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Response to the unhirable Stay At Home Mom

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  • Response to the unhirable Stay At Home Mom

    Dear Debwk,
    Thank you for your interest in the entry level position you claim to be overqualified for while realizing you may not fit in due to your age and lack of tattoos, that must be tough [1]. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics women had recovered all jobs previously lost during the Great Recession by July 2013 while comparatively men still had 1.8 million jobs to go [2]. So it's understandable that the job market for women is as competitive as it has ever been and we wish you the best of luck. We just don't have room for someone who lists their merits as "never been convicted of crime" and "sold house for profit without Realtor" though. These are certainly accomplishments in today's world but we need someone skilled with years of on the job experience and frankly doing chores while your child is at school, admirable as that is, just isn't what we're looking for. I know to you it must have seemed like the most difficult job on the planet [3] but unfortunately it doesn't qualify you for this position. It's a shame, but we just can't help that you chose to leave the work force to be with your son. We also express our condolences that the days where you could get a job on your looks alone are behind you but respectfully suggest that calling the HR hiring manager an ass because this trick no longer works may not be the best way to restart your career. Warm wishes to you and your family.

    Sincerely, AnAlias of AVFM


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    So a Pretty girl didn't get her way,,, A. Don't start World War 3, lol. Seriously though if she ain't qualified, then she ain't qualified. Have a good day!


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      The majority of your first 12 posts have been to necro threads which are several months old. This is considered bad form.