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    Starting around 1895, in Germany, there was a lot of talk about exterminating the Jews. Some of them got the message and worked their way out of Germany. Others dismissed the chatter as just chatter and chose to stay. Most of them died in the Holocaust.

    After the Holocaust a lot of surviving Jews had a distinct message for the world. IF SOMEONE SAYS HE WANTS TO KILL YOU, BELIEVE HIM. Of course, you need not be a Jew to understand that.

    Today, the newspapers and other media are full of talk about killing conservatives. THEY ARE NOT JOKING.

    If the Communists (which is what they are) again get in with full power, you can bet your last sou they expect to use those FEMA concentration camps they built in the past.

    I am saying I believe the left when they say they want to kill us. From the days of Plato, the left has desired to kill those who do not agree with them.

    In the 20th Century, the left killed an estimated 100 million people. Just the environmentalists today want billions of people to cease to exist. Oh, excuse me, they want to "induce a reduction in population." Another way of saying kill without saying kill.