really should have a women’s editor’ but, then, when you were managing him on a project went to every possible length to undermine you in front of his male colleagues by making inappropriate remarks about your anatomy.
    Northern Ireland... that is the closest place this feminist have to travel to, in order to make a scene on how oppressed she is...

    He catches you off guard. He makes you question everything. He reminds you that you are never, ever, ever safe. Seeming to be feminist has long been a smokescreen for sexual predators and misogynists.
    I agree that feminism is full of predators... but I think those are the women, actually...

    Take Harvey Weinstein. He was a self-styled feminist ally because it was financially expedient for him to appear so. He donated money to Hillary Clinton and, more than this, The Weinstein Company distributed the renowned campus rape documentary – Hunting Ground – yes, this is a man who was at once a proponent of and profiting from rape culture. Indeed, as if he hadn’t ticked enough ally tick boxes, earlier this year he donated $100,000 to Rutgers University towards an endowment for Gloria Steinem.
    And he got some karma for all his support... I am glad to see that all his feminism turned back at him and destroy his career... he got exactly what he deserved...

    Weinstein exhibited Type A faux feminist behaviour. However, he was not the first nor will he be the last man to do so. This week has also been a bad week for men in the media, specifically Vice writers. One was fired from Vice’s feminist vertical Broadly, where he was a senior staff writer after a Buzzfeed report revealed that he had been suggesting story ideas to Milo Yiannopoulos over email and, on one occasion, implored him to abuse Lindy West online. ‘Please mock this fat feminist’ Sunderland wrote to Yiannopoulos in 2016. Another male Vice columnist, who was never actually employed by the company, will not be being commissioned by the site again after a post emerged on the Facebook page ‘monitoring the Left’s support for r pe culture’ accusing him of sexual harassment.
    That last case sounds very interesting... the guy lost his income because FaceBook gossip... we definitely live in dark times.

    What do we call using a progressive platform to abuse women? How do you name the crime of taking feminism in vain? What is the term for a man who is an ally in public but an abuser or harasser in private? Is he a hypocrite? An obsequious and calculated worm? A slimeball?
    But that is easy... call it "man" all men are rapists and evil... LOL...

    None of the above. The man who performs feminism for his own ends is, simply, lazy. It’s all too easy to perform progressiveness. You can dress a certain way, work in the right place, say the right thing and know which books to quote in order to sound impressive. It’s another entirely to actually be progressive and live progressively. To do that, to truly be an ally, to actually be a feminist, a man must not only be aware of his privilege and his power but check it whenever he finds himself in a situation with a woman.
    Such a beautiful concept... police yourself for though crimes... 24/7... we are living in a futuristic dystopia.

    That’s what this is about: power. Power and entitlement. Whether they acknowledge it or not, all men have, at some point in their lives, benefited from our sexist and patriarchal society. Systemic inequality legitimises rape culture, the gender pay gap and sexist banter which, far from being harmless, can lead to women feeling forced out of spaces which ought to feel entitled to be in.
    Oh yeah... I have benefit so much... LOL.

    To be a feminist, a man must do more than use the term on Twitter. He must, as one of my male friends did in response to #metoo earlier this week, actively engage with a critique of masculinity. He must unpick what it means to be a man and question why certain behaviours occur. He must speak up when he bears witness to misconduct and he must call progressive predators what they are: scum.
    I am not even going to check... but I am pretty sure not man is using the hashtag #metoo to talk of them being victims of sexual predators... and there is a good reason for that, and it have to do with feminism... "It is not about the pain of men, but the pain of women"...

    And yeah.. this might comes as a surprise, but men are "victims" too... In Hollywood as well...

    This is, undoubtedly, good. Harvey Weinstein is, in many ways, exceptional in terms of working in Hollywood, having incredible power in his industry and being very, very wealthy but let’s make no mistake, what he did was very unexceptional. It happens all.the.time, there aren’t always casting couches, lunches in Cannes or payoffs, there aren’t always non-disclosure agreements and there aren’t, sadly, always prosecutions but women, everywhere, in workplaces, nightclubs and public spaces across the world are subjected to this crap.
    To what crap?

    What you saying here is that a woman can open her legs and access opportunities that worth millions of dollars... and somehow that make them victims of something?

    What a guy have to do to get just 1 of those opportunities?

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    So they drive away all decent men with their anti male rhetoric and then wonder why all men in their movement are in it because of an ulterior motive, now ain´t that a mystery.
    I sexually identify as a sword pommel, check your privilege or i will have to end you RIGHTLY.


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      Originally posted by Anonymous View Post
      So they drive away all decent men with their anti male rhetoric and then wonder why all men in their movement are in it because of an ulterior motive, now ain´t that a mystery.
      That is an interesting point of view of it... I have the whole opposite of this...

      They try to attract men to join their movement, but then treat all this men like crap...

      Needless to say, I don't think this men have any ulterior motives, as you say... but they are men, so they must be evil... somehow, and a narrative is constructed around picking events and portraying them the worst possible way... to end up concluding that all men are chauvinist pigs...

      Anyway... I find your take on it interesting.