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    going deep with the conspiracy stuff?


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      Originally posted by simpleman View Post
      going deep with the conspiracy stuff?
      Nah, he forgot Alistair Crowley, the Fortean Society and the flat-earthers, so this was just cherry-picked.

      Still ... everything that explains people who hold such views, also lowers their credibility.

      Because ... Blavatsky? Seriously?

      Done and dusted for me.


      Sorry for putting "Blavatsky" and "Seriously" on the same line, btw (even twice now).


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        M, This one maybe do it for you?

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          Interesting video there dubs, but I don't believe in the supernatural.
          Lucifer is just symbolic for mankind's quest for understanding and enlightenment: To experience the tree of knowledge.
          Religion OTOH are doctrines of stagnation and conformity: To be ruled by fear & superstition of forbidden fruits beyond our understanding
          ~~~ PEr aRDUa ad asTrA ~~~
          (through adversity to the stars)


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            The paradox isn't necessarily religious.

            Yahweh creates innocent, dumb bipedal animals (man) who are then tempted to attain knowledge to become gods themselves.

            Eugenics, selective breeding, terraforming, medicine, seeking immortality, transhumanism, etc etc.

            Traditional understanding asserts that you shouldn't play God because you don't know what's gonna happen.

            Luciferianism asserts that if we have the means and technology, then why shouldn't we become Gods unto ourselves, that maybe Yahweh didn't create humans as dumb sheeple followers but as companions and equals.

            And then you get Hitler and Rockefellar and Feminism and Social Engineering and Manufactured Consent, and you start crafting humanity how you want it to be.

            There's nothing here really to "believe."

            More like, "these are the philosophical implcations of the state of man."

            PS - You guys are slipping, especially you Manalysis, Simpleton seems to be having a low-energy day.