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Feminism Vs Reallity: No Enough CEO Women.

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  • Feminism Vs Reallity: No Enough CEO Women.

    We see them talking about this a lot, blog after blog, video after video... and dinner after dinner (for those unlucky men that have to sit to hear about it)...

    So... what is the true about the claim? How to fix it?

    This analysis by fortune magazine give us what the solution could be, accordingly to feminism:

    "So, how to break the cycle of underrepresentation? The key is to address the executive pipeline and ensure that women occupy more of the “feeder” seats into boards. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a silver bullet to this challenge, but I believe that a combination of deliberate and persistent actions taken at the top will shift the balance."

    So, basically whine until someone give the job to a woman...

    I would like to suggest a different solution... I was reading an article by the Harvard Business Review "The Best-Performing CEOs in the World 2017"

    They give the list of the top 100 best CEOs in the world, I read through the list... no a single woman.

    Also not surprise... many of the Fortune 500 companies do have one of this best performing CEOs on the leadership.

    Expanding on the topic HBR give us an article explaining what all the 100 best performing CEOs have in common...

    "1) deciding with speed and conviction 2) engaging for impact 3) adapting proactively 4) delivering reliably."

    I would like to point out to any feminist reading this... notice how "having a penis" is not in the list...

    From the 2017 Fortune 500 list, the most dramatic case have to be Yahoo... a company that just made it to the list in 2017 at the 498 spot...

    Now this, would have being a victory for feminism, as the CEOs is no only a woman, but a feminist one... Marissa Mayer.

    When Mayer got the CEO job back in 2012, Yahoo was a fortune 500 company, at the 483 spot on the list... under her management the company when off the list and just now it came back to the list.

    Unfortunately, Yahoo have being struggling for years, And the company actually made it to the list because it is getting bought by Verizon... Mayer is not longer going to be CEO.

    Her biggers blunder have to be the 2013 purchase of TUMBLR for 1.1 billions dollars... to end up selling Yahoo (Tumblr included) for 4.5 billions...

    How much Tumblr really worth?

    Woman Business Journal thinks... not all that money that Mayer paid for...

    "Mayer paid about $3 for each Tumblr subscriber back in 2013 and the company predicted the acquisition would instantly jump Yahoo's user base by 50 percent to 1 billion monthly unique users. However, it took about 18 months for Yahoo to announce it reached 1 billion users, a number that raised questions from the Wall Street Journal. The publication reported late last year that comScore says Yahoo’s U.S. users across mobile and desktop computers were unchanged from February 2013 to October 2015. Mayer also admitted last month that Tumblr hadn't hit the $100 million revenue goal she set for it in October 2014."

    And that is the reason why Mayer did not made it to the top performing CEOs list... Not because vagina...

    A bad acquisition that drain out a huge percentage of the company capital, ended up causing the company to take hard decisions on the years to come... firing thousands of employees, and downsizing dramatically, in a fast decay that had not stop, finally got bought out by another company...

    On top of this bad acquisition, Mayer's second worse blunder must be the selling of Alibaba in 2014... had Mayers not sold it... and manage it well... they could have now the 50 billion Alibaba worth today... Sold it on 2014 for 9 billions... what Mayer did with the 9 billion? nobody really knows...

    Feminist Mayer also seem to have failed to connect with the people under her... as if she did not care for the people under her, at all... The reason why dramatic 30+% abandoned ship... before they had to let go another 15% more... It is reported that one time a group of employees approached her with some serious concerns about the company policy of evaluating employees performances... Mayer answer the concerns by reading a children's book to this employees:

    Yahoo! Employees Wanted Answers. Marisa Mayer Read Them A Children’s Story. (She Actually Did This.)

    So why Yahoo made it to the Fortune 500 if Mayer is so bad at managing? She must have done something right.. Well... She did toke one good decision for the company... it is reported that after Mayer announces she is resigning... Yahoo stock have jumped up to 228%...

    Forbes have a really interesting article on the history of Mayer as head of Yahoo:

    The short version of that article, well can be:

    She started as a feminist activist in Google, they give the best recommendations of her, (now everybody thinks... to get rid of her), so someone pick her up and put her at the head of a Fortune 500 company... after 5 years of wasting money the company is basically bankrupt and sold out for potato chips.

    Forbes article even gives a blow to feminism... "CEOs don’t get to choose their own reality"... and that is the best answer there is out there to all the feminists that are asking why there is not enough CEOs women.

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    In the 90's, the large International corp where I lingered until retirement, moved a low-level support female to department manger position. And, she actually could handle it. Not only was she competent, but also executive. A large, well built, mature woman, she looked and acted executive. It was assumed by all that if she stuck to it, over the years she would be in the front office.

    After around two years she resigned and went back her low level support job. But, under company policy she kept her higher pay level.

    Women aren't up there because they don't have the drive to stick to it until they get there. "Everybody's fault not mine."

    There is an investment technique which says dump stock of companies with female CEO's. It works.


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      Originally posted by polite_disagreement View Post
      There is an investment technique which says dump stock of companies with female CEO's. It works.
      I am starting to look into the investment world, I had not idea of this you say here... sounds strange as it can get... but if it works... then what can I say about it?.. thank for the advise.