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    a subtly intriguing piece - a couple writing annual lists of want to's and don't want to's for their relationship.
    Her description of a 'loveless' relationship - i.e., she wasn't top priority - reads like Everyman's Story.


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    I can see benefits not only to a marriage contract but to a courtship contract too. It could probably reduce the risk of sexual assault accusations too. For example, should either party decide to enter a sexless courtship, then it could be written into the contract. If either party wants to limit physical contact to no more than taking hands, or keep flirting and other sexual conversation out of the courtship, they could specify that too.

    That way, the man avoids falling into the trap of mixed messages. If the woman signs a no-sex contract and then starts to make sexual advances towards him, he can remind her of what she signed. If she wants to change the terms of the contract, then they'd have to write and sign a new contract that would include sex. I have little doubt that many sexual assault accusations stem from poor communication within the couple: putting it down explicitly in writing solves this problem.