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Rape Kits Vs Feminism

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  • Rape Kits Vs Feminism

    I've been wondering... I wonder if you can help me come to a conclusion, or at least a suggestion. Do feminists support the use of rape kits? Or do they deny their legitimacy? And by extension, would the denial of their legitimacy further support their idea of the existence of rape culture, and their statistics on rape victims in Canada/USA?

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    Rape kits sometimes help the one accused of raping a woman get off since the dna is not the man who is accused. DNA is making it harder to blame the man they want to blame and instead shift it to the actual attacker.

    Here is the article with feminists for rape kit testing

    Rape statute of limitations including the DNA exemptions for the USA by state

    If you want to see some weird backfire rage look up Male Rape kits. They exist and are different than women rape kits

    The wiki on Male Rape.
    It is literally a prayer that someone hasn't completely altered it with a different mindset.
    The list two types of rape. Men raping Men and Women raping Men.They even talk about how its taboo to talk about Male Rape.They even list the Myths. It feel great that even wiki is making strides. It is a great read.

    The Jezebel rage against the victim having to pay for the kit being tested.


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      The wiki on Male rape is absolute crap. Their claims that men actually enjoy being raped, or aren't as traumatised...

      As for the backlogged rape kits, I could only assume they're only backlogged due to a lack of prosecution. Those women who were raped didn't go forward with charges, leaving the evidence on the shelf. Otherwise, I've heard many cases where false rape charges were proven to be false almost immediately BECAUSE the rape kit came up clean. So regardless of those backlogged files, false rape allegations aren't going too far, though some still get falsely prosecuted.

      Personally, everybody should have to pay for rape kits. Whether it comes off of your health care plan, or billed. If the rape was proven to be false, and fabricated, then the accuser shouldn't be reimbursed. If it happens that her claims of rape are true, then she should be reimbursed. Ie, the rapist should be paying for the kit.

      So far it seems the only backlash feminists are showing for rape kits are their backlogging, and costs. Otherwise I'm not sure if feminists are motioning to remove the need for rape kits. They do argue that it's simply another form of intrusion, and therefor something else traumatizing that a victim would go through. I could argue that it should be mandatory that a supposed rape victim get a rape kit test done. Rapists shouldn't go free. On the other hand to my statement, falsely accused should.

      I hear this alot too. "Falsely accused rapist". If he's falsely accused, why would he be called a rapist?


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        Nathan, take all the reputation...those are brilliant observations. Its funny; in law, we never studied the abandon of "evidence" but youd be right; if the charges were dropped after the test was done, then they would remain, from what I gather. The problem is that within the backlog, there HAVE been several instances where serial rapists have been found (DNA evidence from multiple cases that match one individual, as well as similar damage and injury style of each victim). As such, as much as I hate to admit it, in this regard, the feminists are right. But why the backlog, then? It isnt all just dropped charges if there were actual perps caught and charged, right? Well, the oft quoted theory is lack of resources. The courts are full to bursting with drug offences, familial disputes and non violent crime. So, then, when do we target the truly dangerous? We often dont, or give them reduced sentencing, sometimes due to lack of space. Fun times to be had for all, clearly....
        "Not all with tits are twisted." -Me


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          In the words of Peter Griffin; "Indeed..."