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Men, Women and Abortion - The Equal Rights Dilemma

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  • Men, Women and Abortion - The Equal Rights Dilemma

    Men, Women and Abortion - The Equal Rights Dilemma

    (From an argument elsewhere with a Feminist)

    Men and women HAVE EQUAL reproductive rights at birth. That's the part YOU are choosing to overlook and/or ignore. Men and women have sex together, they each take a risk that they could become parents. When women make the argument that consent to sex does not equate to consent to parenthood, they are arguing for ADDITIONAL rights. If you grant HER the right, then you must grant HIM the right.

    Furthermore, getting back to the selective service argument. Men's rights are based upon their SERVICE-- or at least their acknowledgement AND CONTRACT for service should it become necessary-- in order to obtain and utilize their rights. (Look it up, it's the law). Women do not have that obligation. They get their rights for free. So that puts HIM into the untenable position of defending rights that ONLY SHE gets-- and more particularly and to the point-- for HER unilateral "right" to abort HIS child. And even more pointedly, a "right" that SHE is unwilling to put her life on the line for-- but would rather send HIM to do the fighting and dying on her behalf.

    In no part of the preceding is ANY ASPECT OF THAT FAIR OR EQUITABLE.

    Men's rights are based and framed upon their service to society. WOMEN'S rights are handed to them FOR FREE. When women REALLY want to have an HONEST AND TRUE conversation about "EQUALITY" they are going to have some really tough and difficult FACTS to face. MEN have built the world. MEN have defended women throughout the ages. And MEN are the ones being shafted in nearly every one of their "FEMINIST" political agenda items.

    Feminism is a BALD-FACED LIE. Can I be clearer? Perhaps. Feminism is a SHAM. A FRAUD. A DECEPTION. A CON. Feminism is a hate group and it's only purpose is to tear down men and destroy masculinity. There is nothing "EQUAL" about it. And every time Feminists have been offered the opportunity to actually be EQUAL TO A MAN-- they have always demurred because WITH those rights come RESPONSIBILITIES-- and they only want the good stuff and none of the bad stuff. They want all the benefits while the MAN gets to pick up the check.

    I personally cannot wait until the Equal Rights Amendment gets ratified and WOMEN are finally FORCED BY LAW to be equal to a man. To face the same responsibilities, face the same penalties, but also to share in the same rewards. I'm not interested in putting women down-- or putting men down-- I'm interested in actual equality. Feminism is not about equality-- only getting what they can get and sticking the Man for the bill.

    Here's an interesting YouTube video you might like, if you are truly interested in the subject, I mean when you're not just simply regurgitating bullshit Feminist talking points:

    Further thoughts... suppose we decide that we can equate his obligation to defend his country and his woman with her obligation to have babies and replenish the human race. That seems like it could be a reasonable and fair viewpoint, at least for the sake of the discussion. Should we then, therefore, permit him to decide he's "just not ready to be a soldier right now" and abort his military duty? That seems like an approximate "right" that we could grant him that would be similar in both sense and scope to the "right" she has demanded for herself. After all, she argues that it is only she who has to bear the wear and tear on her body that pregnancy would entail. Similarly, it is only he who has to bear the wear and tear-- and risk of death or dismemberment-- upon his body that military service would incur.
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    It is inevitable that as civilizations grow and prosper, that well-meaning, but stupid men will decide that women should have the right to vote.

    Once women get the right to vote, it is inevitable that women will dominate the political system.

    Once women dominate the political system, it is inevitable that their never ceasing demands for more benefits, to be paid by men, and more protections, including against any penalties for sexual misconduct or other crimes or killing kids or husband, will eventually destroy the civilization.

    That is why civilizations grow like annual plants in spring; flourish; flower; and bear, then die out again in the autumn.