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    As you may know (particularly if you are in the US), there is a big special election today to replace Tom Price in the House of Representatives. It is the biggest congressional race of all time in terms of money spent between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel. I have special interest in this race, because I spent the first half of my live in the district before moving out of state.
    A lot of weird shit has happened so far in this race. For example, Ossoff is running on a "women's rights" platform (and a bunch of handwavy stuff about biotech research), and Handel is running on Ossoff=Pelosi (yeah, that's basically her platform). The funniest part of this campaign was Ossoff creating a really awkward ad where he "clarified" that he hated ISIS.
    The polls (mostly done by local tv stations, such as WSB and WAGA) have generally had Ossoff with a modest lead (2-7 points). I think that this will be an epic blow for democrats if they lose this race today, but it will be something of a victory if they can win the district that once was represented by Newt Gingrich.
    Has anyone else followed this election? What are your thoughts about it?

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    Georgia's hardcore republican, and frankly I'd be surprised if a democrat got elected on this one.

    But I don't look at it this way. This election is a mere indicator of what'll happen later on. If it's a tight race & democrats manage to get a lot of votes against Handel in Georgia, you can guarantee they'll shake things up in their own states for the 2018 house & senate elections .. turn things around & screw it up for the Trump administration.

    It's just an indicator.


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      Not really. Tom Price cruised to an easy re-election. But Hillary only lost the district to Trump by 1.5%.

      This district is usually safe for Republicans, but it seems to favor more the establishment. So Trump struggled there.

      If the election is close, then it actually shows not much has changed since election day.


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        Quick update: Handel won by 5.23%. By comparison, the RCP average heading into tonight was Handel 0.2%. Based on the hype and polls leading up to this race, this is certainly a giant embarrassment for Ossoff.

        Also, Georgia is very blue inside I-285 (basically Atlanta, and part of the 6th district) and it is quite blue in some of the modest sized cities (such as Augusta, Albany, Columbus, Macon, Savannah). The country is red enough to usually more than compensate for these areas though.
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          It also shows the opinion polling still skews in favor of Democrats. They seem to be consistently under-performing these turnout models.