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Doctor Who ratings plunge...

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  • Doctor Who ratings plunge...

    The first female Dr Who is not doing that well on the ratings... consistently going down.

    Here an article reporting that there is problems with the script... it lectures the viewers in SJWs propaganda and the audience is tired of it.

    Doctor Who ratings plunge after Jodie Whittaker takes over with PC plots

    Fans complained of being bombarded by preachy, serious messages instead of sci-fi entertainment.

    Producers, under new boss Chris Chibnall, have opted to tackle issues such as racism as Jodie, 36, travelled back to meet civil rights icon Rosa Parks in the US in 1955.

    Next week they have British Imperialism in their sights in 1947 India.

    And the latest episode explored gender with a pregnant man giving birth.
    And so on and go on they keep going on with the boring and the weird ideas...

    People is not eating the feminist propaganda.

    A viewer tweeted: "That's the last episode I'll be watching. I don't watch this type of TV show to get subliminal PC lectures, it's supposed to be entertainment."

    There is a sector of the media that decided to deny reality:

    Sorry Haters, ‘Doctor Who’ Series 11 is Doing Just Fine

    The premiere episode of the season that introduced Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor drew 10 million viewers in the UK, which is a big deal...
    The real number is more like 8 millions, and the latest episode have hit under the 6 millions... in a consistent drop.


    All of this while the rumors go that the actress playing the Dr is already considering quitting...

    Are Jodie Whittaker and the new ‘Doctor Who’ showrunner leaving already?

    A report in the long-running science-fiction magazine Starburst says that Chibnall is dissatisfied with the way the show is being run behind-the-scenes by the BBC. Whittaker, who previously worked with Chibnall on the hit ITV drama Broadchurch, is said to be leaving the show in sympathy for her friend and colleague.
    Halfway in her first season she is already talking about leaving... while ratings are dropping to a point where the executives are considering if they want to do one more season of this SJWs Dr Who.

    Ratings have since dipped to an average of around 7.5 million viewers, but Whittaker’s performance has generally been praised, as have those of fellow regular cast members Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole as The Doctor’s friends. This series has also seen the first people of colour write for Doctor Who in its 55-year history, including successful children’s author Malorie Blackman and playwright Vinay Patel.
    Praised by who???

    And what does it matter if they have a black character if the show is crap and people is giving up on it???

    THe BBC decided to invest on SJWs and have lost millions on this flop, efectible undermining one of their most successful franchises, with not realistic options to bounce back from this mess... if this does not cost them the bankruptcy... hopefully they learn to invest on good entertainment instead of investing on bad politics BS.