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    I am not surprised by all the recent sex harassment and rape cases. In my counseling of 1600+ divorced men, a number of men, and not a small number, suffered from what I called the "I am special and different, unlike all other men" syndrome. It expressed itself in different ways.

    Once, a man called me and told me he had a truly horrible tale to tell me. A tale that I probably would not believe. I braced myself for some horrid story.

    He proceeded to tell me a standard divorce story, that his wife had committed adultery, filed for divorce, and was going to get the kids; the house; the car; child support; property settlement; and maybe even alimony.In other words, a textbook modern divorce by an adulterous woman.

    One wonders, how could he not know this was a totally standard divorce? After some thought, I realized he knew it. He just never imagined it could happen to such a wonderful man as himself. Blecchhh!

    One guy called up and told a standard text book divorce story. As I often did, I told him he needed to get involved to help other men avoid such events. He said, "No! I do not deserve this. All other men deserve it. They need to help me." Oh, brother. I wish I were making it up.

    And, one moron called me one night. I think I spent two hours with him. Then, he said, "You know, this is all your fault." Well, of course, no, I did not know that. So, I said as I often did with dealing with idiots, "Tell me more."

    He said, "I don't know what you did. But, it's men like you who made them treat the rest of us like this." I still have not the slightest idea why he assumed a public activist would be guilty of such wrong doings, since any public men's rights activist would be publicly excoriated for any detecable offense.

    I kept him talking and he admitted he had committed adultery, but only a little bit. And, he had beat up his wife, but only a little bit. So, if it weren't for bad dudes like me, he would just naturally have got custody of ihs kids.

    So, I understand why O'Reilly and Cosby and many others thought their sex harassment or rape was somehow not really wrong. "I am such a swingin' dude, these losers do it wrong, but since I do it right, I am doing these women a big favor. These laws only apply to loser beta schlubs, not Real Men[tm] like me."

    But, it also brings up historical issues. Women who are destroyed by a hand on their boobs or crotch cannot be said to be strong and independent, suitable for employment preference over men, to compensate for historical discrimination. In fact, it reinforces the validity of historical discrimination against women in employment.

    However, not to worry. The Great Collapse coming soon to a nation near you will do a hard reset on all this nonsense.