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#feministgestapo they are coming after me.

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  • #feministgestapo they are coming after me.

    Oh no, I have a grand total of 50 tweets and they are coming after me. LoL

    Grumpy Old Man,
    You were mentioned in a Tweet!
    Grumpy Old Man

    Jaime, a librarian @rowmyboat
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    + Anyway, get the ban hammers out for @xGrumpyOldManx, @ThisNotName, @EvilOppressorr & maybe @Lyall. I honestly can't tell with the last 1.
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    Twitter is extremely liberal. They organize to ban people who don't stick with the proper philosophy. I.E. you should be anti-white, pro-Islam, pro-radical feminist, pro-transsexual, pro-gay, anti-Jew, anti-male - etc..

    Granted - I'm pretty damn libertarian socially so I don't really care what you are as long as you're not after me for being what I am.
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    "Women are like that they dont acquire knowledge of people we are for that they are just born with a practical fertility of suspicion that makes a crop every so often and usually right they have an affinity for evil for supplying whatever the evil lacks in itself for drawing it about them instinctively as you do bed-clothing in slumber fertilising the mind for it until the evil has served its purpose whether it ever existed or no" - William Faulkner