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  • My Father

    I want to share some things about my father with you, and then tell you of something that recently happened. I have a lot of time to write since I'm currently in a hotel for a convention.

    No I will not tell you what the convention is for, because you will all laugh at me.

    Moving on.

    As Bill Nye always said, consider the following:
    My parents have been happily married since High School, and my sister and I are completely functional members of society. My sister is married to a good guy, Loren, and they have two children of their own.

    I am walking, talking proof that marriage is not enslavement, but rather teamwork to raise two screaming kids within a single household.

    According to feminism, however, the nuclear family needs to be abolished and marriage is clearly slavery. Oh boy have they succeeded in abolishing marriage; what with the skyrocketing divorce rates (mostly initiated by women) and men like myself saying no to marriage. God forbid we have children raised by a married couple running around.

    Moving on, let's talk about the past.

    When I was ten I was out biking around the neighborhood we lived in. I hit the gutter on a curb and went flying, landed on my arm and got some nasty concrete burns on my chin and hand.

    I stand up just as I see my dad pulling around the corner. He looks at me, smirks, and tells me dinner will be in twenty minutes.

    Now I will ask a rhetorical question. Feel free to answer it if you want.

    What do you see here?

    Depending on your answer I can gauge what you think of techniques when it comes to raising children, but first let's focus on the majority.

    The majority would see a cold man who doesn't supervise his poor children while they play, and when he sees one of them hurt he laughs at them.

    Now let me tell you what I saw, and what I feel.

    What I saw was my Dad, the person who raised me since birth, put a roof over my head, and fed me every night, laughing at me being stupid and not paying attention.

    He didn't coddle me because he knew I wasn't seriously hurt.

    I can guarandamntee you that if I HAD been hurt, he would have been screaming at dispatch to get him an ambulance.

    My parents love me. They are not cruel for letting their child play unsupervised, and they're not irresponsible.

    I could go on and on and on about what's wrong with political correctness these days, but that's not what I'm here for. All that story was for was to give you an example of what kind of man my father is, and what kind of man that turned me into.

    Before I left for the convention I had a discussion with my father.

    This discussion was politics. Again, not what I'm here for, but this eventually led to me bringing up feminism.

    I said, and I quote, "Yeah, there are a lot of stupid people these days that don't know what's going on. People let 'rights movements' like feminism step all over their business and they end up getting screwed and don't know why."

    My father tilted his head, and said, "Eh... feminism is around to do what it's supposed to."

    I repeat, my father, a man deserving of great respect, thinks feminism is for the greater good.

    This shows me what I already know.

    People are NOT aware of what's going on here.

    That is scarier than anything else.

    Because, as a great role model once said, "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing."

    We are not doing nothing.

    We are getting out there and spreading the word.

    That's our greatest weapon, because when people are aware they are willing to fight.
    If you\'re not allowed to talk about problems that your race or sex have, you\'re probably oppressed to some degree.

    My privilege score: 135 :angel:

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    RE: My Father

    I think the real problem with society in general is you can't fight a war when you think its righteous. It kind of reminds me of a certain someone I know, who said "don't hit women", then proceeded to hit women.

    There is a lot of kinds of people out there, some live in bubbles and do not want anyone to pop it. Others live in reality and fight for the truth.

    I'm still young and not a oldie yet, but one thing i'm learning in this world is you don't wait for it to change for you, you go out and change it. And intill people realize that, we'll never see change.

    But we here, we are that change. Ohhhh yeahhh
    Behind every failure is a excuse.


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      RE: My Father

      Originally posted by Kyonko802
      People are NOT aware of what's going on here.
      That's absolutely correct. Most people believe what they are told--that feminism is all about equality and nothing else.

      I similar conversation with my father recently. I faced the usually thing of him telling me there is no problem and that I was only getting upset about a handful of extremists. I showed him a couple of videos, including the GirlWritesWhat introductory video. - It changed everything.

      He not only started agreeing with me, but over the next few days we had further conversions in which I could tell he was actually quite upset and disturbed by certain realisations in his own life.

      If we can change how people think, we can change the world.
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