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  • pbisque
    Just look at what Don Lemon did to Ellen. Not a fan of hers by the way, but what she did for Kevin Hart was a good thing, even if I suspect her motives where really self serving.

    What I want to know is who "they" are, and why are we collectively listening to them. Why does anyone care what Don Lemon thinks? His show gets miserable ratings. I've said it before, but if CNN weren't on in every airport, hospital and government office waiting room, would they have any ratings at all?

    Who are the king makers that decide what someone like Lemon says needs to make it to the media cycle? It's all a farce. I think part of the solution has to be ignoring these idiots, but in a way that doesn't ignore trying to ferret out who is running this show.

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  • dubs
    started a topic Liberals and Progressives Please Read

    Liberals and Progressives Please Read