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Dear Mr. Paul Elam,

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  • Dear Mr. Paul Elam,

    Well we now have a new female amdasseder to the U.N., Emma Whatson. It is just to bad that she is not old enough to have been there when the U.N. was founded in San Francisco in 1949 at 1144 Pine St. atop elegant and fasionable Nob Hill. There were official office spaces set aside at the civic center for official U.N. business but they were largely ignored for the much more accomidating and pleasureable facilities on Nob Hill.
    And what was so pleasureable and special at 1144 Pine Str. ? Well it was the place of business of Sally Stanford, yes that Sally Stanford the notorious madam of the most elegant, exclusive, and swanky bordello i.e. whorehouse in San Francisco.
    Many of the delegates went there straight away and didn't even stop at the civic center. Many of them never left prefering those accomidations to the downtown holels. One wonders how they even got enough sleep to conduct official U.N. business with a clear head, I mean the one on top of there shoulders of course. A few of the married delegates even brought their wives with them. The wives proved to be especially enthusiastric throwing themselves into the business of the U.N. with such relish that it practically brought them to orgasm !!
    Most of the official U.N. documents were signed in the spacious and accomidating welcoming parlor.
    The city of San Francisco being as historic as it is has several bronze placques located strategically through out the city, it is a shame that historic 1144 Pine St. has no such plaque. Why the goings on eventually became so notorious that then D.A. Pat Brown had the premesis raided in 1950 as part of a successful stepping stone on his way to govornorship. He was politically estute enought to wait long enough so that no U.N. official could reasonably be supeanesd to testify at the trial.
    Well it is high time that a plaque be commemorated at the site. I think the best way to proceed is to have Tom Golden from San Francisco and Paul Elam do the behind the scenes organizing lining up the city, Emma Whatson, and other luminaries for the festivities. The major piece de resistance would be to have a top notch master of seremonies. I have given this substancial cogitation to the matter and pondered it long and hard. That is pondered it not pounded it. A slip of the lip can sink a ship and there is many a slip twixt cup and lip. Seeing as this is such an auspicious international legel event I think the best we can do would be to have a legal scholor and who better than Katherin McKennon as M.C.
    Wouldn't it be wonderful to see such luminaries come together just as the original delegates came together ?
    Well what say you PaUL ?