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    The article
    makes it clear that "heteronormativity" is a term that means ("gender differences" + "in a field where men do better"):

    A Vanderbilt University professor recently complained in an academic journal article that the field of mathematics is a “white and heteronormatively masculinized space.”
    In a recent article titled 'Unpacking the Male Superiority Myth and Masculinization of Mathematics at the Intersection', Professor Luis A. Leyva argues that factors such as teacher expectations and cultural norms “serve as gendering mechanisms that give rise to sex-based achievement differences.”
    "There remains much analytical space to examine gender as a social construct."
    Citing the “masculinization of mathematics,” Leyva then suggests that the apparent “gender gap” in mathematical ability is socially constructed (as opposed to arising from inherently different cognitive abilities) and therefore a “myth of male superiority.”
    This “myth” is further perpetuated by teachers who point out instances of female underachievement, Leyva claims, asserting that doing so can “contribute to the masculinization of the domain that unfairly holds students to men’s higher levels of achievement and participation as a measure of success.”
    On the one hand - and paradoxically for MRAs - it is not hard to imagine that someone telling you that "you are bad at A because your are a goddam B" may impact how and with which conficdence type B people approach type A problems.
    The problem is ye olde Oppression meme. No need to spell it out, is there?

    Pls note this:
    " /unfairly holding/ students to men’s higher levels of achievement and participation as a measure of success.”
    Yeah, as if achievements were in any way connected to succcess. Risible.

    Pls also note the difference created between "students" and "men" ....