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Refusing To Move For Men Is An Example Of Feminism

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  • Refusing To Move For Men Is An Example Of Feminism

    Here a feminist being rude, pitiful and dispiceful... as usual.

    With catcalling, body-shaming, and the very real threats to women's safety we face every day, it's not easy.
    Complaining how hard it is for a woman to... walk?

    I recently noticed that when I'm out and about, a lot of men I encounter expect me to make way for them when we cross paths on the pavement.
    Totally scientific.

    It's men taking up more space than they require and expecting women to minimise themselves so they can do so.
    They hate everything about men... even the most insignificant stuff.

    It's true that microagressions like mansplaining, manspreading, and pavement-hogging aren't the frontline of the feminist fight
    So what is it? what is the frontline of feminism?

    with the entitlement and privilege that enable men to ask for pay rises and receive them with ease
    With ease??? LOL

    And how is it men's fault that you don't ask for your own rise???

    So, I decided to take a literal stand. When I see a man coming toward me with a steely glint in his eye that says, "get out of my way," I simply don't.
    So what you want fo that? an Applause?

    I have just as much right to a slice of pavement as any man, and I will not be giving it up without a fight.
    Pitty bitter bitch, Fuck You!

    But I'd like to suggest that if you're a woman of any size or stature and feel safe to do so, reclaim your pavement. Don't make way for men. Yes, a few bumps and bashes are likely to ensue, but it's a small price to pay for reclaiming your right to the road, sticking up for your right to take up space, and stamping on suggestions that you are in any way less important than a man. Well worth it, I'd say.
    You definitely have not purpose on your life.. and I know, I have my videogames and that is not really much... but at least it is something... you got nothing...

    All you do is stand in the middle of walkways and become an obstacle for people trying to get to places... and you think so much of yourself for such sad life that you decided to write an article about yourself online, about it... probably imagining that you are the inspiration of a new revolution, or some other stupid idea like that...

    Probably the worse of this is that it is actually quite possible that this becomes a thing now, that all those other feminists out there that are equally pitty and equally useless decide it is a great idea to becomes obstacles on the walkways... this actually have the possibility of becoming a full feminist movement... which serves as a testimony of how purposeless feminism have become.

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    Oh, please! The vast majority of men probably yield dutifully. It sounds like she chooses to see the few who do move through foot traffic inconsiderately (which they surely do with all people) as typical of men. I've experienced plenty of female pedestrians who were just as inconsiderate as the picture she paints. Maybe they were rude people, or, just like the men this author encountered, maybe it was just a moment of absent-mindedness. In her feminist zeal to prove her point, she'll undoubtedly become the rude pedestrian she criticizes.
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      Men are brought up to give way to women, and most do.