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How Wimped Out Are American Men?

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  • How Wimped Out Are American Men?

    Well, it is just my opinion. But, if I had to put the wimphood of American men on a numerical scale, I'd have to use Engineering Notation.

    Of course, Unwin in the book Sex & Culture that I so often quote, made it clear that as women get complete sexual liberty, men lose their cojones and start mostly fighting among themselves, trying to kill each other, instead of doing productive work for mutual benefit.

    An example was the Viet Nam war memorial. Over 3.4 million men served in the South Asian theater, including off-shore support. 1.6 million of them were regularly exposed to enemy action.

    Mustn't forget the dearies. 7.484 women also served there, of them 6250 were nurses.

    Total deaths were approximately 58,220, or maybe 58,272, the number keeps changing, with 47,378 of them, KIA. 2,338 MIA. A total of 8 women died, but only 1 was KIA.

    303,704 men were wounded. 75.000 men were severely disabled, with 23,214 100% disabled. 5,283 lost limbs, and 1081 had multiple amputations.

    Returning vets were treated like pariahs, spit on and called baby killers.

    A few years later, society reassessed the War and realized the men did sacrifice a lot, and the loss was not the fault of the regular soldiers. So, work was started to make a war memorial, which was to include all killed, including Army; Navy; Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. I apologize if I failed to list all branches.

    The Memorial was dedicated in late 1982.

    Soon enough, dearies started demanding a separate memorial for dearies. No matter that they were all listed on the Memorial.

    I spoke rather vehemently against the need for a separate memorial for the small number of women participating. I got cussed out more by men than by women, but especially by Viet Nam vets.

    The whole idea of a separate memorial for 8 women who died was, and still is, stupid and disgusting, and insulting to the extreme masculine nature of the war. Some of you may disagree. I don't care. Always the men in the USA let their efforts be denigrated and belittled. They think they are better man putting women on their bronze pedestals. They are not. They may be unafraid of enemy bullets, but they cannot stand up to women. Amazingly, after the horrors of WWII, when the men came home, their women told them they, the women, had it worse than the men did. The men smiled and told them, it was true, thus belittling the suffering of our brave soldiers around the world.

    In fact, that is exactly why they lost the war. Long after the war, VC leaders admitted the USA won the war. They were planning on arranging a cease-fire, when that traitorous, vile fiend, Hanoi Jane, started her big move. They took a second look, and realized there was a good chance that the USA, though having won the war would give up and withdraw. Which, of course, is what happened.

    So, our military defeated the greatest guerrilla force in the history of the world, but could not stand up to one, vile, evil narcissistic woman.

    And, we wonder why women are totally in charge in the USA.

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    I assume it wasn't female Vietnam vets who were demanding a separate wall, but other women who saw an opportunity to exploit those vets' sacrifice for the sake of increasing the power-grab. Disgusting.