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  • Need help with an ambitious project

    In case there are any game programmers, blacksmiths, masons, luthiers, carpenters, millers, glass makers, farmers, doctors, weavers, tinsmiths, and the hundreds of other pre- and post-industrial craftspeople who could make this happen out there on this forum:
    http://culturalspeciation.blogspot.c...rst-stage.html. There is a link to actual, the non-simulational part of the project in there.

    When I first thought of this project, it was not in the context of healing the pain of working class men and divorced dads (and circumcised boys) caused by some parts of the feminist movement. But I think it could do that as well. I think the current industrial (technologic and economic) system is too broken to fix. Feminism arose as a result of the (very temporary)energy abundance caused by fossil fuels, the resulting industrial means of production and the resulting globalisation of previously mostly local economies, as Ian Morris details in his book Foragers, Farmers and Fossil Fuels. I don't think it had to be that feminism would also try to oppress men, but most movements get corrupted by power. There are amish communities that don't oppress women, despite being agrarian and therefore patriarchal--where the productivity of men is more useful to the group due to their larger brawn, higher ability to focus and reduced ability to take care of nursing babies (or even young children who can't participate in field or craft work). Still, even in the least oppressive amish community, men have more decision making power, and the feminine traits of emotional intelligence, nurturing and compassion are not selected for as much as the masculine traits mentioned above. The industrial revolution at first seemed to liberate women, but some of them wanted to use their newfound power to oppress men.

    No, it was in the context of wanting to restore some of the other things that were lost due to the industrial revolution for both genders. Even feminine traits like the ability to deeply relate to other people, nature and one's innate gifts (which men can cultivate within themselves).

    Raising consciousness, grieving, and venting are useful, but we can get stuck in them. Let's do something to fix the root problem...