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    This woman created a kindergarten with the purpose of training kids into "equality"... so she segregates them by gender, and then proceeded to train feminine trails to the boys and masculine trails to the girls. She have open around 20 of this schools now.

    Here I am presenting 3 material sources about this experiment. the First one is a critic published in breitbart, the second one is supportive of it, by theguardian, and the last one is a presentation made by Margret herself on a Tedx Talk.


    "Boys Encouraged to Wear Nail Polish, Massage Each Other at Gender Neutral School"

    Elementary school boys are taught to massage each other with lotion to learn how to have “gentle hands”, and are also taught to play at looking after babies with gender-neutral rag dolls.
    I think it is very important to ask how strong are they on this teachings... if a boy says no, or express being uncomfortable with this situations... how much will the teachers pressure the boy until he gives in? What does this teach about consent? or what does this teach about owning your own boy? is it really worth it to "teach" kids to act this ways just for the sake of feminism?

    “The dolls are only for the boys, the girls don’t need to practice this,” explained teacher Kristín Cardew to American broadcaster NBC News, while she was teaching a class on structured gender compensation work at one Hjalli school in Reykjavík.
    Nothing new here, we have seeing for more than a decade now that boys are made to play with dolls and prevented to play with toys like lego... this is mainstream by now.

    Meanwhile, girls’ gender deconstruction lessons include climbing walls and trees. And while the activities are, according to one teacher, intending to empower women, the broadcaster noted that “crying is particularly discouraged and weeping girls are promptly told to stop.”

    There is more on the article linked...


    Why Iceland is the best place in the world to be a woman

    Right of the bat... with the title of the article... why they don't assume it is a good place for men? maybe, it is not?... I though the goal was to make a good place for everybody... not just a place good for women at the detriment and sacrifice of men...

    t’s an ordinary morning for this single-sex class of three-year-olds at Laufásborg nursery school in Reykjavik. No dolls or cup-cake decorating on the lesson plan here. Instead, as Margrét Pála Ólafsdóttir, the school’s founder, tells me: “We are training [our girls] to use their voice. We are training them in physical strength. We are training them in courage.”
    While training the boys to be weak. Here is where I fond the biggest problem with this system.

    It’s a fascinating approach to education. And a popular one. In a country of only 330,000 people, there are 19 such primary and nursery schools, empowering girls from an early age.
    This article keep talking about girls, ignoring the impact of this on all the, now ignored, boys that study in this places.

    the article goes on and on on how oppressed women are, and how important it is for the them to have liberation.


    Here some comments at some timestamps:

    0:40 "lack of discipline was destroying kinder gardens"... It is hard for me to figure out what she is talking about here... is she referring to the free range educational experiment? or, more likely, she is referring to traditional education, and some very creative definition of what she understand for destroying... though if teaching discipline was the goal, I think they should go for the traditional education...

    1:10 She is recognizing that having mixed gender classrooms have not archived the equality intended, and pretty much is of the opinion that such experiment is a failure, so she is going to advocate for segregated gender classrooms, where they will separate the boys and the girls and using different methodologies for each gender... will teach them that they are the same. Madness at it's putrests form.

    3:00 She claims that empowering of girls is actually hurting them. They are making them weaker by empowering them.

    5:55 She recognizes that there are gender differences, but she claims this differences are nurture, not nature... so she believe that she can actually train boys to assume the social traits associated with girls and girls to assume masculine roles.

    The rest of the video she talks about what she calls "boy haze" and "pink hace"... eventually she show a picture of some boys wearing pink shirts and call this progress...

    There is another timemark that catched my attention:

    12:00 She says that that the more important lesson in math is that 1+1 is more than 2... this is inherently stupid... so training boys to be intimate with each other... even if they don't want to.. while cleary no even teaching them basic maths... I wonder how this can go wrong?... but hey... a great place for women.

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    I think what's most telling is that "feminine" traits are seen as "weak" and "masculine" traits are seen as "strong."

    That's almost a Freudian way of saying that it's a curse to be born female.

    ie self-hatred, "either act like a man or you are a garbage female."

    So they all put on their super-serious game faces and try to act like a butch, otherwise they will hate themselves for crying or acting girly-girl.

    "Olafsdottir" lol

    Hitler considered these people to be "Aryan super-people."

    But to me they all seem mentally stunted and one-dimensional.

    My view on what constitutes "gender equality" is when girls can cry and be girly-girls and we don't call them "weak" because of that.

    When we don't say that feminine traits are "weak traits."

    When we say "boys have their own forms of strength and girls have their own forms of strength" and we can honor and respect both.

    Honor and respect motherhood, nurturing, cooperation, femaleness, femininity, etc etc.

    That is what will bring "sexual equality."

    Not "Let's make the girls act like boys so they can have power."

    You're just basically saying that being born a girl is a curse unless you can train it out of them.