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The 1968 Commie Uprising in Mexico

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  • The 1968 Commie Uprising in Mexico

    I am going to write about the Communist uprising in Mexico City in 1968. It is based on personal experiences and contacts. Always on this board, no matter what you write, there is someone who shouts, "You are wrong. You are wrong." And, wants to debate. I am going to write of my knowledge and my opinion of it, right or wrong. If you debate, leave me out of it. I don't care. This is my opinion.

    The official view was, poor widdle, innocent cowege students were engaged in a peaceful protest, and the big bad cops or soldiers started slaughtering them. Poor, poor, widdle babies.

    Tlatelolco was a separate place then. In this 49 years since then, the entire valley has become one mass of humanity. For years, it was the biggest city in the world; now it is way down the list.

    My wife's sister and her husband were with the students that day. The wife figured it out, and wants nothing more to do with violent politics. Her husband will go to his grave as a total, gullible Commie fool who thinks they were right.

    In 1998, thirty years after the event, a non-Commie newspaper printed pictures they never dared print before, and interviewed surviving students.

    One of those students said the cops (or soldiers, I forget, in case of insurrections both are used) had several students against the wall. This student was told to take off his clothes. Sarcastically, he asked, "My underwear, too?" The cop hit him with a rifle butt.

    As he sat there, a VW bus came racing down the street, with men firing automatic weapons at the cops.

    As soon as I read that, I knew it was true. That is what a Commie uprising does. First, you get a bunch of gullible fools, and college campuses are full of them. You hammer at them, that they are the future of the world, and no one DARE harm them. Then, you pump them bull of Commie propaganda, and tell them they must save the nation before it is too late. Like Algore on GW.

    Then, you go out as planned and commit small amounts of violence. In the case of Tlatelolco I corresponded with an old man who was there that day, and the "non-violent" students "non-violently" stole a lot of expensive buses, parked them across the streets, and set them on fire. You cannot steal a lot of buses with absolutely no violence nor threat of violence, trust me on this or not, I don't care.

    These wonderful college professors who loved their students so much knew very well they were sending provocateurs to shoot at the cops. A Commie uprising only works if people get killed, and the world reacts with horror. This was a standard, textbook Commie uprising. So is the current violence in the USA.

    So, yes, they lied and said there would be no violence, but the violence was orchestrated. And, my stupid brother-in-law after nearly 50 years continued to love and admire those vicious murderers until they died. He used to invite them to our family dinners at Christmas and New Years, the most sacred of family dinners in Mexico.

    Fortunately for Mexico, the ruling political party understood exactly what was happening. They gave the middle finger to the world press, which was there because of the 1968 Olympics, and crushed those *******. Thus saving in the long run millions of Mexican lives.

    My much loved, but Commie niece, came in from work, and I showed her where the student said people came with automatic weapons. She responded, "Yes, Uncle. The other political party lies like that to discredit us." I said, "No, this was one of the students!"

    She read it and got really silent for a very long time.

    A true Commie uprising has to have dead people to arouse world sympathy for the Commies. Charlottesville was a classic Commie uprising, and some young mentally ill idiot gave them their victim. And, I suppose world sympathy feels sorry for the Commies who went out with the purpose of stopping freedom of speech of the racist group. And, expected to use violence to do it. You can be sure the woman who got killed honestly believed no one dare harm her, because she is a dearie. But, being a dearie makes her the best of victims, second only to a truck full of babies. If that had been a 75 year old man, we probably wouldn't even know his name.