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Letter to Address the Violation of Due Process on the Behalf of US Military Personnel

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  • Letter to Address the Violation of Due Process on the Behalf of US Military Personnel

    January 9, 2014

    Mr. President and the Ladies and Gentlemen of Congress,

    I speak to the President of the United States as well as both Senators and the House of Representatives. I am writing to share with you all a matter concerning the exploitation of members of the US Military, regardless of branch. I have learned of a despicable scheme between certain unscrupulous single mothers, welfare bureauocracy, and family courts. The typical scheme is as follows: The plan is initiated by single mothers looking for a baby payday. They troll the public records for military personnel, looking specifically for currently deployed military personnel. Then they name the said military personnel as the fathers in order to by-pass a paperwork gate to welfare benefits. Once the "fathers" are so named, the family court delivers a summons to the last known stateside address, which the overseas personnel don't receive in time to contest the paternity suit.
    Thus, the court-sanctioned embezzlement of the "fathers'" paychecks and personal bank accounts via garnishment and seizure occurs without the knowledge of the defendants. And then, when the defendants return to find emptied bank accounts and paycheck slashing, they kick up a countersuit complete with paternity testing in order to eliminate fraudulent paternity status. Once the paternity is disproven, the garnishment and seizure of banked funds ceases.
    But what absolutely disgusts me is the fact that the legal system consistently rejects the motions to refund the lost money to the defrauded defendants. Therefore, I petition to issue an executive order on the part of the President to the legal system to refund all such defendants who have been defrauded in the military paternity scam, and for the Congress to write a bill setting up a protection of military personnel against lawsuits, which deployment prevents these defendants from attending in order to contest the fraud; to outlaw the processing of the paternity until such time the defendants return stateside to receive such summons and elect for DNA testing. There is an existing law that requires the paternity suit to include proof of an acquaintanceship, availability at the time of conception, and DNA evidence that the defendant is in fact the father of the child in question. But it has become known to me that it is in fact ignored and the legal system fails to enforce this law, which protects citizens from fraudulent paternity suits. Perhaps a bill that outlaws the processing of paternity suits without the defendants' presence at the time of deployment will reinstate the enforcement of the said paternity suit laws.
    I write the previous as a concerned citizens who possesses the utmost respect for the US Military personnel. Our troops sacrifice their lives and quality of life in order to protect our freedoms and our democracy. I write to utilize our democratic process to initiate reparations of our troops' violated citizenship rights. I will be most grateful to the US Government to combat legally fraudulent practices against our most valuable and loyal citizens within the US Military.

    Thank you for your consideration of this important matter.
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    Thanks for your enthusiasm in this matter, sir. I'm seriously moved that anyone cares. Up until today all I've ever heard are jokes about how virile I am to impregnate across hemispheres.

    I'm not sure if this could/should be included but the supreme court ruled in the 60's that the draft and selective service were legal to apply to only men because only men could be in combat roles. This is no longer the case... so shouldn't registering for the selective service (conscription) also be illegal? Gender equality and all that...

    Also, I will be happy to send this to my Congressman. In addition to congress, he's also in the navy reserve as an pilot.
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      That sounds like a fantastic idea! I also would like to look up Rep. Duckworth and see if I can bring her attention to this. She is former military, an injured vet. I would like to see her response to this matter. I will attempt to mail her a copy of this letter.

      Unfortunately, I have a glitch. I'm not an Illinois resident. She may only consider letters from Illinois residents. If that is the case, I would like a favor from those who are residing in Illinois. Please submit a letter to this effect to Rep. Duckworth. I would like her to hear AND consider this within her jurisdiction.

      In the meantime, I am going to mail this to my native state's Senators and Representatives. I invite you all to use this draft and submit a copy to your state's Senators and Representatives.
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        I wonder why this does not fall under the "Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA)"?

        30 year disabled vet myself, thx for the post. GOM
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          It doesn't fall under the Protection Act because it only serves a divorce case, not paternity suits. There are fraudulent paternity suits in which the defendant has never actually met or had anything to do with the plaintiff, until they meet for the first time in the courtroom, if ever.
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