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Violent Cunt stabs boyfriend & gets free pass

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    Originally posted by MatrixTransform View Post
    ...based on an 'investigation'

    there is little difference between your propositions. dig just beneath the surface and theyre both idiotic.
    i was thinking the same thing "investigation" means = gynocentric save the woman time
    Originally posted by MatrixTransform
    where were you before you put yourself last?
    Originally posted by TheNarrator
    Everywhere I travel, tiny life. Single-serving sugar, single-serving cream, single pat of butter. The microwave Cordon Bleu hobby kit. Shampoo-conditioner combos, sample-packaged mouthwash, tiny bars of soap. The people I meet on each flight? They're single-serving friends.


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      Originally posted by Equity View Post
      lol...that would be funny.

      For many men even abandoning their male identity and pretending to be women is not enough to help them be accepted by feminised society....I think this story might be relevant to your comment:

      "In 1989 ('feminist pioneer', sexist, pedophile and rapist) Germaine Greer opposed the election of her transsexual colleague Rachael Padman to fellowship of Newnham College, Cambridge, arguing that Padman had been born a man, and, therefore, should not be admitted to an all-women’s college." "Padman was appointed, and Greer resigned."

      Their Angry Creed. Herbert Purdy.


      You mention rugby Mr E. This sport is a good example for the state of men and football (soccer) I think would be a good example for the state of women in our society, in that rugby is 90mins of people desperately hurt pretending that they are fine and football is 90mins of people who are fine pretending desperately that they are hurt/victims...= silly analogy, I

      That's because Feminism isn't about equality. That's only what they say to give it a veneer of acceptability. Feminism is about hating men. Pure and simple. You can slice it. You can dice it. You can stack it up any way that you want. But no matter how you intersect it, it's all about hate.

      And Herbert Purdy knows that full well ;-)
      It's time to call it out for what it is.

      The World of Men - Men's Rights / MGTOW / Sites of Interest to Men


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        Originally posted by Equity View Post
        This feminist/sexist is US Senator of Missouri Claire Mccaskill. She made these openly sexist comments back in 2015 whilst serving as a senator. She has never been challenged for what she said back then and she carries on serving in her position to this day. Not only has she not been held to account but she has become popular. She has been given platforms from which to preach her views to others. She is now a regular fixture on TV and in the media and in politics in the US and the go to person for issue pertaining to 'justice' and 'equality'...This woman, this sexist is defined by our sexist system as an expert in 'justice' and 'equality'...our system encourages the abuse of men.
        Well, isn't she witty. It's ironic that she gives a speech about women's lack of interest in men's opinions, when her intended audience couldn't be less interested in her opinion.
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          Give us Your superior solution

          Originally posted by MatrixTransform View Post
          So, lemme get this straight...

          you're completely OK with lumbering some poor sucker with the obligation of being responsible for some utter skank cos he stuck a dick in once ... while she continues to fuck the neighborhood?

          ...based on an 'investigation'

          the result of which, you justify by dressing it up in some sanctimonious bullshit about the 'anglosphere' and propriety

          yet, at the same time, you got a problem with say the way Dubs characterizes the whole thing?

          there is little difference between your propositions. dig just beneath the surface and theyre both idiotic.

          but yeah, go figure heh.

          How about .... the last one to fuck it...keeps it.

          or, you know what, since you got got all the 'sponsibilities ... why dont you keep it...after they fucked it?
          When I came on this board, I wanted to always, or at least nearly always, engage in polite disagreement. But, your posting was a dual semi trailer of horse manure, and gratuitous insults with no real meaning to it. It is what we would expect of men raised in a female dominated society. Please carry on.

          For those whose brains still work, let me explain. When a man and a woman have sex and she gets pregnant, societies have to have a solution. They cannot just toss her out in the woods and let her die. They cannot let the baby die Someone has to support and feed that woman and her kid. It may be the taxpayers or it may have to be her family. Or, traditionally, the man himself.

          In the US it's the taxpayers. In the story I reported, it was the man himself. The society thinks that's fair. So do I.

          If they had known she would bang all those men, it probably wouldn't have happened that way. Nasty poster is essentially looking out the back window.

          In the end, they raised three good citizens. The US method destroys the entire inner city.

          If you don't like what they did, tell us how you would do it. On men's boards there are a steady supply of nasty, insulting men. Instead of insults, tell your superior solution. You can't, IMO.

          And, in spite of her misconduct, they are still together 40 years later. He was not tossed out into the street to live under a bridge and send money in the mail. She has cooked and kept house for him all these 40 years. And, he was with his kids while they were growing up.

          So, big shot, spit it out what better solution you have for such problems.


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            Can we get babes like this in Mexico ??9CC961C8-9F0E-437A-AAB0-8DFFFDACA73F-226-0000000AA1D890A1.jpg