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  • Equity
    Yet another example of the sexism that is feminism.
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  • simpleman
    started a topic Like A Girl

    Like A Girl

    Music video themed around "girl power"

    The video have 3 acts:

    - On first act a group of boys are mocking a group of girls, the girls challenge the boys to see who is better, this takes us to act 2.

    - On Act 2 girls and boys are fairly equal throughout the several different competitions they play, so girls equal to boys, it is, then it comes act 3.

    - In act 3 girls defeat the boys, demonstrating that they are superior, all the boys end up lying on the floor for the girls to step on them.

    The lyrics of the song also display this girls are superior to boys narrative, here a sample of the lyrics:

    Attention all girls around the world
    There's been rumors going around talking about what we can't do
    We'll I've got news for ya
    You ain't seen nothing yet!
    Where my girls at?
    Here we go!


    We can set it off, anytime, all day
    Doing our thing and we shaking off hate
    With a 5, 6, 7, 8
    So here is the video: