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    Great documentary. Please watch

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    Apparently the video was taken down and is "no longer available".

    I was at one time going to purchase the video but changed my mind after reading some negative things about it having a feminist slant. Comments???
    "The truth is sometimes a poor competitor in the market of ideas" George F. Kennan


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      Here are the video list from the creators themselves. it covers some of the topics.


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        I watched the documentary. It is great. This is a must watch for anyone that is married or considering marriage. You need to be informed about the risk under the current system.


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          So often I see where people try to post a video and almost immediately the video is taken down. Perhaps it gets so many hits that it's bandwidth allocation is used up and that may be because "other forces" circulate the link and all start playing it until the bandwidth for that month is exhausted.

          There are screen recorders that are free where you can start the application when you watch the video thus saving your own copy.

          One example is BB Flashback Express which is a free download.

          and a Google search will show you plenty of A/V tutorials on how to use it.

          So if you spend a lot of time watching Youtube or other sites and see something of interest,
          record it while you watch it. You can always erase it later if it isn't that great.


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            FYI: Divorce Corp will be hosting a national conference on family law reform 15-16 November in Alexandria, VA (Washington D.C. basically). This might be a good opportunity for education and activism. Follow the link for ticket pricing and information if you are interested.