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A Refutation of White Male Privilege

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  • A Refutation of White Male Privilege

    Simply accepting that a premise or a conclusion is true, or simply rejecting the same as false, is intellectually lazy. I think it would do well to examine whether 'white male privilege' is a true cultural artifact, or a mere invention. The best way to analyze this, IMO, is to take it in principal components: white privilege and male privilege.

    The first thing I think important to note about "white" is that it is not a racial definition, but a racial construct. Throughout the history of this term, it has changed and expanded numerous times; first it denoted a class-based structure, with rich aristocrats being considered white and poor peasants and laborers being considered black, regardless their ethnic identity. In the c. early 18th century, the meaning changed; white became /certain/ European-Americans, black became slaves of African descent (compare the distinction here with Free People of Color). /Certain/ in the last sentence is important to note, because it was not inclusive of all Europeans -- at various times from past to present various ethnic groups have shifted from being white to not being white, and vice-versa (Greeks, Italians, and Suomi from non-white to white; Arabs, Persians, and Spaniards from white to non-white).

    In this classification, the privilege of being considered white is the privilege of losing your national/ethnic identity; it is the assumption that your values and cultural heritage are all identical; it is the assumption that society treats you as "one of us" versus being treated as "the other" or "the alien" or "not one of us"; it is the idea that whites look out for and care for other whites more than they do those who are not considered white. Given the history of who may be considered white, and the ease with which that consideration may be removed, it may be a precarious line to hold -- one must willingly sacrifice his/her ethnic identity and replace it with a monolithic racial identity. There may be some privilege here, in that slaves of African descent in most cases lost their ethnic/national/religious/cultural identity long ago; though some individuals attempt to reclaim it, such reclamation tends towards a creative rendition with little-to-no basis in fact.

    One of the biggest problems with this classification is the degree of certitude which frequently accompanies it; the descendants of Aboriginal Americans are often assumed to be white, while first-generation immigrants and emigrants are assumed to have the generational wealth accumulation often associated with "white privilege."

    Though this analysis may be far from complete, I feel it is an ample introduction. The next portion to examine is the aspect of "male privilege."

    Male privilege is complete and utter nonsense! You are blind if you believe otherwise. Male Genital Mutilation is widespread and accepted as normal. Males receive longer prison sentences for the same crimes. The assumption of guilt is placed on men merely accused of any crime in which a woman is the victim, whether in cases of domestic violence or rape. Child custody and alimony law are severely skewed against the male. The male is subject to selective service requirements which the female is not. Males make up the majority of both the homeless and the prison population. Males bend over backwards to defend the merest slight against a woman. The male works himself to death to provide for his loved ones, and his thanks is the insinuation that he is privileged! Males make up the majority of wartime deaths, both as soldiers and civilians. Shelters for male victims of domestic violence are practically nonexistent. Research funding for male-specific diseases are infinitesimally-small next to funding for female-specific diseases, and public awareness campaigns reflect this disparity as well. Men are disproportionately the victims of all forms of violence, but the common thread of public opinion is that it is women who deserve the most protection. Males are falling further behind in educational attainment every year. Male privilege? Name one example. Just one. If I cannot dismantle it, I can direct you to someone who can. And don't say "gender wage gap," as that has been thoroughly debunked.

    Taken together, "white male privilege" is the privilege of being treated like a disposable object. Your personal identity is of no merit, because there are millions of white males who are identical to you in every way. If you are a white male, you don't matter. Hurrah privilege!

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    I love how an identity I never asked for, don't want and don't enjoy is a "privilege" because some random person with NO basis for judgement thinks they'd enjoy it.

    If pushing this mentality worked for even a second, then the people pushing it had "allowed to spout total bullshit without being questioned" privilege. I'd trade in a second.

    Love it, King!
    Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.