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Toxic Masculinity - What is the Point of Men?

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  • Toxic Masculinity - What is the Point of Men?


    (This post began in the midst of a larger conversation which you can read in the comments, here:

    The gist of the "question" is how did we (all) get here as a society? How did this happen? And what do we do about it now? So this is me, picking up the thread...)


    On the one side you have "regular women" (let's call them) who are good and nice and sweet and kind who don't hate men and would love to find a good man to settle down with and raise a family with. And then you have the rabid Feminist man-hater types who are out there doing everything in their power to skewer men-- tear them down and destroy their masculinity. They think they're doing themselves and "all women", by extension, a favor by getting rid of the "toxic scourge of masculinity" without having the first fucking clue what "Masculinity" is, what MEN do, or WHY men do it-- and what WOMEN get out of it.

    It bugs the shit out of me that we have to consider every fucking thing in this world in the context of WOMEN-- but there you go-- and in this instance, I think it's actually the correct context-- MEN *DO* do stuff for women. That's part of the proverbial "deal". And in return, women provide access to the reproductive facilities, sex and assistance with domestic issues and child-rearing and so forth.

    But we men (IMO) are the victims of our own industry and productivity. Over the years we have worked to build civilization, beat back the wilderness, tame the beasts, pave the roads, build the sidewalks and arrest the creeps who would spit upon them. We have constructed all sorts of labor-saving devices for the women we love-- both as a measure of our love and devotion-- but also as a means to support our families as we market and produce these products and have sold them to families-- meaning to women-- all around the globe. Which, in turn, has freed the women up from their domestic duties to the point that they have lots of extra time on their hands and nothing much to do with it.

    So naturally the women have sought out other activities to occupy their time, or they've gone back to school to learn new skills and such. And through all of that two things have happened-- on the one hand, they have all this new knowledge and new skills they want to use and put to use somewhere, and on the other hand, they've encountered other women-- some of them with "sexy" and "subversive" ideas-- who have seductively whispered into their ears that they should have *more* and that they *deserve* more... and all they have to do to get it is to "go along" with the sisterhood and not complain while the others work to chisel away at "The Patriarchy" which is "obviously holding women back" and the like-- blah blah blah yada yada yada...

    So at first the women didn't know what to make of all of that-- and having been raised to be good people with good hearts and wholesome values, it took awhile for the seeds that were planted to germinate and grow. And the Feminists were very good gardeners and knew how to keep the good women on a leash and come back from time-to-time to keep "watering" and "fertilizing" their hateful, sexist gardens as they continued to sow anger and discontent into the minds and hearts of women-- who were otherwise *good* women-- right and wholesome women, led astray.

    And these Feminists claimed that they were the "friends of women"-- the only *true friends* to women and that men were the enemy and couldn't be trusted. And little by little, bit by bit, over time-- indeed, over several generations-- the Feminists whispered their seductive bullshit into the minds and hearts of "good women" to the point that the Feminists were able to step out openly and begin to take control of the public "thought" space and more-- start infiltrating academia, which has always leaned considerably to the left anyway-- and government, particularly in positions that provided access to *POLICY*. Control is fine, but *POLICY* is better.

    And finally, they have begun to worm their way into the "male spaces" and industries to corrupt and pollute them as well-- and to sabotage them, destroy them whenever possible, and to eliminate their effectiveness as bulwarks of "male power", "male authority"-- and more than that, "male bonding" and "male camaraderie". In targeting the family and the "male spaces", Feminists have severed the links between men and the transfer of knowledge from father to son, and from mentor to apprentice-- and have permitted the ugly rot of Feminism to flourish within our society.

    Feminists have attacked men-- and by extension, the "good" women in the ONE PLACE that they didn't even know they were vulnerable-- which is in their HEARTS. In their LOVE for women and their goal / need to provide and protect women. Men were blind to this vector of attack. It wasn't a matter of not being ready, capable, or able to defend themselves-- they simply didn't even realize it was possible to be attacked on that front in the first place.

    And they attacked men in the one way that men were unable to defend themselves-- in their Masculinity. Men have always been ready and prepared to *PROVE* their masculinity to any woman. That's part of the age-old "game" / "ritual" of courtship and marriage. The woman does what she can to "provoke" various responses-- feats of strength and daring-do from her potential suitors so that she can work out which of them would make the best provider for herself and the family she is planning. She wants someone who will bind himself to her, provide for her, and to be brave for her-- even to the point of putting his own life on the line to save her or her children-- his own children-- through the expression of his masculinity. Because *THAT* is what "Masculinity" is and what it means.

    And the Feminists attacked men by causing women to question whether they even NEEDED masculinity and whether or not it was (is) a good thing for "women". Which in an ever-increasingly "tame" world, sounds good and is an easy idea to swallow-- Who needs a MAN when they can "Have it All" for free without one?? Not bothering to mention that it's still MEN who are doing all the heavy-lifting and productive effort in society-- it's just once removed in the form of taxation and re-appropriation through various "government programs" and the like.

    And for once, men have been hit with something they weren't prepared for-- didn't even know they needed to be prepared for-- something they couldn't counter-- couldn't "smash", couldn't "kill", couldn't "capture", couldn't "pave over"-- which was the essential questioning of their PURPOSE. And suddenly men and masculinity was thrown into a terrible quandary. Men have ALWAYS had a purpose. They are the "Protectors" and the "Providers" and the "Builders" and the "Doers". They are the "Fighters" and the "Diers". They are the "Rescuers". They are the "Fixers" of all things. Men are the people who make civilization possible and that is their purpose. Or at least, it was. Until Feminism came along and started questioning it.

    So now men are busy working to try and "justify" themselves in a (female-oriented) world which is growing steadily impatient with "Men" and the idea of "Men" and "Masculinity" at a time where life is easy, resources are plentiful, the wild beasts tamed and the jungle beaten back. Men have simply been too good at what they do and have invented and erected themselves into a biological / sociological corner.

    Sure, we know in the back of our minds and in our hearts that Men-- as a thing-- are still necessary and needed. But how can we *prove* that to our skeptical sisters and in a way that doesn't simply reinforce the negative stereotypes they have worked so hard to box us in with? That is the problem and the conundrum.

    Women don't have this problem. "Society"-- which is largely controlled and "authorized" by women, even as they gain their individual *status* through MEN-- are generally recognized and accepted as being "valuable" simply because they are women. They have the vagina and the womb which are necessary for reproduction and historically, men-- and by extension, civilization-- has considered them indispensable and to be valued and "husbanded" (protected) at all costs. We haven't caught up in our collective mindset that we have around 3-1/2 *BILLION* vaginas and wombs running around on our planet now which is way more than enough to handle any population issues the world might need-- thank you very much! So women aren't really "all that" any more. But society hasn't quite caught up to that or internalized all of that just yet.

    So we're busy looking at the "purpose" of MEN but ignoring the question regarding the purpose of WOMEN. Moreover, we think-- through the science of MAN (yet another way that men have outdone themselves)-- that maybe even the SPERM that men produce aren't truly necessary for the continuing propagation of the species-- or even if it is, certainly many *fewer* men could potentially provide it at levels more than sufficient to sustain the world's population-- of *women*. (The *TRUE* Feminist dream-- and make NO DOUBT ABOUT IT-- that's what Feminist wet dreams are made of)

    But-- and this is a big but-- it turns out that *WOMEN* may not be strictly necessary for reproduction either. A little fact that Feminists (and women) don't want you to think about or remember. Thus it turns out that MEN may be able to "engineer" themselves out of their conundrum afterall... Which throws open the question of "What is the purpose of *WOMEN*"?? A question that WOMEN are hithertofore unprepared to answer, although they'll stutter and stammer all sorts of explanations-- none of them ring true, and all of them smack of anxious, nervous hopeful excuses-- because Women, aka "Feminists"-- were singularly unprepared to have their question thrown squarely back in their faces.

    And now we're all locked in the midst of a big global battle for the justification of our respective genders and apparently / seemingly for "control" over the whole society. Apparently it wasn't enough when we all simply *SHARED* it all with each other. And loved each other and cared for each other. No, now we have to *BEST* each other and dominate each other and lord it all over one another.

    And that, in my mind, is a real shame. Because it doesn't have to be this way. Men are generally content being men. And I daresay that the bulk of women are quite content being women. It's the ugly ideology of hateful, sexist FEMINISM which is busy tearing our society apart. Ripping it to shreds and severing the bonds of amity which have existed between the sexes for literally eons-- eons of eons. It is hateful Feminism which has beset Mother against Father, Sister against Brother, Wives against their Husbands in a spectacularly unproductive and generally Pyrrhic battle with one another.

    And in the end, we all lose unless we all win-- and win together. It is time to reject the hateful, sexist, divisive ideology of "Feminism" and to embrace the warm, loving, kind and righteous philosophy of HUMANISM. To love each other and respect each other and to hold up one another-- together. Because *together* we complement each other and together-- as friends, as lovers, as companions and fellow travelers-- we make up the family of mankind, and the fellowship of souls.


    Recognizing that women exist, recognizing that many men and women would like to join together to make families does not obviate the need for, nor the validity of "MGTOW" (Men Going Their Own Way, for anyone reading who doesn't know the acronym). Men *SHOULD* make their own decisions in life, and live their lives by their own rules and guidelines. Men *shouldn't* grow up feeling obligated or responsible to women-- because they're men and the others are women. That was the basis of the OLD deal between men and women. Women-- through Feminism-- have tossed that "Old Deal" out on the courthouse steps. We're talking about NEW Deals here. Something that Feminists were never prepared to discuss or negotiate. They thought they had the upper hand simply by questioning the point and purpose of men and masculinity-- whereas it turns out that everybody gets examined under the microscope now-- and everybody gets to re-negotiate the deal to suit themselves, their own needs and perspectives, and in the light and context of our NEW society. Our MODERN society, with all that entails, means and implies.

    It should be interesting, I think, to see how it all shakes out.

    Feminism is a hate group. Its purpose is to tear down men and destroy masculinity. Feminists are hateful, sexist people.

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    It's time to call it out for what it is.

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