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    RE: Equality Dilema

    Originally posted by Grumpy Old Man
    This is a funny video on what happens when you don't give equal pay for equal work. What do you think would happen if you give equal pay for unequal work?
    Love that. +2.


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      RE: Equality Dilema

      Originally posted by realityisabitch
      Harrison Bergeron, based on a Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. short story, proposes a dystopia based on equality for all. Headphones that buzz into overly intelligent people's ears all day to interrupt their thoughts, masks for the overly beautiful, weights of the limbs of the overly strong... Silliness really. People are not "equal" and don't want to be.

      I think the sense of equality that is spoken of is where everyone is assumed to have inherent value and that they have something unique and meaningful to offer the world. You can't throw five people in a pool and expect them all to swim across it at the same speed. You can't sit five people at a table and expect them all to get the same number of test questions right. When I think of an egalitarian society I imagine one in which each person is helped to find something they are good at, that they enjoy and which empowers them to contribute to society. The breakdown in the legal applications of equality happen because courts aren't about fair or unfair any more, they are about manipulating language and money.
      Hehe I got the video project of that saved.
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