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'Appropriate' Sexual Conduct At Work?

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  • 'Appropriate' Sexual Conduct At Work?

    I realize this is controversial but decades of feminist indoctrination and propaganda in the media have not stopped me from thinking past their ideology. In the last couple of months, we've seen a rash of people accused of sexual harassment or "sexual misconduct", whatever the hell that is! I woke up today to this unprecedented headline. Pelosi calls on Nevada Democrat to resign over sexual misconduct claim. (You never hear a Democrat turn on their own.)

    What all these recent sexual misconduct allegations have in common is the misconducters are all men and the misconductees are all women. NOTE: The numbers are not approximately 50-50 but 100-0. Let's look at the roles being reversed. How Do Men React To Harassment? If these sets of facts do not draw attention to the claim being false that men and women are equal, what would? I recall in the 1990's NOW defending Bill Clinton against one of his accusers by saying he did not harass her because when she told him to stop, he stopped. I have not heard this standard being applied to any of the recent allegations. Does this standard still apply? When was it dispensed with?

    NBC News Chairman Calls Matt Lauer's Behavior 'Appalling' He also called it inappropriate, which begs the question, just what is 'appropriate' sexual conduct at work? From the article is NBC mission statement: our highest priority is to create a workplace environment where everyone FEELS safe and protected You will not find in the pioneering days of television such a mission statement. Back then mission statements, highest priorities were about growing business.

    This is further evidence that men and women are not equal but how an organization changes to accommodate women, i.e., making it so that not only everyone IS safe, everyone FEELS safe. I'm not exactly sure of the connection between unwanted sexual advances and being or feeling safe but that is the new company line now. Again, see How Do Men React To Harassment? And this brings us to the delicate question of just what is sexual harassment? Pamela Anderson: Weinstein’s Accusers Knew What They Were ‘Getting Into’ by Going to Hotel Rooms Alone. Ouch! No doubt feminazi's equate female responsibility with hatred toward women.

    Traditionally, sexual harassment is the subjective call of whatever the woman does not like. Now, it appears an effort is afoot to criminalize normal aggressive human male sexuality - especially with powerful men. One does not have to go too far in looking into the animal kingdom to realize aggressive male sexuality among mammals is common. Evidently, a man can engage in all manner of sexual innuendo and as long as the women likes it, it is not harassment. But there remains no objective standard. Yet, all these men's careers are ruined and their reputation is destroyed over how women feel. In the name of equality, name that area of life where men have such power over women? Finally, another controversial excerpt from Rape Is About Sex, And We Need To Stop Saying It’s Not
    To say that rape is not about sex makes the issue more palatable for policy makers who are so hesitant to get involved in people’s private lives. It shuts down critics who say colleges want to regulate sexual intimacy when they write policies defining what consent is. It placates men who worry that feminists want to label all men rapists; “Relax, you’re not a rapist if you want sex, you’re only a rapist if you want power.

    Charles Darwins theory of sexual selection may provide some insight. An excerpt: "In other words as differences in mating success that results in adaptations for obtaining mates, rather than adaptations for survival." There there is an ancient quote that "Rome rules the world but women rule Rome." Henry Kissinger and Madonna have said “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” It is appearing more and more that sex is the ultimate power. Men build empires, make them safe for women, then women complain about misconduct, kicking out the men. Would there be all these headlines of these men "guilty" of sexual misconduct if they were not powerful? Doubt it. Congress $15M ‘Sexual Harassment Slush Fund’ Where can I get me some?
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