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  • Internation Conference on Mens Issues

    Hey folks,

    As you all know the conference has had to relocate for a few different reasons, mostly lack of room. This of course has created a slight issue with folks getting to and from their respective hotels and the VFM.

    Depending upon your hotel of choice, you may have a courtesy vehicle or shuttle at your disposal, some may not.

    I respectfully request that you all use this thread as a place to coordinate travel partnering. If you are driving to the conference, maybe you can lend a seat to someone else that has flown in. Maybe you can offer a ride to someone that cant get there otherwise...

    Essentially, I am hoping to see folks helping out our members that may be less fortunate or able.



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    I will most likely be staying in Detroit, and am looking for a ride to the VFW hall each day. Willing to chip in, and would prefer to have maximum number of people in the car (arrive and leave in numbers) since we're likely to be attacked by protesters as we enter and leave hall.

    If possible, I would also like to get a ride with someone to St Clair for Warren Farrell's workshop on the 26th, but we'll focus on one thing at a time.


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      I am renting a full size car and leaving DTW airport heading towards the St Clair shores area at probably around 4:30pm - 5pm on the 26th and will have room for 1 or 2 passengers. PM me if you need a ride to the St Clair shores area at around the same time.
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        If all goes according to plan (checks around for NSA, FBI, CIA, ETC...) I'll arrive with my Pontiac Montana; so I'll have lots of room, but I'll be fairly close to the post too.
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          I am considering renting a car since I am stuck with my hotel room in downtown Detroit. I am considering getting a ride with rayc2, however, he is staying much closer to St Clair Shores and Detroit is very much out of his way. If there is anyone else staying downtown who would like to car pool, let me know.

          I will be arriving in Detroit at 6:30am on June 26. I will be leaving in the evening of the 29th.


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            Now that's what Im talking about guys...


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              Hi All,

              I will be coming in for the conference, staying a few miles from the VFW and will be renting a car, so should anyone need a ride to/from the conference, drop me a line.


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