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A gang-stalking story by Anonymous

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  • A gang-stalking story by Anonymous

    The following is a true story. The author is kept anonymous.

    PART I ... It also omits the role played by the US Department of Homeland Security clandestine operation division in helping, coordinating, and directing the gang-stalking operations of the women on me.


    I need advice for my very, very particular situation. My situation of dealing with a legal system in California that is so biased toward women and against me, a simple guy. I have been gang-stalked and gone after by a group of women for more than three years. Their Modus Operandi is to manipulate law enforcement and the legal system through false reporting hoping to imprison me for prolonged periods and remove my website, and all this, so that I can never talk about what they have done to me anywhere online. This is a story about the most organized campaign ever in history of falsely reporting somebody to law enforcement. Now that I have to face them in court, I’m in serious need of exposing their lies and what they have done to me, and yet this is virtually impossible because the entire law enforcement and legal system is biased toward them.

    I obviously need to give you all a summary of this story first, so that you can all be familiar with it. Keep in mind that this is a very prolonged battle, spanning more than three years, with roots going back 8 years. Please be patient and spend 30 minutes to read through the following very carefully. Please also excuse me for any errors and omissions, as a large portion of the following is the product of investigation and, also, because I still have to go to court, I necessarily have to omit a few details. Keep in mind, lastly, that the following happened in xxx xxxxxxx.

    In 2008, I had a conflict with this female friend of mine, K, and she threw me out of her social groups and obtained a restraining order against me. That was that. In 2010, I had another conflict with another female (no relationship this time), let’s call her G, and she threw me out of her work place, and that was that. Two months later, she filed a restraining order against me, but the judge dismissed it. Then, between 2011 and 2013, I wrote two stories documenting what happened between me and these two women and put them on my website. I’m a writer and artist. My website is there to host all the writings and artworks I have ever done. These two stories are just two among a hundred essays and stories which populate my website.

    In the story I wrote about K, I did mention her by her real first name. There are also pictures on there showing me in her social groups. In the story I wrote about G, however, I used a nickname to designate her, and didn’t give much clue about who she was. However, in mid-2012, I wrote about this G in several blog posts on my blog, where I did mention her by name.

    In April 2012, I had an argument with a third female friend, J, whom I tremendously disliked. I simply ignored her. After our argument, she emailed me repeatedly and left numerous comments on my blog, hoping that I would return to her. I ignored them all. I did not respond to her in any way. She was the most disgusting woman I have ever met in my life.

    This J was very upset that I had ignored her. She began to slander me to her friends. Then, in July 2012, after my nonresponse to her repeated emails and comments on my blog, she created a private Facebook group devoted to me. Let’s call that the “Secret Facebook Group”. In that humble beginning, there was hardly anybody joining her “Secret Facebook Group”. Nobody was interested in the business between me and her. Within two years, however, it would all change.

    By November 2012, J was seriously discontent with the fact that nobody cared about the business between me and her. To compensate, she began investigating me. She went to the court house and found that two women in the past had filed restraining orders against me. She saw that both women accused me of stalking and harassing them, but that one woman’s restraining order was granted while another woman’s was dismissed. J now had an idea. She actually went to find the two women, K and G, just because they had known me before. That’s how obsessed J was with me. However, only K agreed to meet her.

    K met her because K had noticed, since mid-2011, my website and the story I wrote about her. She was incensed. She went to the police about the matter, but the police didn’t see any cause to take action. She was disappointed. This is the cause of the whole bizarre affair I’m about to tell you. I should however note that, up until this day, this K has never actually communicated to me her desire to not see any story about her on the Internet. She regards me as so inferior that I am simply unworthy of any verbal communication from her. (Her restraining order against me had expired in late 2011.) I would not know that she was bothered by this story until years later.

    When K met with J in November 2012, she lied to her saying that all the stuff I had written about her was lies, the product of my insane schizophrenic mind. J believed her. J had never read what I actually wrote in any case. K also told J the story of how I “stalked her” after she threw me out of her social groups. This got J really excited. She now began lying to her friends saying I had been stalking her. Because no guys liked her and she had to stalk me and investigate me, she thought this was how she could compensate herself, by claiming just the opposite, that I was stalking her! This is perfect: because K had it on official record that I had stalked her, if J told everybody that I stalked her, everybody would believe it. Nobody could imagine that it might be J who had stalked the supposed “stalker”. She now got everybody’s attention. She was now happy because she was unattractive and, by making people believe that she was a victim of a guy’s stalking and obsession, she could make herself look attractive to her friends.

    It would turn out that G’s parents’ house was located across the street from the hospital where I met regularly with my medical doctor. This caused me to pass by her parents’ house once a month or so. Conflict ensued, and G filed a second restraining order against me. Her claim, this time, was that I once threw a bottle into her parents’ house’s backyard while walking past. This was in February 2013. Now that she had a TRO case going against me, she Googled her name and discovered that I had written a few blog posts about her. This apparently bothered her a lot more than the bottle in her backyard. She now contacted J, and, from now on, became close friends with K and J. The three new friends were now united by a common enemy, me, and a common cause: to forbid me from talking about them online.

    Now, the police had granted G a TRO on the basis of her claim that I threw a bottle into her parents’ house’s backyard. However, during the TRO hearing (March 2013), she suddenly changed her claim. She now wanted the judge to forbid me from talking about her online. To support her claim, she brought in a print-out which she claimed to be my website. But it was not actually my current website at all! It was my other, old website from 2010 when it was under construction – and this old website had gone offline for two years. Moreover, seeing that G was now focusing her attention on my website, I had removed the three blog posts about her. The judge therefore dismissed her TRO.

    However, the story I wrote about G in which she was only designated by a nickname was still on my website, and that still bothered her. G, J, and K therefore went to various lawyers in search of a legal ground on which to forbid me from talking about them on my website. For these three women, talking about women online without their consent constituted “stalking”. However, every lawyer they had asked decided that it was not illegal to write a story about somebody and put it online. Moreover, even though G had moved out of her parents’ house to a different house nearby, I continued to pass by her parents’ house once a month during my monthly meeting with my doctor. Each time G’s sister would call security services and the police, but, since G’s TRO was never granted and I was only walking past, there wasn’t cause to stop me. (Because of my enormous hatred for G, I never bothered to inconvenience myself by taking detours while going to the hospital.) Frustrated, G’s family hired a state-of-the-art private investigating company to follow me around. I need to emphasize to you that G came from a rich and prominent family connected with the political classes in another country, and so she was willing to spend enormous sum of cash just because of some website. (I estimated the cost to her to be at least 100,000 dollars in this initial period.) These investigators were charged with investigating my character in order to see if there was cause to consider as “stalking” my passing by G’s parents’ house and putting up a story about her online. Moreover, the three women found a computer-hacker in Hong Kong to befriend me online. They hoped that I might accept his friendship and confess to him that I wrote the two stories about K and G specifically to embarrass them online, so that the women could then obtain evidence to argue in court that my website indeed constituted “stalking”. Well, I kept my two stories on my website because they were literary masterpieces documenting my suffering (especially, the victimization I had suffered in K’s hands), not because I intended to embarrass anybody. Besides, I immediately noticed that this “Hong Kong hacker” was an associate of K, G, and J. I had, by this time, become aware that the three women had met up behind my back to go after me together because they persistently visited my website. I therefore pretty much ignored this “HK hacker”.

    Neither were the investigators able to build a solid case of “stalking” out of my passing by G’s parents’ house. By the end of summer 2013, it all seems that the little project of K, G, and J had run out of steam. However, by earlier September, they obtained an important break. They were able to secure the help of a psychologist whom I had seen for therapy for three months in late 2012 and who terminated my therapy in October 2012. Let’s call her “Dr P”. Now I need to rewind my narrative a little bit and bring up a hitherto unrelated matter which happened long before I ever met K, G, and J.

    In 2003 I was seeing a therapist (an intern) who was rather unprofessional. Let’s call her “CH”. We had sensual, physical contacts inside the therapy room during every session for several months. Although it’s not sexual, she began fearing that she might not be able to obtain her license because of this (violation of ethical codes). She thus lied, said she needed to take a long leave, terminated my therapy, and sent me to one of her colleagues. She hoped I would forget about her in a few months so that the whole affair might be forgotten. Angry over the abandonment, I hired an investigator to investigate her instead. She found out about it, and went to the specialized stalking crime unit of the city police department (the Threat Management Unit, “TMU”) to file a stalking claim against me. The TMU detectives bugged my therapy session trying to intercept me confessing my investigation (or “stalking”) of CH. I noticed it, and so instead confessed that my investigation of CH had revealed that she was having a romantic relationship with another patient of hers. In fact, she had all sorts of relationships with her patients. Originally, she had claimed to her supervisor and the police that the physical contact between me and her during therapy sessions was “special therapeutic technique to deal with transference”. But now it turned out that she had relationships with her patients all the time. She knew that, if we went to court, she would lose the trial because she had grossly violated professional ethical codes, in which case her patients, because they were under her influence, would be judged innocent. She therefore made the request to the TMU that she wished to withdraw her stalking claim against me. Instead, as she was being fired from her clinic at the same time for violation of ethical codes, she took vengeance on me by asking the clinic to send out an alert to the entire therapeutic and psychiatric community warning everybody that this patient had the habit of “stalking” (investigating) his therapists. To cover herself, CH portrayed me in this warning as so enormously dangerous that she felt she had to withdraw her charges against me at the TMU “because she feared my retaliation”. What’s most important is that the TMU detectives agreed to put their stamp on this warning to legitimize it. Let’s call this TMU warning “the CH warning”. Because of this “CH warning”, I would, from 2003 onward, have tremendous difficulty finding therapists. Whenever I found one, after a few sessions the therapist would discover somewhere this warning about me, think me dangerous, and summarily terminate my therapy sessions. This “Dr P” was no exception.

    In any case, when K, G, and J contacted Dr P, the latter supplied them with this “CH warning”. Because there was TMU’s stamp on it, the three women were now able to go to the TMU to file a stalking claim against me. The TMU had to accept it. You see, under normal circumstances, there would be no stalking case with walking past a woman’s house and talking about her online. But, in this case, because the warning portrayed me as so enormously dangerous, the TMU was obliged to open a case on me. The women were jubilant: they now had a chance to get law enforcement to remove my website.

    The most important feature about this “CH warning”, however, was its inclusion of a special provision for “victim confidentiality”. Because, in the previous case (the “CH case”), during the course of TMU’s investigation, the TMU detectives had intercepted the stalking suspect confessing the illegal conducts of the stalking victim causing her whole case to become invalid, CH’s lawyer was able to argue to the TMU saying that the stalking suspect was so versed in violating women’s privacy that, whenever the TMU should investigate him, they shall not be allowed to conduct actual surveillance on him, but shall rely solely on the victim’s testimonies about him. At the time, the TMU agreed, rather foolishly. Now, for K, G, and J, this provision was their absolute salvation. When they went to the TMU, they made use of this provision to oblige the detectives in the following way: they shall report to the detectives saying their suspect had this website on which he displays confidential information about these three women, and the detectives shall be forbidden to look at the suspect’s website for fear of violating these women’s privacy. The TMU was obliged to agree. This provision for “victim confidentiality” would become these women’s most important weapon against me, for they were now free to make up all sorts of horror stories about my website to the police without the latter having the legal right to verify these reports. They began reporting to TMU detectives saying not only that I displayed these women’s confidential information on my website, but also that I made threats against them, slandered them with all sorts of bizarre scenarios which my schizophrenic mind had concocted, threatened to hurt myself and others, showed off pornographic contents, engaged myself in misogynist and racist rambling, hosted hacking software and malware, advertised the most outlandish conspiracy theories, and bragged about all sorts of criminal conducts (sexual harassment, rape, theft, stalking, “Peeping-Tom”, etc.). In order to convince the detectives that these bizarre reports about me were correct, they contacted everybody they knew asking them to help make the same false reports about my website to the TMU. The women thought that, if everybody reports seeing the same thing on my website, the TMU must accept the reports as valid no matter how outlandish they were, even though they weren’t allowed to verify them by checking out my website for themselves. This is the beginning of the main theme of this story, an organized (highly coordinated) campaign to falsely report somebody to law enforcement. All the people who were involved in the campaign would coordinate their false reporting activities on J’s special Secret Facebook Group devoted to me. While everybody has heard of a woman taking vengeance on a guy by falsely accusing him of rape and so on to law enforcement in order to use law enforcement to take care of him, few have heard of this particular kind of case, where a group of women recruit ten, then a hundred, and eventually a thousand people to falsely report a guy to law enforcement in order to use law enforcement to take care of him. The women’s method was to email to everyone they knew this “CH warning” and then tell everyone their made-up story about how this guy had stalked them and put their private information on his website. Because the “CH warning” had portrayed me as so enormously dangerous, the story they had made up about me became all the more believable to everyone. Everyone would then be so incensed, and have so much sympathy for the group of women, that they would be more than willing to make false reports about my website to law enforcement in order to oblige law enforcement to take it down. Even though lying to law enforcement is illegal, nobody worried about being busted because “victim confidentiality” had guaranteed that law enforcement would never verify the veracity of their claims.

    Please note that the most disgusting part about this falsely reporting me to law enforcement with complete immunity is J’s involvement. She obsessed over me, stalked me, and then investigated me, but, now, because of her association with K and G, was able to get the TMU to accept her as my “stalking victim” as well. The “stalker” had made herself the “victim of stalking” using the legal system and by riding on another woman’s back.

    This is September and October 2013. While waiting for the TMU to take actions on me, G fled Los Angeles to take refuge at my cousin’s house up in Sacramento, and, then, when I found out (because she persistently visited my website from my cousin’s house), fled to Mexico. She would then visit my website from her location in Mexico, tipping me off as to her latest whereabouts, so that she would then flee to a different location in Mexico while complaining about my “cyberstalking” of her. However, things then went wrong for these women. Now, what exactly happened during the next episode – how things had gone wrong – I am, even today, not entirely sure of. The “victim confidentiality” granted by the TMU to this group of women of course forbade them to ever reveal to me that these women had filed stalking claims against me and that I was now under investigation and surveillance. Moreover, my friends and acquaintances who had been recruited by law enforcement as informants on me were also forbidden by “victim confidentiality” to ever reveal anything to me. I have come to know everything that I’m telling you here mostly through my own investigations, and sometimes through the “hints” given to me by my friends and acquaintances. Quite often, those people around me desired to warn me about the danger I was facing, but, in order not to violate “victim confidentiality”, could only tell me things in round-about ways, via strange “hints”, which I would then have to decipher on my own. There are therefore many episodes in this story of which I’m never sure. In such cases I shall note it to you. What happened in November 2013 is one such episode. I have some idea based on hints and leads, but have not yet been able to confirm it beyond doubt. So please take as merely preliminary hypothesis pending further verification what I’m going to recount in the rest of this paragraph. It seems that these women, in order to further magnify my demonic character, began reporting to the authority saying I was planning terrorist activities in connection to foreign governments. This caused federal agencies to become involved and then eventually to arrest all the women on charges of making false reports about terrorism. That was the beginning of November, 2013. However, because of political reasons, the government dropped the charges and released the women within three weeks. Again, I’m so far unable to confirm for sure that this is really what has happened.

    What I am sure of is what happened afterwards. The women were so incensed about their failure to get me taken down as their “stalker” that they immediately resumed complaining about my website. They blamed me for their failures to get me. Throughout December 2013 and earlier January 2014 they continued to gather hundreds of people to make false reports about my website to the TMU. This time, however, because of whatever had happened in October and November 2013, the TMU had become resistant to responding to them. In order to recruit an ever increasing number of people to make false reports about my website, the women asked the people they had already recruited to pass on to every person anyone possibly knew the “CH warning” and their made-up stories about me, in order to galvanize these complete strangers to join their campaign to take down the criminal website of this one “most horrifying stalker”. Because their demonic portrayal of me fit the prevalent gender stereotypes (“monster guy haunting, stalking, and harassing innocent women”), nobody ever bothered to ask if the information on the “CH warning” was actually true; nobody ever bothered to explore my website to see if there actually existed any private information at all about these women; and nobody ever bothered to wonder why, if this guy was so bad, stalking and harassing women and committing all the other heinous crimes, he had up till now had no criminal history. Nobody will certainly believe that, in some cases, like in the case of J, it’s actually the “woman victim” who was stalking the supposed “stalker”. Instead, everybody got so fired up against me and was incensed that the police could be so sexist that they would let this super-dangerous stalker continue to walk freely and write anything he liked on the Internet. I have learned from this episode that the easiest way to motivate and galvanize people is to tell them a most horrifying story of “violence against women”. All the people will then lose their head and never bother to check whether the story is actually true.

    By mid-January 2014, because I was always investigating what had happened in November 2013, I looked at J’s Facebook page. This enabled J to insist to the TMU that cyberstalking had indeed occurred. Again, normally, looking at somebody’s Facebook page would never constitute any “stalking” at all. But the “CH warning” had obliged the TMU to accept the claim and open up another case on me. This time, however, they were planning something else. It seems that the TMU had recruited moles inside the women’s online group to gather evidences about their false reporting. Something seemed to have happened in early February which had completely terminated their latest complaint. Past midnight on 7 February, the women were able to get me to break a window at a building and get me detained by the security guards while lying to the detectives that I threatened to commit violent crimes on my blog. They hoped that, in this way, I would be imprisoned for a long time while the TMU would be obliged to remove my website. When the police officers came, however, they simply let me go without even writing me a ticket. It appears that the TMU was so incensed by the women's dirty trick that they instructed the officers who came for me to dismiss me and then dismissed the women's claim without explanation. Again, because the “CH warning” had made me a “suspect”, the TMU would never divulge to me what exactly had happened which put an end to these two stalking claims against me.

    In any case, the women were ever more incensed that they had failed again to take me down as their “stalker” and remove my website. By March, they had fully resumed their campaign of making false reports about my website to the TMU. But, again, the TMU ignored all the false reports. As the women continued to advertise, to anyone who would listen, the slander about what a monstrous stalker and cyberstalker I was and how American police had perpetrated injustice on them by letting the stalker go free on the streets and online, more and more people from an increasing number of countries around the world would join their campaign and follow their instructions to make false complaints about my website to the TMU, hoping to persuade law enforcement to reopen a stalking case on me for the third time. (An increasing number of false reports would now come to an American law enforcement agency through emails from around the world.) By now the people who had joined the campaign at one time or another had almost reached a thousand, and they continued to coordinate their activities on J’s Secret Facebook Group devoted to me. J must be so euphoric over the fact that the little Facebook Group she had created to talk about me had, from its humble beginning when nobody cared, by now grown into one of the largest and most heavily used groups on Facebook. Nobody knew that the big story about this monstrous “stalker” was a big lie.
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    Here is "A Gang-Stalking Story" by Anonymous, Part II.


    By April 2014, K, G, and J were able to recruit another woman to join their group. This woman, whom I shall simply call “M”, will become a key member of the group, which I shall now call “the Secret Society”: a “secret society” whose sole purpose was the removal of my website and my conviction as a “stalker”. M had joined the “Secret Society” in October 2013; it seems that she was at the time not hostile toward me, but had joined it as a law enforcement informant, although I can’t be totally sure of this. I met this “M” two times in 2013, and that’s the extent of my contact with her. In March 2014 I wrote a few blog posts about her, where I didn’t refer to her by name, but, again, by a nickname. (I was fond of her during this early stage not having known what a sicko she was, and so wrote about how I imagined her to be a Buddhisattva, etc.) In early April, K, desperate to persuade the TMU to open another stalking case on me, pointed out to her that I had written those few blog posts. “M” was absolutely shocked, and was immediately persuaded to file a stalking claim against me. “M” actually lived in a different city in California, but, once again, the TMU was obliged to accept the claim because of the “CH warning”.

    This “M” was an absolute nightmare; I expressed my fondness for her in March and April only because I didn’t know what she was about. She claimed to be a victim of organized “community gang-stalking”, where every person in her city was engaged in coordinated stalking and harassment of her. She also claimed that police, fire-fighters, and ambulance technicians, etc., were all participants in this coordinated stalking and harassment as well. She was very delusional, had been laughed out of FBI for trying to report this “community gang-stalking”, and had had a long history of making false reports to law enforcement to ruin those people she didn’t like. On her blog she talked about how she once reported her ex-boyfriend to the FBI for connection with terrorism, which caused him to be blacklisted and completely ruined. This woman was a professional false complainer. You can just imagine why K, G, and J needed her service.

    However, the TMU had a different intention in accepting the third stalking claim against me from these women. This time they decided to run a thorough investigation of me in order to compose a more accurate profile of me with which to replace the “CH warning” – since it was all because of this warning that they were continually obliged to respond to a group of women’s frivolous complaints about some website. Now that M had become the most active member of the Secret Society, the false reports they made to the TMU about my website became increasingly elaborated. They felt that the earlier profile they had composed about me, or rather about my website (threats to hurt myself and others; women’s private information; hacking contents; pornography; racist and misogynist rambling), wasn’t demonic enough. Because the majority of the contents on my website consisted of philosophic and scientific writings and pictures of my drawings and paintings – none of which had anything to do with them – they now wanted to add the false portrayal of me as a plagiarizer as well. They instructed all their new recruits to visit these academic and artistic pages on my website and then make false testimonies to the TMU saying I had plagiarized all my essays and stolen other people’s artworks to claim them as my own. (Because some of my drawings were so realistic as to look like photographs, they also reported saying I used photographs to pose as my own drawings.) Although the TMU was technically speaking not allowed to look at my website to disprove all these new false claims about my plagiarism, these new claims were so ridiculous that the TMU proceeded to dismiss the entirety of the women’s stalking case against me on the ground that their portrayal of me as a plagiarizer demonstrated that these women and all the people they had found were not credible witnesses. In response, the women would recruit more people to look at my academic writings and protest to the TMU saying I did plagiarize. They thought that law enforcement can’t possibly say all two thousand people were not credible witnesses. From May 2014 onward to the end of the year, the entire dispute between the Secret Society women and the TMU had come to revolve around the question of whether I had plagiarized or not – even though plagiarism had nothing whatever to do with “stalking”.

    To strengthen their false claims that I did plagiarize all my philosophical and scientific theories, these women were able to convince a vast number of people from the most diverse locations around the world to make the necessary false reports: North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Mauritius, Georgia, Bangladesh, Nepal… Eventually, there was virtually not a single country on earth from which visits had not come to my website. The women were then able to convince a vast number of people from the most respectable institutions around the world to make the necessary false reports about my plagiarism, thinking that, if scientists or government officials also reported that I had plagiarized, then the TMU couldn’t possibly deny it. My little personal website would now get visits from: the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry; the Spanish Ministry of Defense; the French government’s nuclear research institute; Italy’s National Institute of Nuclear Physics; the US National Institute of Health; UK’s National Institute for Medical Research; all sorts of church and religious organizations in the US and Canada; high tech corporations like Boeing, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Hewlett-Packard; the US Department of Veteran Affairs; all sorts of health, banking, and real estate companies in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia; the Afghani government; the US Navy; the US Department of Energy; the US Department of Defense; almost one hundred UK city governments, US city and state governments, US state government agencies (like the “Kentucky Department of Education”), and Canadian city and provincial governments. Thinking that if educated people also reported that I had plagiarized, then the TMU couldn’t possibly deny the claim, the group of women also recruited false complainers from hundreds of universities all around the world, from small colleges to Ivy League universities in the US to all sorts of private and national universities and technology colleges even in the most unlikely countries, like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia; and from hundreds of public schools in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. One time my website even got a visit from the US State Department, but that’s because the women were falsely reporting me to the State Department saying I was cyberstalking some prominent official inside the UN. My website must have broken all Guinness World Records in this respect. (I have been running my website since 1998; I have never before seen an English language personal website getting so many visits from so many important institutions around the world and from so many countries where most people don’t speak English.) Again, the fact that this group of women could have galvanized thousands of people from all these respectable institutions around the world to make false reports to an American law enforcement agency for their sake just confirms what I have just told you: as soon as you give people a story that fits the prevalent gender stereotypes (a monstrous and delusional ugly male stalking and coveting some pretty white women) everybody will lose her or his head and be willing to do the most outrageous things for the women without ever pausing to wonder if the story is actually true.

    None of these women’s effort had worked, however. Every time when the TMU accepted a new stalking claim against me from this group of women, they would investigate the claim for a month or so, and then dismiss it on the ground that the women’s claims were not credible. The group of women would then scramble to find more reasons to refile their stalking claim against me, and within weeks, they usually would be able to do so – such as when I walked past G’s house again. Then the TMU would investigate their claim for another month, debate with the women about whether I had plagiarized all my theories, and dismiss it again. This pattern would continue from April until late December 2014, between which period the group of women would file a total of 4 stalking claims (3 April; 11 June; 6 September; and 9 November). After each investigation, the TMU would recompose my profile, stating explicitly that I was not physically dangerous to women such as the “CH warning” had falsely portrayed me, in order to deprive the women of any legal ground to harass them in regard to my case. This had so enormously incensed these women. For them, when law enforcement changed its story about the suspect after reinvestigation, saying they had been wrong about the danger he posed, they were being “sexist” by finding excuses to avoid protecting poor women victims.

    Another important episode of which I am to this day not sure concerns the fifth stalking claim which the group of women filed against me in September 2014. Something very spectacular seems to have happened. It seems that the daughter of a prominent politician from a nation unfriendly to the United States had got wind of the stalking scandal around me and joined the group of women’s complaint. Her legal ground was that I had collected her pictures from online sources and posted them on my blog – I did that because I noticed that many of her pictures online were fake and so created a blog post to discuss the issue – which, again, was enough justification for “stalking” because of the “CH warning”. (I must mention that, in 2007, because I was writing letters to a certain foreign diplomatic service, the Department of Homeland Security had provided information about me to that diplomatic service which included the “CH warning”. From then onward, this “CH warning” would circulate in diplomatic channels whenever I travelled oversea, so that the daughter of this foreign politician was given a copy through regular diplomatic procedures.) Let’s call the daughter of this foreign politician “EK”. Since “EK” was here really for political purposes (she obviously didn’t really care about her pictures showing up thousands of miles away in some unknown person’s blog which nobody visited anyway), this caused the TMU a lot of problems. This episode, if I have correctly recounted it, lasted until late October.

    In any case, whatever had really happened in September and October 2014, it had convinced the TMU that they could no longer permit this group of women to file stalking claims against me. They accepted the last stalking claim from these women in November 2014, only because, after investigation and finding me not stalking and posing danger to any of these women, they could then definitively prohibit them from ever complaining about me again.

    What happened then I shall only cover very briefly because, like the strange episode in September and October 2014, I have only a vague understanding of it. I have not yet had the time to seriously investigate the more recent episodes. What is known is that, after the TMU had banned this group of women from their case load, the women, furious, turned to the hate crime units in city’s police department to open a confidential hate crime case against me. They employed the same technique: by portraying me as so monstrous and themselves as being under so much threat from me, they were able to persuade the detectives to grant them the same sort of “victim confidentiality” which was attached to the CH case. They then made all sorts of false complaints about me and my websites to the detectives hoping to persuade them to arrest me and then remove my website. This lasted all January and February 2015. However, for reasons I still don’t understand, the detectives never bought the women’s complaints. The group of women, consequently, then turned to elsewhere to complain about me and my website. I’m not sure where. They seemed to be appealing to some international organization to complain about the nonresponse of American law enforcement to their complaints. This lasted from March to April, 2015. Again, I have not yet found out what has exactly happened during this period, so don’t take my words for it.

    By May, just when the group of women had run out of options, they suddenly got a break. A small workout business suffered a few vandalisms (graffiti, etc.) and the owner was on the local news asking for anyone to identify the suspect in the surveillance video. (The person’s face was covered in the video.) G, along with the rest of the group, immediately claimed to the police saying she identified the person in the video as me. Consequently, I was jailed. G, as the witness in the case, then obstructed the settlement process (paying restitution for property damages) in order to keep me in jail. This resulted in my website going offline since I wasn’t around to pay for its renewal. Just when it seemed that the group of women had finally achieved their objective, I used the money originally intended for restitution to bail myself out. This was September, 2015.

    As soon as I got out, I put up my website again, which caused the group of women to resume going after me. Because of the vandalism case in which she was a witness, G was able to open another confidential stalking case against me at the TMU. Then the false complaints about my website started again. G’s greatest wish in life remained being validated as “victim of my stalking”, the removal of my website, and the prohibition for me to ever talk about her and the rest of the women gang online. However, since I had never had any interests in bothering these women – although I had to diligently track their activities on my website everyday – their new case at the TMU soon ran out of steam. Now, besides this vandalism case, G was involved in another minor court case with me. In January 2015, she and the group of women sent a guy to assault me, believing that, because they had fed the hate crime detectives with so many horror stories about me, the police, when they came, would arrest me rather than their agent. Instead, the police arrested the guy they had sent to assault me. Let’s call this guy R. After I was out of jail, R’s case was also going to trial, and he was destined to be convicted of assault because I had recorded the whole episode. R was so angry and upset that he threatened to spill out everything about the “Secret Society” – the largest private citizen gang-stalking and false complaint organization ever formed in history – so G and all the women had to help him prepare a defense without revealing that he was sent by somebody else to assault me. G, K, and M planned to stage a show in the court room to accuse me of criminal conducts so that R could look like he was merely trying to protect the neighborhood. The women’s ultimate goal was to bring the issue about my website into the court room and demonize it into a criminal website. The plan only had 50 percent chance of success, however, because the women’s demonic portrayal of me contradicted the recording of the assault, which was the main piece of evidence here. R therefore chickened out and took a plea bargain with the DA without ever going to trial. The group of women, having lost a precious opportunity to demonize me and my website in court, then went back to their lame-duck stalking case at the TMU. But the TMU was planning something drastic. They granted the group of women’s request to run a series of sting operations on me, which culminated in sending G herself to appear in front of me at the bus station in order to verify whether G’s claim about my demonic danger was correct and whether her terrible fear of me was not feigned. Of course the sting operation failed, just as the TMU had expected. Why I would ever bother G while she and I were still involved in a court battle? Especially when the judge had ordered a “stay-away” from the witness? And so I passed by her without saying a word, which enabled the TMU to completely dismiss her case and declare me not stalking her and not being a danger to her at all. This had completely humiliated her, especially since she had already convinced the victims in the vandalism case of my supremely demonic character and absolute danger to womankind. And now she was discredited in front of everybody. It turns out that, when she cries about being in grave danger for years because of this monstrous and insane stalker obsessed with her and dreaming of eating her for breakfast, she is just being a frivolous whining queen! So furious, G, along with the rest of the women gang, now turned to the remaining vandalism case and was determined to use this case to exterminate me and my website altogether.

    From early November onward G, K, and M have been working hard to transform my vandalism case into a stalking case and, from then on, make my website into the central issue of the trial. It’s always about my website, whether in a trial about vandalism or about stalking. G, it seems, was going to falsely claim to the DA, and to the court, that I was stalking her at the bus station, which would then be a violation of the condition of my bonds. She would then falsely claim to the DA, and to the court, that my “stalking” is motivated by my schizophrenic delusion about her, from which I can’t be dissuaded, so that I should immediately be taken back into custody without bail, and then sent for mental evaluation. My website would be proof of my absolute insanity beyond repair. The group of women’s strategy is to find every possible pretext to deny me bail and then use the mental health system to entrap me. They have regretted terribly that I was able to bail myself out the last time. This would be their strategy when, soon, my vandalism case should enter trial phase. I am thus in tremendous danger. Because G’s case at the TMU is confidential, I cannot simply summon the TMU detectives to testify on my behalf, that the truth is that it is G who, knowing where I was going to show up, then showed up in front of me, and that I had never bothered her at all, and was in fact terrified of her. She’s the one who was stalking me, but, because of the nature of the legal system and law enforcement mechanisms, she can turn her stalking of me into my stalking of her, and thus get me dragged away as a stalker after she has stalked me. Moreover, I’m only beginning to learn just how enormously biased the whole American legal system is toward females, especially white females, and how enormously biased it is against males, especially a non-white male like me. The whole American system is just so sexist against males, especially non-white males. Everybody in the court system, from the judge to the detectives involved in the vandalism case to the DA and even my very public defender, is already convinced that G – just because she is a white female – is absolutely innocent and always telling the truth, even though she is a pathological liar and a professional false complainer, like K, M, and J. Moreover, everybody is already convinced that I – just because I am a guy – must be absolutely demonic when a few white women say I’m so. My public defender won’t even talk to me, and would defend G whenever I try to point out that this woman is a pathological liar. The only people who know what G and her friends are really made of are the detectives in the TMU, who have had long experience with this group of women’s pathological lying, and yet they are obliged by “victim confidentiality” to never reveal anything about the 7 stalking claims which the group of women have filed against me since September 2013. Besides that, just because the TMU doesn’t like this group of women and has always sought to dismiss their stalking claims, this doesn’t mean that they’d like me at all. It’s all because they have been so eager to discredit G and her gang that I am now in serious troubles. They know fully well that, whenever they humiliate G’s group, these women will take vengeance on me. And yet they never give a crap. Like everybody else inside law enforcement and the legal system, they are sexist against males. Males are completely disposable in everybody’s eyes.

    The most pernicious aspect of the whole trouble I’m facing is that, now that I have begun, through my own investigation, to understand better this “Secret Society’s” past actions against me and talk about it online, silencing me has become the most important goal of G, K, J, and M. This is why they are determined to exterminate me using the legal system. They do not want anybody to hear about the largest private citizen gang-stalking enterprise and most coordinated false reporting campaign ever in history which they have perpetrated against me, and they certainly don’t want the several thousand people who have at one time or another passed through their campaign and Secret Facebook Group to ever know that all the horror stories they have told about my stalking these women and slandering them and putting their private information online are made-up bullshit. They have begun portraying me to everybody in the legal system as suffering from severe paranoia schizophrenia, due to which I have imagined out of my head this bizarre scenario that the women I have known in the past have gathered together to form a secret organization with the express purpose of exterminating me and my website through false-reporting to law enforcement. And they have been doing this with great success, since, because they are women, everybody is already biased toward them, and, secondly, “There are people going after me” – when you put the matter that simply, it indeed sounds like the guy saying it is all but nuts.

    The problem I’m facing is therefore this. In my upcoming trial, the only way to survive it – to escape prolonged imprisonment and entrapment in the mental health system inside the criminal justice system – is to find legal ways to oblige the TMU to break “victim confidentiality” to testify about what has really happened, and moreover to do this for somebody they have never really liked. (Even though I have never been sure of what happened in September and October last year, it seems that the TMU has always suspected that I was responsible for it, that I have purposely put up on my blog the pictures of the daughter of that foreign government official so that she can come screw with them. In this way, the TMU sees me as a trouble-maker.)

    After you guys have read this bizarre story, assuming that everything is told correctly here, can anybody think of any help for me? Are there pro-bono Men’s Rights lawyers who can deal with this kind of case? To fight for the rights of a simple guy in face of a legal system that is so blatantly in favor of women?

    I wish I could galvanize people with my story: that women in this society can make any false reports about any guy they don’t like completely risk-free. While the police might not believe their lies, nothing will ever happen to them – simply because they are women, especially white women. This group of women have so far made more than ten thousand false reports about me (mostly about my website) to a dozen county, national, and international agencies, and nothing is deterring them at the moment. Meanwhile, the guy is not even allowed to know who is charging him with what crimes. If he finds out, that’s called “stalking” or “violation of women’s privacy”. Just as long as women don’t make false reports about terrorism, that is, for, when national security is involved, the federal agencies don’t so much care if you are a woman. But M has even got away with making false reports about terrorism at one time. Okay, but I don’t suppose this will really galvanize anybody at all. I can never get thousands of people to come to my side if I am a dark-looking guy complaining about being gang-stalked and bullied by a group of white women. It doesn’t fit the prevalent gender stereotype, and so nobody cares.
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      I want to repost here what I have posted in another place, an excerpt from “Are You Really Crazy, or Are You Being Gang-Stalked?” by Lynn Stuter, January 10, 2006, What Lynn describes applies perfectly to this Anonymous' experience, and therefore it's fitting to repost Lynn here.

      K, J, G, and M appear to be masters of gang-stalking, according to Lynn's description.

      “The intent of gang-stalking is to (1) render the target, the victim, psychologically demoralized even to the point of committing suicide; (2) make the target appear to the larger community to be mentally unstable in order to discredit and psychologically demoralize the target and ensure that no one will believe the targets when they claim they are being targeted; (3) alienate and marginalize the target from the larger community, even family, making it easier to psychologically demoralize and discredit the target.

      Gang-stalking relies heavily on (1) the target becoming so psychologically demoralized that he/she believes there must be something wrong with him/her and is, therefore, afraid to say anything for fear others will think him/her crazy; (2) the target will have no evidence beyond his/her word that the gang-stalking is happening; (3) the target will have no detailed records or documentation showing what, when, where, and to what extent; (4) the target will not be able to find out who the perpetrators are or those involved in the gang-stalking.”

      A technique which the gang-stalkers often use, I would like to add, is called “Propaganda in the Mirror”, which is to simply accuse your victim of doing to you what you have done to him/her. It will completely confuse the bystanders as to who is really victimizing whom. This highly effective technique, unfortunately, Lynn does not seem to have noted in her review of the matter.
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        I plead that anyone who has experience of being gang-stalked, please, post it here. This will be a special corner for "gang-stalking matter" in AVFM.


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          The gang-stalking story which this Anonymous has recounted is a classic case of fake hate crime. (Fake hate crime against women.) There is a "fake hate crime" database website: Anonymous has announced that there is part two to this story.


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            Anonymous has no time to write out part II of his experience of being gang-stalked. The group of women is currently still gang-stalking him. It has been almost 4 years. Please Google key words in the above narrative and find Anonymous' website for more information. (The above story is also posted on his website.)


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              Made it about halfway thru part 1.

              Since writing and blogging is your livelihood, and the subject matter you are writing about (these girls) seem offended enough to hire investigators and hackers and go thru all sorts of hoops, I would simply change the names in the stories and then cut contact with all of them.

              They can then "gang stalk" me and smell my farts to their hearts content, I would even offer to sell them my worn underwear to tuck into their pillows at night.

              My general attitude is, "Pay me, blow me, or welcome to my spam filter."


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                When I first posted the above, I have inserted a bunch of crazy comments in order to discredit the story at the same time, because the women described in the narrative have been trying for four years to put the author of this story in jail. Any hints that may lead to the identification of the author or the women in the story give these women grounds on which to report him to law enforcement for online harassment. Since early 2013 until today, these women have made more than 22,000 criminal complaints against the author of this story to a dozen law enforcement agencies domestic and foreign, plus webhosting companies, search engines, human rights organizations, and other civil agencies. Of course most of these complaints were false complaints, and around 19,000 of these complaints merely falsely accused him of plagiarism. It's only recently that the author of this story begins to rest well knowing that the women can never succeed in removing his website and/or putting him in jail. He no longer has to share his story only to then add crazy comments and disclaimers at the same time to discredit himself in order to avoid charges of online harassment.

                As I know, the author has a thread about this in another online forum: The women are currently still filing criminal complaints against the author to law enforcement agencies charging him with online harassment for talking about how they have been falsely reporting him to law enforcement agencies in the past, which they claim he has imagined up out of his insane mind, of course.

                Make fun of this story all you want -- since it will not happen to you, of course you wouldn't give the slightest crap. Lucky: God has created you in such a way that you won't have to experience other people's misfortunes. But, one day, you will see the author of this story enshrined in Guinness World Records: never before in human history have so many false criminal complaints filed against a single person over such a long period of time.


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                  Is this image good for my avitar?



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                    Bluehost forum is hacked down. The forum posts in question referred to above are saved here: and

                    To update on the situation. The group of women seems to have realized that they have no longer any chance with law enforcement agencies in their project to bring down Anonymous' website because they have got themselves entered into government's blacklists for making too many false reports about him and his website. Four days ago, they have gone back to their Baltimore lawyer. (If this lawyer reject their case just as she did the last time, they could just find another lawyer.) The point is that they have to now pursue non-law enforcement mechanisms in their project to ban Anonymous' website. They need to get around the problem of being blacklisted.

                    As usual, their first step is to ask the lawyer to find ways to grant them “victim confidentiality” so that they can forbid her, and whichever new (non law enforcement) authority they want her to appeal to, from ever looking at Anonymous' website while receiving their (false) reports about the demonic contents on this website. They seem to have lied to the lawyer saying that the prominent Russian daughter's pictures are still found on this website (even though they have been removed). Since the prominent daughter doesn't want people to know what she actually looks like, the lawyer might have agreed that the group of women's request for “victim confidentiality” has fulfilled legal standards. (This is despite the fact that millions of people can still see this prominent daughter's pictures on thousands of other websites everyday.) The lawyer can now move onto the new authority, let's say a federal judge, to petition to ban Anonymous' website. She will request that the ban be granted without notification to Anonymous, on the ground that he might retaliate if he finds out that the group of women are petitioning to ban his website behind his back. (This is despite the fact that he has been aware of it for four years.)

                    The group of women is presumably going to ask their lawyer to present their usual argument: that Anonymous has been harassing them online by spilling out on his website and in online forums his paranoia delusion that these women have been for several years making false reports about his website to law enforcement agencies trying to ban him from the Internet. Because nobody has ever given a crap about Anonymous' various postings about this group of women's project to ban his website, to establish that “harassment” has indeed occurred, the group of women can always ask their online friends to pretend to be strangers stumbling upon these postings and giving very much crap and reacting to them (by either sending harassing emails to them or contacting them to express concerns). Namely, the women can always stage their own harassment when nothing has happened, and their lawyer wouldn't know that her clients' case is all staged. The group of women have in the past also impersonated Anonymous on several occasions posting sexually explicit nasty messages about themselves on social media sites, in an attempt to convince law enforcement agencies that Anonymous has been sexually harassing them online. The women can turn these in to their lawyer as well as “evidences”. Their lawyer wouldn't know that these “evidences” are fake.

                    The lawyer would presumably also take in without questioning the rest of the fake testimonies submitted by the women's online friends about finding plagiarized materials or computer malware or hard core pornography, etc., on Anonymous website.

                    And so we wait to see if this group of women will succeed in banning Anonymous' website this time. (Anonymous of course knows that nobody here gives a crap about this. But the group of women do. They will in fact use this posting itself as evidence for their lawyer that this “online harassment” is an ongoing affair.)


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                      Originally posted by nomdecourage View Post
                      Make fun of this story all you want -- since it will not happen to you, of course you wouldn't give the slightest crap. Lucky: God has created you in such a way that you won't have to experience other people's misfortunes. But, one day, you will see the author of this story enshrined in Guinness World Records: never before in human history have so many false criminal complaints filed against a single person over such a long period of time.
                      I do give a crap, that's my achilles heel, I give too much of a crap about things I shouldn't give a crap about.

                      I simply advised you to change the names of the women in the stories, thus making yourself reasonably unassailable.

                      Lots of authors put "this is a work of fiction" disclaimers to protect themselves legally, it's nothing strange.

                      I wish you perseverence in your difficulties.


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                        Just a little update on the current situation. The group of women seem also to be telling their lawyer, two days ago, that Anonymous has stolen other people's drawings and paintings and put them on his website to pretend that these are his drawings and paintings. That's another strong argument with which to persuade the next (non-law enforcement) authority to ban Anonymous' website without notifying him and summoning him.

                        Of course, the reality is that the drawings and paintings in question are those which Anonymous had made and given and sold to others, and that these current owners of these drawings and paintings have been recruited by the group of women to lie on their behalf that it is they, or somebody else, who has done the works and that they are surprised to see Anonymous claiming them to be his own works on his website.

                        In other words, the reality is just the reverse of what the group of women has claimed. And the lawyer, and the new authority, will have no idea, because “victim confidentiality” has prevented them from ever looking at Anonymous website themselves, or from asking Anonymous himself about what is going on.
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                          I don't know what dubs is talking about, really. The names of the women in the stories about how they are going after this website are not even mentioned. But it's not like they give much crap.


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                            More explanation on how the group of women has focused on the drawings and paintings on Anonymous' website. Anonymous had an artist friend 20 years ago. In 2005, he painted a painting of a goddess, and his artist friend said he could paint it better, and so the artist friend painted over this goddess, and it was indeed better, and so Anonymous put this painting on his website, saying, “His artist friend has painted over the painting”. Now, 11 years later, a couple of days ago, the group of women are able to recruit this artist friend to lie to the lawyer, “He has stolen my painting, put it on his website, and claimed it to be his own.” Since the lawyer is not allowed to look at the website itself, she couldn't see Anonymous' clear explanation that it is his artist friend who has painted it and so proof that he has never claimed the painting to be his own.

                            The group of women has also focused on another painting. 15 years ago, Anonymous met this woman, who gave him a picture of her. He painted her into a goddess, put it on his website, and showed it to her. She didn't say anything back then. Now, 15 years later, a couple of days ago, the group of women is able to recruit this woman to lie to the lawyer that Anonymous has violated her privacy by putting a painting of her on his website to embarrass her.

                            Hence the problem lies in the fact that the group of women is so persuasive that they are able to recruit just about anybody. That's “gang-stalking” in its essence. The group of women, over the past 4 years, has recruited more than 10,000 people to complain about Anonymous' website, including his family members.


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                              Apparently the above information (that the group of women asks their lawyer to petition a non-law enforcement authority to ban Anonymous' website) might not be correct.

                              It's possible that the women are still debating with the New York law enforcement authority (with whom they have been cooperating since mid-July) about why the latter has not deemed their reporting on Anonymous' website to be credible.