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  • Why don't we have something like ...

    ... this: ?
    Women in Government Feminism are are really powerful lobby. And talk about tribal.
    Leafing through the articles is like navigating some curious reverse alien universe. Truly, they can't live on the same planet as us ...?
    And yet the narratives, the "research", the woozles, the memes are all too familiar; and it's all so blatant and open.
    They feel very confident in their victory.

    Should give simpleman material for years to come.


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    I don't know...

    Some of that feminism stuff really take a toll on me... It is like contemplating madness, it is entertaining sometimes but also depresing...

    Sometimes I also think it is a big waste of time... they will never self reflect, not even consider for a moment... the only thing to gain is the LOLz, but at the same time you know everything is crumbling down.

    I found strange that in almost every submenu, there is a category for feminism...

    I browse around their website... they have a whole section to complain about the under-representation of women on media, with some infographics and stuff... but then they have this article:

    The problem with asking women to create their own representation

    And it give us quotes like this:

    "As a woman, I am paralyzed by the fear of failing to write a character that female spectators can both relate to and be inspired by."

    So while I was wondering what is stopping women to write articles, or to write scripts, or to create media... as it is clearly a big issue that website takes on... but then the answer appear to be that women are afraid of failing and so they don't try... I didn't read the rest of the article... I imagine they will find a way to spin it off to claim that this is somehow my fault...

    In my case, I know a lot about failure... you know I make websites for a living... and sometimes I have an idea for a website, so I buy a domain name and work a bit on it and see how it goes... So far nothing have stick, but I am still hopeful that I will find something that works and so I get a comfortable income... fear of failing have never stopped me from trying...

    So I see a website complaining that there is not enough women creating media, and in the same website there is an article of a woman complaining that she does not create media because she is afraid of failing... I think feminism have not redeeming qualities.


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      "Representation of women in the media" isn't something I can stop and a) why would I want to b) is it a "victory" or simply an inevitability like globalism.

      From the moment 2000 years ago that "democracy" was thought up in Greece, it was a slippery slope to the destruction of ethno-tribal structures, nations, civiilizations, cultures, religions, etc etc, everything breaks down to "me, me, me" individualism and hyper-materialism.

      "Feminism" as a form of female tribalism may hang on doggedly for a time but it too will eventually crumble and granularize (if it hasn't already) to the point where smart women use stupid women as their political minions to vote them into office before discarding them.

      I mean alot of male politicians get great traction out of being "feminists." They get alot of automatic votes, so there's clearly a benefit to leveraging the female "tribe" in influencing politics and groupthink.

      The pen has always been mightier than the sword and with the invention of the internet, any idiot can advance any idea they want.

      In the old times you had to buy or own a printing press, or a TV tower to influence groupthink, now all you need is a youtube channel or a blog.

      That being said, women are limited, have always been limited and will always be limited by the fact that they have options.

      Women have automatic value just by owning a vagina.

      Men have to create value, that means that men are always under selection-pressure to perform, to put out more work.

      Whether that means putting out more articles, more media, more widgets, "performance" is really all that a man has to differentiate himself from whale shit in the eyes of "society."

      In other words, men perform because women don't have to.

      Women don't have to win at anything to have a great life, they can just float around like turds. Men have to perform or die.

      That goes for putting out media just like anything else.