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Military Vet’s Wife Before Deportation

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  • Military Vet’s Wife Before Deportation

    I know it is bad to laugh at others misfortune... but I am a bad person, so...

    In this next video, a wife of a 2 times veteran is upset because she is getting deported, so here are some facts:

    - She came into US illegally
    -She married a man who have serve in the military
    - He voted for Trump under the idea that Trump was only going to deport criminals...

    So I guess he married a criminal and just found out now. I know they edited this to look very sad and stuff, but for some reason the whole of it makes me laugh... She claiming brownie points for hes husband's sacrifice... she claiming that she is not a criminal, but admitting to have immigrated illegally... her husband's stupidity for voting for a candidate that pretty much said he was going to kick half of his family out of the country... LOL

    How I learned to stop worrying and love the Trump.

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    They should deport her for not having a jewish mother.

    If she wants back in, she can take a religious test and learn to say "shekel."


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      dubs, as you have so much interest on this case... I decided to check out how her case was going...

      So here a video with updates on the case...

      So my take on th updates...

      For some reason i still laugh at this... I am a terrible person... I know... I think it is the sound of her voice...

      Finally we got to see the husband... he didn't said much though... he actually looked a bit happy about it... I guess... I hope he enjoy his new found freedom... LOL

      The usual stuff of get the kids to cry on TV... that part is sad... journalism today is crap. And the language tha girl uses... just dropping course words... so she have that in common with you dubs... dubs, do you cry too. when you tell me the F word?... anyway... no impressed by the education that kid shows... nasty.

      The video explain a bit more about her immigration status... so she can't apply for any visa K1 as you said... she signed a paper preventing her do to it... I suspect she would have to leave the country for some time and then apply.

      What really gets me is that she is making such a big drama about it... it is like... she thinks Mexico is a... shithole???.. I mean... it can't really be this bad... is it???


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        What blows my mind about the immigration situation is that they make the US out to be some fascist dictatorship with human rights on par with 3rd world nations... And yet everyone still wants to get it. The left are simply off the rails.
        I used to think collapse was inevitable. Now I realize it is necessary.

        It was only a matter of time before the bicycles realized that they in fact did not need the fish.


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          What I find most hilarious about this situation is that according to one of the commenters on the video, the law that ICE is enforcing was proposed by Hitlery and passed into law by Bill. If true, that means that all of the salty tears from the whining diaper babies are being misdirected towards Trump when they should be squarely directed at the Cuntons.
          When a woman says to a man 'IF you really love me you would (INSERT VERB HERE)... 'IF you really love me you should buy/give/take/do X, Y, Z'... That's using...that's testing. And my answer to that is always; 'IF you loved me you wouldn't have asked that fucking question, now pack your shit and get the fuck out of my house.' - Maxx

          Asking a feminist about men's rights is like asking a cattle rancher about veganism.


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            This case is getting interesting... here is this bity piece of info that is not in the videos:

            "She has been accused of making a false statement at the border when she sought asylum in 1998."

            Still was not able to find out what she lied about, but I suspect her life was not in the danger she claim... another possibility appear to be that she lied about her criminal records... whatever it is, this is the reason why she expend all this years without obtaining documents... until finally the slow hammer of the law say her application is denied and she have not more appeals or resources to gain more time... 20 years... it was a good run.