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Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee

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  • Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee

    Please feal free to add to this:

    Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee start:
    You know what?
    I have disagreed with you so many time's since I came here Miss bumblebee
    But I never said anything because I agreed with 90% of what you said.

    You have said before that libertarianism is well bullshit I guess that's fine how ever. One solution it provides is the idea of making a marriage contract more like a business contract how about instead of just say libertarianism is bullshit just give us an alternative solution ?
    Instead of making statement after statement an alternative solution would be grand.

    You say you dislike MGTOW fine however you'll find that MGTOW's dont give a shit.You say there like feminists... sigh there not there are a shit ton of ways there not.

    Then theres what you posed on facebook
    I am FREEEEEEEE! Good luck to Paul Elam at AVfM, but I personally was sick of pandering to the masses knowing 2+2 was not 5. I will never compromise my integrity and sit by while nodding to shit that just does not add up or which has been cherry-picked to fit a narrative. Not to mention pandering for the sole purpose of getting donations. People may not like me for what I say, but at least I am genuine and will NEVER pretend to be something else for the sake of making money or the masses happy. There is too much bullshit and I refuse to stand waist deep in it smiling like nothing is wrong. Toodles AVfM! It was interesting and a good example of what NOT to do.
    the sole purpose of getting donations ? What? lady there are a shit ton of better ways to do that.
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    RE: Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee

    I find it very telling that she deleted my comments noting that she only made accusations and did not back these up with examples or evidence.

    To Wooly: So long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, goodbye...
    The ancient shitposter returns.


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      RE: Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee

      Frankly, I'm not surprised by her attitude. Not a single bit.
      However, I think we should just let it go.

      She may not have been a feminist plant (as some have argued) - but she was definitely a source of strong division (since MGTOWs and libertarian men - be it lower case or upper case libertarian - are the overwhelming majority and supporters of AVfM).
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        RE: Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee

        I have strongly disagreed with her assessment of MGTOW since her videos criticizing us surfaced. I wish her the best of luck, despite my strong disagreements.


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          RE: Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee

          She's gone, the drama needs to end and wither away, We have more important stuff to do. Lets get back to activism.
          De oppresso liber


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            RE: Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee

            For those of us not in the know, could someone post a brief rundown of what happened? I don't want to stir up any more drama but the not knowing what's going on bothers me.


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              RE: Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee

              she released a video about it, here is my summary and some thoughts:

              "honesty, facts and truth are not respected on AVfM"(discovered after few weeks of joining avfm):
              "AVfM is libertarian"(characterized as radical)
              "AVfm is trying to push libertarianism on everyone" - 5 principles article published 'a few months ago' is her evidence( ??)
              "if you don't convert to libertarianism you have to shut up" -
              libertarianism is wanting limited state control, an article today was published talking about how boys should be included in government paid vaccination for HPV:

              as far as I've seen from her she has not defined Libertarianism as she see's it, nor has she ever given actual argumentative or empirical justification for why libertarianism is bad in any of her videos or writings I've seen.

              "AVfM endorses MGTOW 'philosophy'" when she says 'philosophy' she's refering to the MGTOW manifesto as stated in her last video about MGTOW(even though no one on AVfM has ever to my knowledge ever even mentioned that thing, I'm curently relistening to all the radio shows about MGTOW dating a couple years back)
              "stardusk and barbarosaaa are just radicals that spout intellectual garbage"
              "interview with stardusk - constant contradictory, intellectual dishonesty." - no examples, not even vague allusions to any positions he holds except: "all women are x,y,z all women will act like x,y,z" - paul elam apparently says this too, again no examples of when or where.

              apparently rocking mr e and critical G's videos talking about how a portion of MGTOW have used the label basically as a cover for misogyny is the same as WBB's position in which the entire idea of MGTOW is wrong, in fact rocking mr. e actually endorsed the MGTOW philosophy in the video she is talking about but was against the MGTOWs using the label to mean marriage strike or to cover misogyny.

              yesterday she spoke with paul - found out through a third party removed from AVfM
              talking about an email paul apparently sent her that she didn't get
              (clip at end of her video which apparently confirms this) - listened to clip and seems very quote mined, even if it's not there's no conclusive evidence of colusion to kick her out of AVfM without notice except for a date mix up and the fact that it took Paul Elam 2 whole minutes to send it.(I've been on the phone and had an e-mail sent and taken several minutes before, e-mail systems have never been reliably instant)

              tons of other people have been kicked off AVfM without any warning -no names, no other evidence of this, apparently she's been told this by 'people' but doesn't say who.

              the reason Paul Elam didn't like what she said about MGTOWs is because it "hit to close to home" - in the clip Paul Elam seems to be trying to explain that the MGTOWs that he supports are not misogynists and don't believe what she's saying they do but in this video she instead infers that Paul supports crazy radical MGTOWs because he identifies as MGTOW.

              "you cannot, I repeat you CANNOT CONTROL THE MESSAGE" on the website he owns... and her evidence for paul elam unilaterally and arbitrarily controlling the message is a short clip of audio seemingly taken out of context in which my opinion of he's explaining how AVfM writers have been careful about the message to make sure they avoid any kind of misogyny and such, and this is characterized as paul elam being some sort of crazy dictator of AVfM.

              and quick carousal of the comments on this video shows that Kristina Hansen(the wooly bumblebee) has done exactly what it seems Paul Elam removed her from AVfM for as he starts to say in the clip she played but wouldn't let the whole quote play- "fracturing the community"

              *if a mod wants to remove this post feel free*


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                RE: Open Letter to TheWoolybumblebee

                And so it continues
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