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    European “consumption-based” society is supposedly a miniature of Anglophone “consumption-based” society. The difference between the two, later. Japan should probably not be considered “consumption-based”. Maybe “consumption/ production-based”.


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      I don't know where to begin with this thread.

      The premise seems "off" and the conclusions "way way off."

      I'll work on this thread later.


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        I want to use the suicide numbers as an index for “happiness”. But the numbers are working as an index of too many other factors at once (religious background, etc.). Another factor: a male suicide is 100 times more likely to succeed than a female suicide. You have to work out all this complexity. See: (footnote 9) and: at the bottom, “Is it better to be male or female in a patriarchy?”

        Note also that “power” does not mean “happiness”. Your little pet dog might be very happy under your tender caress everyday, but he obviously does not have power. The bourgeois has both power and happiness on her side.
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          Note that Russia's economy is mostly based on export of natural resources. Russia should be called "raw material exporting" society.

          "Machismo" is not an economic model designation. I shouldn't have used it.

          How, then, do you characterize Mexico?


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            This might be off-topic here. But, while I’m withholding the beginning of the “script” I’m writing until future, I would like to post the ending here first, so that, shall my script be a big hit in the future, those who have followed this thread can exclaim, “Hey, I know about the ending a long time ago! Touch me!”

            The “script” is about this genius and saint, feminist, inventor of great things, and lover of charity like Mother Theresa, who, however, because he is not white and lives in this “Twilight Nation” where everybody is insane and perceives the opposite of reality, has been officially labeled:

            “… misogynist, white supremacist, plagiarizer, computer-hacker, stalker, cyberstalker, anti-American terrorist, vandalizer (i.e. a misogynist terrorist who will become obsessed with female targets, stalk them, and then vandalize their properties in order to terrorize them), violent, delusional, paranoia schizophrenic, a secret agent of Russia and China here to destabilize the great USA, sexually perverted and yet impotent thus loving and hating white females at the same time, exhibitionist, extremely malicious and pathologically deceitful (anti-social).”
            The novel gives him no name, but just “suspect’. So this is the ending:

            “When the suspect went home, he thought further about how Homeland Security, on 14 November, while interviewing everyone about his possible connection with the Paris attacks, has warned everyone at the same time that he suffers paranoia schizophrenia for believing that a group of women have been going after him using law enforcement mechanism. He is further motivated to hate Americans in the future, and will never talk to Angela ever again. (She had believed the lies.) Furthermore, it’s due to Ekaterina’s involvement that the SS women’s gang-stalking of him through the legal system had become like national-security secrets. But he had decided to blame Americans for this. So he says to himself: ‘Whenever I feel unhappy, whether it’s my own fault or Russians’ fault or French’s fault, it will always be Americans’ fault. This, because it is you Americans who have built up this system and it is you Americans who want me to hate you – for me to forever conform to Homeland Security’s profile of me as hating Americans and conspiring with the Russians to harm America. Fine with me.’”
            Sorry it’s such a sad ending. I plan to publish the story within a year. Anybody with advices about publishing, please PM me.
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              I will also need help with a certain paradox or contradiction in the story.

              "Ekaterina" refers to a prominent Russian daughter. How does a prominent Russian daughter get to join a group of American white women to gang-stalk the poor suspect? Through official diplomatic channels, which is why the SS women's gang-stalking of the suspect using law enforcement mechanisms has become guarded as national security secret. Otherwise, why will any law enforcement and government authority give a crap about some ordinary women's "confidentiality" (to the point of convincing everyone that the suspect is insane in order to discredit him)? How could the suspect even know that Ekaterina is involved when she has never herself shown up in America? Alas, because, otherwise, it's impossible to explain why a group of ordinary, in fact criminal, women's "confidentiality" can be guarded like national security secret. Ekaterina should know this: the more she tries to hide and cover for these American women in order to hide herself, that is, the more the SS women's stalking claims against the suspect at law enforcement agencies are guarded in absolute secrecy -- the more it is proof that somebody quite prominent is involved.

              This is the contradiction. Anybody who can round out the story better, please PM me. (Namely, provide me with a scenario as to why Ekaterina is covering for her American women gang-stalking companions. I promise I'll give you credits when the story is published. But please don't say, "Just write, 'She is too dumb'". In the story, Ekaterina is aided by intelligence officials.)
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                Here is the latest update on the script I’m writing. Recall that the script is about this group of women who have been gang-stalking this poor guy for almost 4 years.

                K’s gang’s current operation on the suspect is this. The law enforcement case which K’s gang has opened on the suspect a few weeks ago is about to be closed. The suspect has electronic devices planted inside his brain to enable a remote supercomputer in a government facility to predict his movement and control his emotions and thinking. K’s gang has been maintaining contact with the facility and are thus able to know, from the computer, where the suspect will go and be doing before the suspect even decides it. They then project all the negative qualities in themselves which they don’t want others to know about onto the suspect, and order the supercomputer to remotely control the guy to play out these characteristics. As the suspect is under law enforcement surveillance and plays out these characteristics, K, always wanting to be the great psychologist, then, psychoanalyzes the suspect for the detectives. K’s analysis greatly impresses the detectives since she is actually just analyzing herself. The characteristics are Narcissistic Personality Disorder (grandiose thinking, love of projecting oneself onto others), paranoia schizophrenia with persecution mania (always getting obsessed with some women and then believing that they are going after him), anti-social personality disorder (extreme malice and super deceitful), anti-American hatred due to blaming his own faults onto others and racist toward Hispanics due to his jealousy of their superiority.

                Since so many people have pretended to notice the suspect’s online expressions about his bizarre delusion about a group of women going after him, many people who are pretending to be concerned about these women’s safety have formed into a “volunteer group” to help keep an eye on him for the women and follow him whenever he goes, following him into coffeehouses and recording him speculating to himself about what the gang is currently doing to him and what the governments are going to do about him and the women. Since most of the speculation is incorrect and makes little sense to bystanders, when the volunteers show the detectives the recordings, the latter can note down in their profile of the suspect that he has developed bizarre delusions about the women he’s supposedly obsessed with and is fond of projecting a devilish image on them, which could be used to open another law enforcement case on him after the current law enforcement case is closed.

                Furthermore, since the whole affair started because K was obsessed with the suspect, the suspect would say K is obsessed with him and with exterminating him, so that K can then psychoanalyze to the detective: “He’s obsessed with me, and so he projects himself onto me and falsely accuses me of obsessing over him. And he projects me as the evil incarnate who projects him as the evil incarnate” The detectives can then develop a very negative view of the suspect.

                Meanwhile, the suspect regularly posts what he knows of the gang-stalking enterprise, like the above, on internet forums, so that K’s gang can also offer the online posting to law enforcement as evidence against the suspect.
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                    I shall continue to give the details of the “script” I’m now writing. In the previous episode, we have seen that the group of women, with the help of many volunteers who also hate the suspect as well and who have total sympathy for the group of women (K’s gang), have opened a new law enforcement case on the detested suspect.

                    I shall add that the volunteers’ recording and filming of the suspect is also broadcast to a large number of people around the world. Thus, when the suspect is required to play out K’s characteristics: racist, misogynist, delusional, paranoid, and extremely malicious, he will soon find that he will have no place to go in the world where people do not detest him like shit. He is becoming the most detested person in human history. And all this is happening to him because he has once blogged about these women and possesses knowledge of their criminal conducts. And yet he never learns the lesson: never defy American women, never offend them in the slightest way. His righteousness – never bowing to the forces of evil – will doom him. A harsh ending is awaiting him.


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                      Now, because, in the story, the suspect will each night post on Internet forums the bad characteristics he was required to play out during the day and the actions of K's gang and their volunteers, there is also this episode. Law enforcement asks K, the personal behind-the-scene psychoanalyst of the suspect: "If he's so bad and so delusional, why does he describe his delusion and bad behavior on online forums as well as you do?" And, of course, the suspect always writes about himself in the third person, calling himself the "suspect", as if he were writing the script of another person. K: "He likes to imagine himself as a character in a movie. Narcissistic, you know." Law enforcement: "But why does he like to play the bad guy?" K: "He's antisocial, and so enjoys being the villain." Detective, "Ok."


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                        I shall continue to give the details of the “script” I’m now writing. In the previous episode, we have seen that the group of women, with the help of many volunteers who also hate the suspect as well and who have total sympathy for the group of women (K’s gang), have opened a new law enforcement case on the detested suspect. This is today’s episode:

                        The suspect was in the coffeehouse. K’s gang, through their connection with the government facility, remotely cut of the suspect’s Internet connection. He got very frustrated as he for hours couldn’t log into any of his accounts. A volunteer then showed up just in time, here to check out the suspect on behalf of the poor women. The suspect explained to the volunteer that a group of women have total control of his computers. After accomplishing the “mission”, the volunteer went back. He showed both the women and law enforcement officer the recording of the suspect’s confession, and K, with her gang members, pretended to be very concerned, frightened, and psychoanalyzed the suspect to law enforcement: “He is totally obsessed with me, and so projects this God-like image onto me, believing that I’m like his God hovering over him controlling his computers and every one of his movements. This is due to the deficiency in his relationship with his mother when he was young, like this…” etc., and all that crap.

                        At home, the suspect then posted this episode in online forums in order to enable K’s gang to bring the posting to law enforcement as further materials for psychoanalysis and further evidence against him (for others to match the online postings with the suspect’s person).


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                          I shall post here the new episode about the “script” the “suspect”:

                          Today’s episode is about how the SS women have successfully convinced the police that the “suspect” suffers incurable persecution mania about the women he’s (supposedly) obsessed with (in consequence of his paranoia schizophrenia). He first has a phone conversation with his friend, in which he expresses indignation about the injustice he has suffered in the SS women’s hands, because they are unable to comprehend that they are the ones who are in the wrong and are somehow convinced that they are in the right, all because they have deemed his knowledge of their past criminal conducts to be “violation of their privacy”, so that they feel entitled to the right to exterminate him or discredit him using whatever means possible. Certainly, when K brings the content of the conversation to law enforcement, or when the suspect’s friend brings it to law enforcement, or when law enforcement itself shall hear it, K will analyze, or law enforcement itself will conclude, that the suspect is practically incurable and simply couldn’t imagine the possibility that all the gang-stalking and abuse of law enforcement resources for which the suspect credits the SS women and expresses indignation have never existed.

                          Then, the SS women instruct the government facility which controls the suspect’s mood and electronic machines to block his access to his website intermittently from public places in order to create the impression for him that his website has been blacklisted, so that he will believe it’s due to the SS women’s complaints about the website to law enforcement, who then blocks it. He will then be provoked to hate Americans. Then K can psychoanalyze him to the police: “There, he indeed suffers from persecution mania about the women he is obsessed with. Because of his paranoia schizophrenia, he has mistaken the malfunctioning of his own Wi-Fi connection for our work, believing truly that it’s us who have persuaded you to blacklist his website. And, as you see, we have done no such thing. And he blames other Americans for his own paranoia thinking, not knowing that it’s all his own imagination. And he’s going to escape, not understanding that he is trying to escape from something which exists only in his mind. And who escapes because of a website? What a joke! He really needs to be taken into custody and sent to a mental institute. For he needs help, otherwise he’ll end up hurting himself or others.”

                          Meanwhile, when the suspect returns home, he posts the above on online forums, his story about the “suspect”, so that other users on the forum, who have already connected up with the SS women after noticing his bizarre rambling about his delusions about the women going after him, can then report him also to law enforcement, pretending to be concerned with his mental stability, and law enforcement and other volunteers will then match up the posting with other testimonies.

                          The strange thing is that, just the other day, the suspect saw a woman sitting on the train reading a book entitled “The woman on the train”. He is surprised. At least the woman sitting on the train was not reading a book entitled “The woman on the train reading a book entitled ‘The woman on the train reading a book entitled “The woman on the train reading…”’”

                          The suspect is really trying his very best to be obsessed with the SS women, and he’s trying his very best to look like he feels persecuted because of his website as a way to attract notoriety to it. He strives to be misunderstood and to become the laughingstock of humanity. It’s his job, and he’s barely paid.


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                            I shall continue the details of the previous episode:

                            Late into the night, the suspect begins revising his posting in online forums about the incident tonight. The suspect now writes that his website has indeed been blacklisted. Apparently, the SS women have been looking for a way for the suspect to come into law enforcement notice, and then troubles, not through their own reporting or the efforts of the volunteers, but due to his own faults, and they wanted him to look like he is falsely blaming what is his own fault on them. The SS women and Homeland Security which supports them therefore came up with this plan. And so they together instructed the government facility to control the suspect to go wild in a particular public place a week ago. The patrons in that place reported it to the police, and in fact there was one detective there in that public place in any case. The public place in question therefore forever blocks the suspect’s website; many other public places follow in. The women thus keep themselves on the sideline. When the suspect eventually gets into trouble, it will be as if it were due to his own fault, and had nothing to do with the women. Then the SS women’s claim that the suspect has imagined up all their past victimization of him and has continually falsely mistaken what is his own fault for the women’s orchestration can be solidified.

                            And so tonight, the SS women: “You see how he blames everything on us due to his obsession with us and paranoia delusion? We are all very scared.”

                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx
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                              I shall continue to give details to the “script”:

                              By morning next day, the suspect has realized that there is indeed a court order to block his website on all public networks. Since the SS women are now trying to convince the court that the suspect is a flight risk, he shall definitely not attempt to go anywhere outside the city.


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                                To continue the script:

                                By afternoon, as it is apparent that the suspect’s website is blocked over all public and private networks, the suspect, even before he begins investigating matter, has concluded that it is because he has been reported as a security problem by strangers, and law enforcement then interviews people that pretend to know him, and who must have said a lot of awful things about his “website”, so that law enforcement, the local, inexperienced ones who are practically illiterate, just shut down his website, without knowing what’s actually on it.