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ISIS, Kayla Mueller, and the value of a human life

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  • ISIS, Kayla Mueller, and the value of a human life

    I haven't posted to Writer's Corner yet and my latest Blog post doesn't rise to the level of what the forum description suggests (something that could after revision be a full AVFM article) but this short essay with lots of media quotes highlighting the huge disparity between the value of male and female lives in both "opposite" cultures (Western and extreme Islamists) is something that I hope someone else might write an essay about, and maybe the quotes highlighted in the media might be something they can use.

    This disparity depending on gender on the value of a life in such cases is something we all know and see but as I point out in the essay so long as the constant ideology of "men have it better, always, in all ways" continues in the mainstream, we have to keep pointing to examples like these, over and over again, until ideology yields to reality (and to humanity). Link to my blog post:

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    Dead link.....


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      Thanks for letting me know.. I am still learning the forum and blog system and I can see it, but I guess no one else can. As I wrote at:

      last night:

      I hope it got posted...I clicked on "save draft" instead of "preview" and I hoped to get a final "post" button later but I never got a final "post" I hope it worked. Can you see it from my blog?

      Very strange: when I click on "my profile" and then click on the "Blog" tab, the ISIS post does not show up, the "MHMR Strategy" post is the most recent. But if I go to "Blogs" at then I can see my post.
      so you just answered my question do I transfer it from a "draft" I can see into an actual post? I guess I can copy and paste and just create a blog post, so that's easy, but is there a more direct, standard way? Thanks,
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        Update: a certain MHRM website has expressed interest in my essay. No promises to publish yet, but I am checking how they feel about it being published at the same time, or a bit later, here in the forums. Assuming it works out I'd like to eventually (or right away) publish here, so I'm still interested in tips on how to get it from "saved drafts" to published (again other than just copy and paste it into a brand to "New Blog Post") but this is why I might not do it right away..