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    Hey, sorry I missed it, this one managed to scroll off the bottom of the "new posts" section while I was sick with the flu over the weekend ;(

    Originally posted by dubs View Post
    This is gonna suck SST, but your best option is to move out of the area.
    I am considering that, but I want something at least somewhat stable when I get there.

    Originally posted by dubs View Post
    Even if you found a better gig where you are, you probably have all kinds of "friends" and family in the area that report back to babymama that "Hey I heard SST is making more money" wherein she drops by the court and asks for a raise.
    Fortunately, the moral high ground seems to have shifted, there; most of her family is no longer speaking to her

    Beyond that, if I can do everything self-employed, I can play with the numbers and keep that from happening.

    Originally posted by dubs View Post
    take yourself out of the "oops we revoked your license" jurisdiction.
    It just depends on the state; I have to register in whatever state I move to, or they put a warrant out on me.

    Originally posted by dubs View Post
    If you got a CDL
    Problem: Getting a normal driver's license reinstated is no big deal; getting a CDL reinstated is a pain (when, not if, it gets suspended).

    Originally posted by dubs View Post
    May I ask how many kids under 18 now? (in other words, when her foot is coming off your neck?)
    The one who matters (daughter) is 12, almost 13. 5 years.

    The other two are 17 and 11, but their mother is reasonable